Last week on the 16th, Mercury, the planet that represents communication entered its own exalted position of Aquarius. In other words, it likes being in Aquarius and it likes having ideas, acting on those ideas and sharing those ideas. Even if you don’t have a Mercury in Aquarius, the next few weeks offer insights that you don’t usually have and for many these ideas come in at lightning speed. It is important if you are planning projects that you either record or write down those lightning speed ideas right now because they will come in as fast as they go out. It is kind of a cosmic ADHD period, where so much information is coming at us from all fronts that it may even affect our sleep.

I say this because over the course of the next 28 to 29 days, while Mercury travels through Aquarius, it begins stressing Uranus, which can breed some impatience and find us in various somewhat volatile or explosive communication or situation modes. Stay steady. Step away from the action. Get a little nap. Take time away for all those groups of people with whom you find yourself and carve out some time and space to allow yourself to reconnect with yourself.

Because the Sun just entered Aquarius on Monday and the New Moon (new beginnings) starts on the 24th, the possibility of opportunities presenting themselves out of the blue when we least expect them is there as well. This is why carving out some personal time to focus on what your current needs are could be the ticket for being in the right place at the right time for a little ‘cosmic’ magic to happen ‘if’ you can stay positive regardless of all the dark news and stories that continue on our 24-hour news cycles. This is an ideal time to do group meditations to help shift the surrounding chaos.

Aquarius looks like a water sign in the sky, but what he is doing is pouring the waters of knowledge. In other words, do not believe everything you hear, question facts, become a cosmic researcher, ask the questions no one asks and continue doing your own exhaustive research to stay well-informed in these times of fast change and lightning speed existence.

Though the highly touted Saturn/Pluto conjunction took place yesterday, its effects continue over the course of the next few days as we begin the week with a sobering influence. The Sun as it is passing through Capricorn is going to conjoin both Saturn and Pluto on Monday. This can be an exhausting energy and even a depressing energy. A good idea is to get outside and get some sunshine or get a little walk even if the weather is inclement in your region. This helps ward off the universal feeling of things just not feeling right currently. This is an uncomfortable period and all of us are feeling this.

The good news is that later this morning and early this afternoon transiting Venus is entering its exalted sign of Pisces which softens some of the energy of these last few days and this helps lighten the harsh mood of these sobering times. Now that Saturn and Pluto finally conjoined, and we are on the other side of that alignment, solutions can now happen because we see what must be done.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and karma. Those have been responsible are going to be okay. Those who choose non-responsibility will continue their struggles until they see the light of what behaviors they must change to have more positive lives. Pluto is involved in this configuration and he is very black and white in his justice. You either fish or cut bait. Pluto is about transforming or transmuting our thinking, our behavior, and revealing our vulnerability — the hardest thing of all. We think if we reveal our vulnerability that we will be abandoned or disrespected or discarded, but that isn’t so. Revealing our fears and issues regarding vulnerability empowers us to better our lives and the lives of those we love. After all, we are just human.

Pluto and Saturn together destroy dysfunctional systems. This can be parts of governments, communities, or organizations. For example, in one’s home, we see occasional dry rot. Does this mean we raze the house down to the ground? No. But we do take responsibility and fix that decay so that the structure endures.

This time period in the world has been so very difficult because of this very issue. It just isn’t the USA, or, Iran, or Australia, or Canada, or China — it is the global consciousness that is changing and values and leaders must change with them and be mature enough to recognize the decay, the dry rot, that has to be removed. Look at the news of these last weeks, governments, leaders, populations of people are all experiencing death, often a signpost for rebirth and growth. Doors close, windows open. Pluto rules nuclear energy. With Saturn right there to hold the space — the ‘reality’ of what that really means is slowly seeping into the consciousness of world leaders and governments. No one wants nuclear war. No One. In other words, everyone must grow up, everyone, for all of us on this planet to fare better in the coming years.

In these last few days, Uranus, the planet that wakes us up, just went direct on the 10th of January in early degrees of Aquarius and for several months over the course of this next year it moves forward as it acts as a messenger alerting us to our true values. I say this as the collective ‘we’. Uranus wakes us up to see things in a different light, from another oft ignored perspective. It gives us great new ideas that we didn’t see while it was appearing to be non-active in the months it was retrograde, which has been since Spring 2019.

Uranus is the planet of extremes and this can also indicate that whether you are self-employed or employed by others that the environments in which you find yourself working also have a spate of revolutionary changes happen as old values are questioned while new and fresh values emerge. Uranus in Taurus suggests lots of money coming in and lots of money going out. It is the classic combo for working on commission, which is not a bad idea when the marketplace tends to be somewhat volatile.

The key thing as we go forward with Saturn and Pluto finally going direct is get out of debt, pay off your creditors, get rid of the ‘stuff’ you really are not going to use, and simplify, simplify and simplify. This is good Karma and the stuff that Saturn loves. Holding on to outworn values and things and even people who aren’t changing in a more positive direction stops personal growth and there really is an incredible opportunity here for growth and change — if we are willing to break through that fourth wall of our fixed realities.

Welcome to the second of the powerful eclipses. We had one on December 26, 2019 and the next one falls on Friday January 10 (Lunar Eclipse–full moon) at 20◦ Cancer and 20◦ Capricorn. It is very close to the 35-year return cycle of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction on the 12th of January. Many of us have discussed this over the course of this last year. I covered the topic in my new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases, and the new 2020 Starcycles Cheat Sheet covers how this might affect each of the signs. The bottom line is that this might be a chaotic week as the full moon eclipse (when Earth is between the Sun and Moon) is happening on the same day that Uranus goes direct at 2◦ Taurus after being retrograde for many months now. Uranus (often associated with awakening and sudden breakthrough insights) brings things to the surface that have been held down psychologically — and can surface in various explosive scenarios. The fact that Uranus goes direct on January 10 on the same day as the eclipse suggests some unforeseen surprises. Both good and some challenging.

My suggestion is that when you get into that car to drive, or when you find yourself in a confrontation with another, or, in a conversation that seems to be going nowhere, that you walk away or say, “I need to think about this–I will get back to you”. Full moons can make people edgy but when it is an eclipse that is within moments of a major configuration like Saturn/Pluto, it sets the stage for emotional release and may even release people from illness or long-time seclusion. Releases include finding out about long held secrets or resentments. If illness has plagued someone, particularly someone elderly who held on too long, there is a kind of release here as well. Old forms, old rules, old fears have an opportunity over the following months to break up and break out and transform into new ideas, forms, rules, governments and fixed opinions whose unbending ideals have caused more problems than good. There is an opportunity by either April or July or October of 2020 to let go and let God as they say. But first we have to be honest with each other and reveal those things that we are ashamed to admit, particularly when it comes to issues with savings, security and debt that is, particularly in the corporate sector now, a major issue that must be confronted.

Truths may surface where we never expected them to surface. Revelations regarding one’s job, one’s home, one’s security surface so that they can be dealt with in a more pragmatic manner. The key thing is to confide in someone you trust so that you can process emotions with someone’s insight. This helps with figuring out more positive outcomes because the fear is so deep, we refuse to address it. What is YOUR elephant in the middle of the room? These next few weeks will be the test of transformation and, of course self- responsibility. The Key Factor: Take responsibility for what you need to change, don’t blame others and step forward to make a concerted effort to work with others to move that change into a more positive direction. And let go of what you no longer need or have outgrown.

The good energy of last week continues this week as Mercury and Uranus are in positive aspect to each other. I love this configuration because it will often bring me an idea from out of the blue that I have learned to quickly jot down. The insights of such a configuration can be incredibly brilliant but fleeting, by that I mean lost as quickly as it appeared. I always carry a note pad with me to jot things down. The irony is that sometimes I misplace it and then find it later and am reminded to take action. However, from the moment that I had the idea and wrote it down, even though I misplaced the notebook, the idea was incubating. My subconscious has often put things together in a way I was not yet able to when the idea first occurred.

This is a significant aspect in that it can bring year ending surprises, like a sudden bonus, or a sudden dividend. Since this is close to the New Year on January 1, it might also be one of the perfect times to jot down (a very Mercurial activity) some of the things we’d like to see for ourselves in 2020. Since this is the week of the Last Quarter Moon, it is also a great time to put our accounting in order. By doing so you may discover some very clear savings to carry forward into the New Year.

The Partial Solar Eclipse of this week is on December 25, going into December 26, at 4º Capricorn, quite close to Jupiter, which is fortunate. Still, it is an eclipse and eclipses are often tiring and sometimes even numbing as the light of the Sun is blocked. Since the days are quite short, a need to have a quiet holiday is not out of the question. Napping, resting, putting your feet up, turning off the phone, reading a good book for at least a few hours, may be on the schedule during this holiday week. Rest helps restore your energy, which may need extra care during this eclipse week.

There are some lovely aspects bookending the eclipse. On December 24, the Sun and Uranus are in compatible aspects so sudden insights for improving your daily life, or routine, are possible. You may hear from friends that you have not heard from for a while. Out-of-the-blue visitors may show up at the last minute. As we get closer to the end of the week, what is often considered the luckiest day of the year occurs on Friday, December 27, when the Sun and Jupiter are in alignment. This is a great day for planting mental seeds of positive thoughts, or funding good ideas, for the return on these sorts of activities comes back tenfold.

On the West Coast, this alignment takes place in the house of friends, community, and networks that help you with your business or your goals (thus the treasure or mind map idea). On the East Coast, it takes place in the 8th house of joint investments with partners, philanthropic opportunities, and where your life partners may have a joyful bit of news that frees them from something.

Yesterday’s Jupiter and Uranus trine was a wonderful way to kick off this week! Anytime we see Jupiter and Uranus in a good aspect, things can be spontaneous. In this case, both planets are in earth signs. This suggests practical applications are possible with spontaneous decisions to go forward on a project. As Venus finishes her run in Capricorn this week, you may be feeling a little stuck or slowed but on Thursday, December 19, Venus enters the ‘out of the box thinking’ sign of Aquarius. Whereas there has been a need to dress or think more conservatively over the course the last few weeks, the end of this week offers more flexibility and ingenuity with how one presents themselves to the world.

With Mars (action) in excellent aspect to Saturn, now you can get things nailed down on long-term ideas and goals. The ability to establish goals is there and it is important to table items or ideas which are presenting a block. This could be because later in the day Mercury (thinking) and Neptune (fog) can suddenly have you feeling as though you must stop and rest, or even take a nap. A short meditation or nap helps clarify and complete ideas from earlier in the day.

The Winter Solstice falls on Saturday, December 21, and is the shortest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). This is when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. It is the perfect day to relax and set aside time to put together a mind map, or treasure map, of wishes, dreams and ideas you’d like to manifest in the new year.

Mercury, the planet of communicating, enters the fierier sign of Sagittarius on Monday, where it remains for about four weeks. After being in the sign of Scorpio for way too long (since October 3), it finally moves itself into a far livelier pattern of thinking. Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, adventure, curiosity, and talking (a lot). This is a very different energy than the pondering thought processes invoked by Scorpio’s influence over the last two months.

Since Mercury is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by fortunate Jupiter, this is a great month in which to envision ideas, share them and cultivate relationships with those who can help you share and promote your vision.

On December 12, Chiron, the comet that has much to do with healing of wounds — both psychological as well as physical, has now gone direct at 1º Aries (a very strong cardinal point in the zodiac). This indicates ideas for such things as: better health, applications for improving health, healthy exercise and exercise programs that involve walking or some sort of aerobics. The Christmas season will be fast upon us and this week offers opportunities to get ahead of the holiday demands.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday, December 11, livens things up even more. For those who are risk averse, this might be a good week in which to take a chance and cultivate relationships that work with you rather than against you, where each person is fully aware of their part in the joint venture. Friday Mars (energy) is in line with Neptune, offering a flow of information. Do a little more research this weekend with people who have depth, persistence and fortitude.

Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, where it remains until the end of 2020. This is a 12-year return cycle. In many circles, Jupiter here is in its fall astrologically. However, this year Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn may be the saving grace we all need as we move through this next year and confront the first of three very major conjunctions in 2020.

The first alignment of Saturn and Pluto is on January 12, 2020, and usually portends massive changes in government, rules, laws, structure, and even currency. This isn’t pleasant because it indicates a lot of change. However, with Jupiter coming up behind and crossing over this alignment in spring 2020, any big changes that were deemed necessary have a more positive outcome.

For the Pacific Time zone, Jupiter in Capricorn is concentrated in the twelfth house of the West Coast chart, which is a very private house. Planets buried in the 12th house often indicate a need to remove oneself from the day-to-day existence. Removing oneself does not imply disconnection. This is the house representing incubation of new ideas, research, finding things out behind the scenes, and is a very powerful but does not show immediate results. Over time, fresh ideas will be revealed. Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn in the Eastern Time zone chart, in this example the New York chart, is at the very top of chart, where everything is exposed and can be seen, confronted, and changed. These are two different expressions of Jupiter energy. The Western region chart shows internal changes over time that will be revealed and eventually be the engine, but not immediately.

After December 8, when Mercury gets back to where it went retrograde a few weeks ago, more will be revealed.

With the New Moon in positive Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 26, start your Thanksgiving preparation a little early. The New Moon always gives us more energy but there may be far more guests coming to your event than planned, as Uranus (sudden exciting changes) is active this week. It is aligning itself with good luck Jupiter, so it may be a larger event. It also aligns with Venus (which makes for unusual table settings and social environments). As we begin our Thanksgiving festivities in America, remember how much we really do have to be thankful for, regardless of the catastrophic events of the last year. The key is finding connections with those closest to us. Make time to talk with each other and don’t worry about the time, just hang out late into the night and share the positives, remembering all that is there to be thankful for.

The holidays often bring a type of nostalgia and this year isn’t any different. It may be more nostalgic than usual as Neptune, a romantic and nostalgic planet, is turning to go direct on November 27, at 15º Pisces. It went retrograde during the third week of June and is just now turning to look as if it is going forward. For many of you, you may have started entertaining the idea of a new creative project, either a remodeling project or an artistic project, but with the intense eclipses of last summer, those plans may have been set aside or even waylaid. Now, with Neptune moving in a direct motion, those born in the middle degrees of Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn, will have the combination of ability, experience, and opportunity to assist with making plans and changes.

For those born in the middle of Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius, keep track of spending as you move through these changes. Think twice about whether this is or is not a good moment to take that big personal chance you’ve been debating. It is possible and there may still be a few things you need to review before signing on the dotted line

You may feel the need for a mental B12 shot to give you more energy than you have had in the last few weeks. This just may be the week! Mercury goes direct on November 20, at 11º Scorpio 55′. A couple of days later, November 22, the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius. Over the course of the following four weeks, the Sun will run closer and closer to Jupiter in the good fortune sign of Sag. If you want to wrap up projects, get ready for a new project, or plan new travels and new adventures, these next few weeks are the set-up time.

We have an added gift of Venus with Jupiter in Sagittarius on Sunday, November 24. Plan on socializing, connecting with friends, or just setting aside time to enjoy. This is a wonderful time to make both personal and professional connections, make reasonable requests and even a few unreasonable requests. For those on Pacific Time, this combination occurs in the second house of cash flow, assets, personal values and hidden gifts, this may be a good time to buy or sell items in order to receive the value. For those on Eastern Time, it takes place in the first house of physical energy and identity. Therefore, this alignment is wonderful for personal care, physical body improvements and working on improving your public persona. I.E. a great makeover times.

For those in the San Francisco bay area, I will be speaking at the San Francisco Astrological Society on November 21, 2019, at 7:30 PM. For more information go to: http://www.sfastrologicalsociety.com/2019-georgia-stathis/

This week brings us the Full Moon on Tuesday, November 12. This is in Taurus and is in wonderful aspect to Saturn, the builder, and Neptune, the dreamer. Many of the plans activated in the autumn of 2018 are all coming to a head now, as we are in the last few weeks before Jupiter leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019. Though Mercury remains in retrograde position, it is working with Saturn (planning) and Pluto (researching how to get the funding or letting go of certain things to acquire more useable assets).

Part of the changes we are seeing this week could be a re-assessment of the people with whom we are doing business, the network that allows us access, and our suppliers and distributors. Full Moons are about removing the extraneous so that life becomes more streamlined. And, streamlined is going to be the message going into 2020, as we have just another two months before the long-awaited Saturn/Pluto alignment on January 12, 2020. This is the month in which to let go of the unnecessary and follow through with this theme in the next few weeks.

This is Election week and what a story the sky must tell. As you may recall, last week I mentioned that Mercury, the planet of communications, equipment that conveys communication and anything that has to do with mental order is now moving in retrograde motion. This means that there are going to be some slip ups, screw ups, or just plain not paying attention to details. The election falls on Tuesday, November 5, during what we term a Void of Course Moon. Void of Course Moons are traditionally viewed as ‘nothing will come of the matter’.

The Moon, which often symbolizes the public and its responses, is not making any aspects until later in the day. The last connection the Moon has with a planet before it goes void is said to give us insight into the hours that follow. The last connection of the Moon in Aquarius (the public) is an adverse distance to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. This could beg the question that the public is angered enough and fed up enough that they either DO NOT go the polls in order to change things (WRONG CHOICE) or they DO go the polls in throngs to fight back the negative energies of these last politically charged months in the U.S.A.

On the day prior to the election, Mars and Pluto are in adverse aspect and this aspect usually angers people enough to do something about the current circumstances. I am hopeful. The key here, however, is will the election machines be working properly? Will electrical grids go off (not uncommon with retrograde Mercury), or will there be mass misunderstandings with how to use the voting equipment? Or further ‘tampering’?

Could the larger social media sites have ‘leaks’ that they do not foresee, nor plan for, causing more hacking issues with US elections? These are all possibilities — the darkest possibilities. Now for some light.

Two days later November 7, good luck Jupiter gets back to where it went retrograde several months earlier. This might help lift spirits somewhat. Jupiter returning to its original position, where it started looking as though it was going backwards, is good. It often designates a blip of positive options for people who have been working towards changing their lives in a positive way. A day or so later the Sun in Scorpio is in beautiful aspects to Saturn and Neptune, offering support and solidarity. This is a good combination for nailing down a portion of a larger plan from earlier in the summer.