Micro-Forecast: May 3 to 9, 2021

Mercury rules the lungs, Saturn can be somewhat restrictive. Mercury is about communicating, and Saturn holds back. These two are confronting each other this week and allergies may be particularly difficult this week. But…this is also a fabulous combination for focusing on a writing, speaking, analytical project. Saturn provides the focus and Mercury does the thinking. Since the week starts out with some focused energy, this offers a few days where much gets done. I like to power through by making a list of what is most important and then proceeding. The trick is you can’t get it all done in one day, but if you have that list, and mark off the tasks daily, it does get done. Since this is the monthly Last Quarter Moon (closing phase) of the monthly lunation cycle, this is a perfect time to clear off the desk, dump papers or shred them, donate to Goodwill or any organization that needs items and clearing the decks. very well

The ability to ‘eliminate stuff’ continues Thursday May 6 when Venus and Pluto are in that positive aspect mentioned a couple of weeks ago. This can also be a week of discovery. At the bottom of the pile or at the back of the drawer you could find that most important note or document or drawing or thought that you wrote down and/or something you thought you lost but now find. Try to get as much done as you can as the weekend brings us a new Venus in the sign of more playful and animated Gemini on Saturday. Isn’t this perfect timing as Sunday is Mother’s Day…time to thank those who have been kind to you, been there when you most needed someone to listen as well as that presence that got you through some of the more daunting challenges of this last year.

Since both Mercury and Venus are in Gemini by the weekend, it might also be a great time to take a long drive, or a short road trip, or a planned getaway with others as Gemini is the third house of short trips. It might also be a great time to connect with siblings or neighbors and right the wrongs of the last few years and move forward with better communications. Life is too short to hold grudges.