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Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

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Micro-Forecast: November 28 to December 4, 2022

Even though Mars continues its retrograde motion, as the week begins, it finds itself in a lovely aspect to Saturn at 20° of both Gemini and Aquarius. For those of you who have later degrees of air signs (Libra is included in this tome), then this week offers some energy to dive into a mental challenge you’ve struggled with and that now has a window of opportunity offering insight into another way to do things. This might have to do with the fact that those communication and relationship planets (both Mercury and Venus) were traveling out of bounds last week, perhaps finding alternate ideas in the cosmos and bringing them back to each of us moving us all from an incubation cycle to the more overt inspiration cycle. The ‘aha moments’ as I like to call them.

As you dive in for solutions, eager to get things done, be mindful of how you react to others who may not be ‘getting’ it as you are. Mercury and Venus are opposite Mars this week often creating an underlying impatience to get things done. That impatience or intolerance can cause arguments or confrontations that can get too blunt and too out of hand so that you can’t pull it in to fix it. These issues may not be new issues. These aspects might also offer resolution for a decision in partnerships or a job or working with others that is not going to go anywhere. Now that you know this, what is your plan to change things? Or perhaps keep a large chunk of agreements and with a few codicils for improving working conditions or worker efficiency or systems efficiency in your life or in your workplace. Either way, as Neptune begins its direct motion on Saturday, December 3, the intuitive insights you’ve been having are clearer and clearer over the next few weeks. Crystal clear really.

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, I am presenting my lecture on Age Cycles for Boston NCGR. If you are interested in attending, please follow this link: It is an online lecture designed for all levels of astrological students and I hope I see you there. Also, on December 17, I am sharing a platform with Arielle Guttman and Linea Van Horn and presenting my thoughts along with them on the Forecast for 2023. This is also an online class and if you care to attend, please go to to register, but more on that in the coming weeks.

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