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Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

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Micro-Forecast: February 6 to 12, 2023

Sunday February 5 was the 2nd 90-day quarter after the November eclipse. Last Sunday’s Full Moon at 16° Leo marked it. This is particularly affecting many born in the late 1940s. Much of the revelations for these coming weeks have much to do with investments, portfolios, hidden resources that now must be used, and a need to care for those we love that are struggling with life and death issues. A hard look at what change is needed to breathe more easily and with less stress may require some sort of security sacrifice to enable new options that are healthier.

Pluto’s returns, aspects are not easy. They push for change often resisted. There is an old saying that when doors close, new windows open offering change and new insights and perspective. The many lovely aspects between Mercury (communication and contract settlements) as well as many lovely aspects between Venus (relationships and values) and Uranus, the awakener to the soul’s purpose, all come together to help make needed transitions take place with less stress and anxiety. A great help is to align yourself with others who share your values, are like-minded and have ideas to share in a larger project that will help the community over the long haul. The power is in your community, and we are beginning to see how very important this is over the course of these next months.

Encouraging new ideas coming out of the research of these last weeks is finally here as Mercury returns to where it went retrograde on Wednesday aligning with Pluto on Friday. This is where they were right between Christmas and New Year’s when many people got sick with lung and pulmonary infections. Things are getting back on track. As the weekend ends with Mars (energy) in a beautiful aspect to Chiron (hybrid ideas connecting old and new systems to make a brand-new system), people feel better and start coming out from the clouds. This is in perfect alignment as Mercury enters its sign of exaltation, Aquarius, on Saturday February 11.

For a fun insight, join me at Astrology Hub’s Weekly Weather next week covering the week of February 13 to 19, 2023. I will be teaching their Inner Circle program in late April on the Aries New Moon, which will also be a life-changing Total Solar Eclipse. I teach for that entire month until late May 2023. If you are interested, please go to and find out about their special programs. Next week’s offering, however, if FREE, fun, and informative. Here is the regular link for all back episodes. Mine will be next week.