Micro-Forecast: November 23 to 29, 2020

This is Thanksgiving week in America. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us at Starcycles. We know that your celebrations may be vastly different from other years due to more restrictions with the pandemic and other places like restaurants. But still, the beauty of the season is that in America we usually have four days where we can relax into a few quiet moments with those we love.

The week begins with a lovely aspect between Mercury the planet of communication and Neptune which rules the creative process, the soul as well as the imagination. This combination of the two is wonderful for listening to music, painting (on a canvas or on a wall), for dreaming that provides insight into daily struggles. Lots of new solutions derive from putting our logical left brains on hold for the few hours we find ourselves involved in the above activities. The left brain is the logical, Saturnian side of the brain. It is where we do our math, organize projects and structure our plans in life, but the right brain is more Neptunian in scope. The ideal is that both sides of the brain work together, and music is known to help bridge the two halves, thus the suggestion for more creative moments. Sometimes we get a bit tired with Neptune, too, and the energy to do more with these insights comes around Tuesday when the Moon enters Aries, providing added fire energy to push the creative process into a concrete form.

Holidays can bring families together and this is a holiday that is no different. However, on Thanksgiving Mars (the god of war) and the Moon are both in Aries. Be kind to each other when talking about contradictory issues. Perhaps, don’t even bring those issues up as they could be the kindling for a much larger fire. The best thing to do with this is assign everyone tasks where they must do something to participate. This exerts some of the pent-up energy and will make it easier on everyone when you sit down at the table.

Neptune is beginning to turn direct (turns direct on Saturday) at 18◦ Pisces. It will be squaring the transiting lunar nodes over the course of the next few weeks. Shenanigans and malarkey, things we don’t see, or things we half hear are possible as the lunar nodes have to do with the Moon, which rules the public. Neptune can be very confusing. When it conflicts with the lunar nodes (we call these squares), we see those types of events.

In mythology Neptune (Dionysus) was the god of ecstasy and madness. I always find his symbolism fascinating as Neptune can also be one of the most creative energies as well as one of the most inspiring energies. As human beings, we have an opportunity with these kinds of choices to choose to go with the ‘good’ parts of what that planet represents, or not. We can be inspired to make changes or not. Dionysus was also the god of wine (like Bacchus), so the other suggestion is to make sure you have your designated drivers on speed dial during this holiday season.

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