Micro-Forecast: October 19 to 25, 2020

The week is a bit topsy turvy as Mercury continues in its retrograde while continuing to oppose volatile Uranus. This can be an exhausting on, then off, then on again energy. You want to be close, then you wish to separate, then you wish to be close again. Your mind is restless and sleep escapes you. Our focus is compromised blocking the clear path for new ideas, communication projects, sales meetings, project planning. This is also reflected in the on again/off again networks we use along with any other Mercury related activities like travel, news, debates, communications, internet, automobiles, technology, brothers, sisters, and even neighbors. Any writing projects are clear one day, then off the next. All this requires a patience that has a high dose of wisdom built in that says, “Walk away. Walk away”.

At the same time, there are lovely aspects which bring small relief like this week’s harmonic aspect of Venus (goddess of love and relationships) with Jupiter the benefic. This brings in some much-needed fun if we can get out of our heads for a few hours. Taking a break with co-workers, neighbors, or family after hours (even if it is on Zoom and if Zoom is working😊 is recommended to push through this week.

As the week continues, Thursday October 22, the Sun moves into Scorpio, a fixed water sign that as the next two and a half weeks continue will again be opposite volatile Uranus. This is like a short in a light switch. Some days work and others don’t, and the light just won’t go on. But…Venus and Saturn are at a complementary energy on Saturday and Mercury and the Sun conjoin on Sunday, an opportunity to make some solid headway in agreements or conversations I poised as a positive. Not all will be agreed upon, but at least there is a working model or document in play. Remember to compromise on those points that are not as important as others.

Try to remember that when the faster planets (Sun Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) are traveling through fixed signs like Scorpio, or, Taurus (where Uranus is now), that adaptability, flexibility and the willingness to think differently or at least listen for that different opinion or thought is essential. The ability to do this eliminates the exhausting confusion and chaos. Uranus is the sign of the winds and the out of the box solutions as well as innovative ways of doing something in a different way while using some of the existing structures and plans and ideas.

Change is in the wind on a very large scale now, the media is ramped up with the upcoming election, the masses are angry, frustrated, disheartened and truly confused about what the next steps of our daily existence will be comprised of. Turmoil is the norm for each day. And each of us has to find that special moment each day in which we meditate, or take a nap, or listen to calming music, or go for a long hard walk to get the ‘stuff’ that is stuck inside out of us. These kinds of activities help calm us as we move through harrowing times.

Each of our worlds may seem ridiculously small because of all the limitations, but each of us, every single one of us, has value and something we can give back. If it means helping a neighbor, or figuring out some tech problems for a friend, or just listening without trying to rescue that friend. We all need someone. The upcoming Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in late December is about community, the eleventh house. This month suggests that perhaps finding that place in the community where we can give something back of ourselves, where we can be of service, where our time is currency for someone else’s positive change. This is how we beat the ‘bad stuff’ in the psychic airwaves. The current Mercury retrograde is about looking around to see where you best fit to help others, where you act as a conduit for their change because of a special skill or knowledge you possess.

This type of activity cancels out the more negative manifestations of the upcoming planets in Aquarius in late December 2020. Yes, Aquarius is the sign of the group and community, the eleventh house issues, but it is also the sign of dictators. You know the types, the ones that want to tell the group what to do but refuse to be part of the group. Aquarius is an extreme sign. It can be volatile; it can be unpredictable, and it can also be brilliant and innovative as well. The key thing is finding a way to embrace new changes while holding onto the solid foundations of something that still works.

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