Micro-Forecast: July 13 to 19, 2020

The big news this week is that Mercury is finally direct. Because Mercury is direct and is the planet of communication, ideas have been tossed about in these last weeks. This may be a week where those ideas bear fruit. Decisions are being made over the course of the next six weeks as planets are all direct now (at least until September 9 when Mars goes retrograde). On Wednesday, the Sun is opposite Pluto. These are days when we make decisions. I view Pluto as the planet of choice. It can be a day to make big changes and/or getting yourself into a confrontational situation.

This is also the last few days of the month’s lunar cycle and we are in the Last Quarter phase of the Moon this week until next Monday’s New Moon. Last Quarter Moon weeks are about getting all the ‘stuff’ off your desk or out of your head. There has been a massive psychological freeze in our heads over the course of these last two months. We are adapting to the reality that nothing is going to return to the thing we call normal. With this realization, there are two ways to go: either cave in and be devastated by the fact that we are still home bound or go into our lives and start parsing out what you’ve discovered is important to you. Taking the time to enjoy music, dancing in your living room, taking a walk or writing in your diary affords your brain an opportunity to relax and reduce anxiety.