Micro-Forecast: April 12 to 18, 2021

For those of us in the USA, April 15 is the day our taxes are due…I am sure I don’t have to tell anyone reading this that it is this week. I always try to get as much done as I can at the beginning of the year and often discover that the week or two preceding this date become a bit hectic as certain papers weren’t found in the file, etc. If you are still scrambling to get it together regarding your papers, your receipts Tuesday’s Sun and Mars work well together pushing things forward with an energetic momentum. In these last few weeks, transit Venus has been in fiery Aries (Venus in Aries is a cardinal sign and there often a lot of new starts, but not a lot of finishes from the starts). A lot has been going on and the opportunity for a more calming few weeks presents itself on Wednesday when Venus finally enters Taurus, a fixed earth sign, in which it is extremely comfortable. Fixity provides more focus and a much more organized or structured way of approaching a challenge so that things do finish.

The annual passage of Venus through Taurus provides a more organized and structured approach to the day to day living. We want to be comfortable; we want to eat better food, we think about Venusian things like getting a massage (if they are open), clearing out our closets and looking at our spring fashion options. We take better care of our skin, get facials, clean our homes up so they are less cluttered and more fragrant. We get into our gardens, start planting or buy some plants for our home and reconnect to the earth and its gifts.

Since Venus will be in Taurus over the next few weeks, it is working well with Pluto in Capricorn, especially the first 10 days of May. This complementary energy is great for doing some serious reorganization regarding spending, resources, budgets, loans, estate planning, and what part our partners play in our business relationships and what items need review for more efficient business practices.

Decisions are being made this week as the Sun and Jupiter connect on Thursday — a good day to take a gamble on a creative idea and start thinking about it. The clarity regarding feasibility is more likely to come on Friday and going forward through the weekend. Friday’s Sun square Pluto suggests a decision or a choice regarding the creative insight. It might have something to do with financial backing and its availability or the need to look at other sources to make that financial decision possible. Since Jupiter (good luck) and Mars (motivation) are together at this same time, there may be another way that you have not explored yet — it requires you or partners to ‘ask’ for some help. Or, at least, broach the subject with others who may know exactly who to talk with to gain your objective. With that said, this is a great weekend to correct or complete a contract, a purchase, or something along those lines.

Sunday’s alignment of the Sun with Mercury which only happens a few times a year is that rare ‘light bulb’ aha experience we love. It is at the very last degree of Aries. If you’ve done your risk assessment and really examined the pros and cons of an opportunity that is looking you right in the face, then tomorrow is the day to start the move towards your vision.