Micro-Forecast: February 17 to 23, 2020

The week begins with more oomph than last week as Mars entered its favorite sign of Capricorn on Sunday February 15. Even though Mercury is retrograde, Mercury is in a water sign and Mars in Capricorn is an earth sign. Earth and water work beautifully together. In fact, that is how they make bricks that create strong foundations. It does require listening on everyone’s part, however, so that all input is considered prior to decisions on planning. There is purpose and motivation with Mars in Capricorn and sensitivity and imagination with Mercury in Pisces. Those with fixed idea, who remain unbending in their demeanor, who are uncompromising in their very strong opinions would heed well to listen because there are other ideas out there.

As Mars gets closer to Saturn and Pluto near the end of March, the back and forth of discussions necessary over the course of the next few weeks, will prove positive and forward thinking and action making With Venus in Aries during this time, the strong power of attraction is there, for support and help to present themselves. There is that fiery push to jump forward in a more spontaneous way if there is a game plan in place that offers a certain level of flexibility.

The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on Tuesday February 18 to March 19, which is the first day of Spring, or Spring Equinox. It is a Last Quarter Moon where the plans that started on the New Moon on January 24, begin taking root. Though this last month’s events feel like they’ve been swirling in a chaotic vortex, there is a reason. The centrifugal force energy threw out the unnecessary. Sometimes they were shocking eliminations (probably because we chose not to assess anything — and so then- the universe decided for us) and for those who did starting clearing, cleaning and releasing, may have found the magical contacts needed for the ‘next phase’.

This is where we, as humans, have choices. We all know when something is done, or over or has exhausted itself, but we hold on. This is partially because of loyalty, which is an amazing quality we have as humans, but many times, we don’t let go because we are fearful that there will be an unknown chasm into which we must jump and then we think, hold on to what we know, because it is safe. There is a difference between holding something that is ‘safe’ and holding on to something where our values have been compromised, or, ignored.

Take some time over the course of the next few weeks to do some activities that feed your soul which aids in your decision-making process. I started a Sabbatical in late February 2020 and am referring my dear clients out to some extraordinary people. I, too, need to do a little self-evaluation, go through the thousands of words I have written over the years and decide whether to finish them or toss them. By the time you read this, our new website, a cleaner, design, highlights the classes that are available to you for download as well as books and articles.

It’s time for me to give some time back to my family. I am also teaching online as well as conferences which I love and have committed myself to. We have the May 16 NCGR New York workshop on Love and Money, the ISAR conference in September where I am speaking and the Breaking down the Borders online conference in early November. And, of course, our wonderful newsletter continues as an ‘occasional’ piece that I send to those of you who signed up for them at our website.

The experience of working with my wonderful colleagues who are remarkable astrologers can bring you fresh perspectives and I trust them implicitly. That list is either available through me or at our website.

Where is the balance in your life right now? Spending time with loved ones, going to the theater, getting a good massage, or just getting together with friends to look at the events of the past year and share some of your dreams with those you trust, are all steps in the right direction.