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Micro-Forecast: March 27 to April 2, 2023

Here we are now on the other side of Spring Equinox (equal day and equal night) as well as last week’s ingress of Pluto entering Aquarius, where it will only travel for a short time until June of this year, when it returns to Capricorn, then back to Aquarius in 2024, then back to Capricorn, and finally landing in Aquarius and remaining between 2024 and 2025. A few things are happening across the country this week as Saturn in Pisces gains its foothold (it entered Pisces on March 7). Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and its natural home is the last house of the zodiac (the 12th). The 12th house is the last house the planets pass (regardless of what your rising sign is) and this is the processing station before birth. The same can be said for Saturn in Pisces since it is comfortable with 12th house issues. We process all things unseen and/or ignored or put away to tend to it another day.

Saturn in Pisces confronts or attempts to reconfigure the things its rules like hospitals. Heavy research is often conducted during these times while institutions break down and rebuild. Saturn in Pisces confronts the issues of the disenfranchised like the homeless, prisons and prisoners and the penal system. Mental illness often increases forcing societies to confront how we handle or help correct mental illness. Saturn in Pisces asks us to face our addictive behaviors like alcohol, drugs, or the problem of drugs in society and the destruction they cause if misused. Pisces is the domain of things unseen but still there. Saturn in Pisces also changes the form or format of film, dance, music, and the arts. Saturn requires harsh attention and through whatever sign it transits, asks us to deal with the things associated with the sign.

In the news this week, a few things came out of California, a Virgo state. Governor Newsom brought a plan forth to build 1200 small homes across the state to reduce homelessness. Much of the state funding proposed commits substantial amounts of money for behavioral health-based housing and treatment facilities throughout the state. Another item out of California, having a serious opposition from Saturn in Pisces, is that San Quentin, one of the USA’s oldest prisons is being looked at to become a rehabilitation center (so Saturn in Pisces) for criminals who served time and want a viable way to make a living when they are released. Newsom’s idea for this is based on a Scandinavian model of incarceration. This makes sense since this Virgo state, the sign of service, and re-organization, is being confronted by Saturn.

In states like Florida, the issues of water runoff, red tide destroying sea life, and freshwater toxic discharges from various sources threatening coastal estuaries are all on the docket. The fast growth will confront the state with how to manage their water (Pisces) and their garbage (Pisces) as well as construction (Saturn) challenges that face the high cost of building. Will there be hidden cost cutting threatening the buildings down the road? Pisces is the last house of the chart that we don’t always see where we place things that we really don’t want to deal with – in the unconscious – will construction, going forward, be unconscious in its disposition or will builders remain conscious? This is where the free will and choice come into play.

More water problems may ensue. Obviously, with the recent hurricanes in Florida and the large atmospheric rivers blasting the West coast, the issue of water, oceans, is up for grabs for these next few years. Unfortunately, and this is just my opinion, the possibility of open carry of firearms in a state like Florida is dangerous, as it will be very difficult for police forces to identify who is what and what has what. I also think that if a tourist shows up at a restaurant with their family and sees someone with an assault rifle on their lap or a firearm on the table, well… they would probably go someplace else. This affects tourism in areas where tourism is part of a large economic infusion. The good news about gun laws, is that many gun historians are finally being hired – in fact, they are booked – to seriously research (Pisces) the Colonial Era use and rules of firearms. This research will be, I hope, applied to whether gun laws should change or alter. Finally, someone had a clever idea. Hire the people who know something about a law that needs review.

Many of the above issues – not all of them – but many started back in 1993 to 1994 when Saturn was last in Pisces or even the mid-1960s when Saturn was in Pisces during all the major civil rights movements of that day. Saturn, much like Pluto, has a karmic tone to it. There is an opportunity now and over the course of the next two years to correct the issues that plague society to make it more workable. I am not stating that California nor Florida has answers, obviously many other states will be faced with similar issues. However, simply showing the problems in areas in which we live is a good starting point. If their states are struggling with some of these Saturn in Pisces issues – water, homelessness, overdosing of drugs like Fentanyl, and prison and crime reform, a wave of change by responsible individuals begins. This is what Saturn in Pisces is about. Next week, I will have a quick list of how Saturn in Pisces might affect the different signs of the zodiac (please remember this will be very general as your charts are far more complicated). I do think that the little list might be helpful.

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