Micro-Forecast: July 15 to 21, 2024

I apologize profusely for missing the boat on this week’s forecast – this week’s Mars/Uranus at 25° to 26° Taurus is hitting my chart and since I’ve returned to California, faced several things that needed taking care of all at the same time. I will venture to say that this Mars/Uranus conjunction that became activated over the weekend certainly offered surprises in the news that, frankly, might have happened in different chaotic scenarios. The Mars/Uranus conjunction often brings events or circumstances unexpectedly that we didn’t see coming, but for which there were often unfortunate rumblings that something ‘bad’ would happen. The unfortunate attempt of the former President’s life was earmarked for disaster – but who knew? If you are an astrologer, all these chaotic events were aligned with the former president’s chart within minutes, not degrees. (Minutes are miniscule). The shooter added to that lightning rod event if you look at his chart as it triggered the rest of the trigger points in the charts of that moment. That the former president was not killed is amazing and, perhaps, that moment in time – brings us all to a reality check regarding the power of the word.

I often talk about the power of the word and how our minds create our outer realities and the above event is an example of how far things can go. So, what to do, when faced with a chaotic series of aspects that ultimately bring chaos (if we are not prepared or listening to changes, we need to make) and then resist the change. I gave a lecture for the NCGR group on Sunday on the 29th degree of the zodiac and its importance since it is the last degree of every sign of the zodiac. Often termed the Anaretic degree, the last degree of any sign often feels as though we are running faster and faster in a hamster wheel and going nowhere. If that 29th degree is where it is now – at 29° Pisces 55’ where it stationed to go retrograde on Tuesday July 2, 2024, well, then, a lot of what we are seeing, witnessing, hearing may not happen, since this placement is literally void – not making aspects to anything else. The void in astrology is when a planet – especially a slow one like Neptune now at 29° Pisces 55’ isn’t talking to any other planets – almost as though it is a tidal wave of madness and possibility all rolled up into one giant whoosh. The traditional view of the void degrees is that nothing will come of it (we learn this in Horary astrology – the astrology of asking questions).

Ironically, the Supreme Court’s many rulings that came down in the week before and up to the day before Neptune went retrograde (July 2) are confusing to say the least. In addition to the situation that arose last weekend, we also saw on Monday July 15 that the Classified Documents case against the former president was thrown out – another 29° event where ‘nothing will come of it’. As someone said in Sunday’s lecture: rinse, repeat, then rinse and repeat again. (btw thank you for that whomever that was).

Frustration is rampant right now – whether you are liberal, conservative, extreme or somewhere in the middle. This is the role of Neptune at this last degree of the sign of Pisces, and more importantly, the very last degree of the zodiac – Of course, there is confusion, feelings of being lost at sea, anger, frustration, worry, unending questions which have no answers, all frustrating because we are human beings who want to know and by knowing – plan.

The 29th degree of Pisces is the fixed star, Scheat, which is not exactly the kindest fixed start, being in the shoulder of Pegasus who flies above the ‘chained woman’ Andromeda, who is ‘about to be eaten’ by the sea monster – Cetus – but….at the last minute is rescued by Perseus. Diana Rosenberg, who devoted her life to fifty years of fixed star research told me many years ago that her ‘view’ of that same fixed star, Scheat, in the constellation of Pegasus is this: “Freedom from Bondage.” I like that interpretation better.

From what psychological or physical bondage do you need to be released or relieved from? Think about it. Stay centered in what you intuitively know is right for your Spirit. Learn to become more ‘Teflon’ when chaos surrounds you as one of my NCGR attendees, Craig, said on Sunday when I referred to the sign of Pisces as the ‘toxic waste management station of the zodiac.’

Toxic waste can also be toxic beliefs, resentments, and the inability to forgive what is already done – and allowing those beliefs to keep us tethered in bondage. Psychologically you can let them go. You have choice. This is easier said than done. As human beings we don’t always get it the first time. There will be plenty of opportunities coming this fall, especially after September 1 when transit Pluto returns for one more pass at another last degree of the zodiac, at 29° Capricorn, to ‘get’ the release from bondage practice.

So how to get through this chaos – turn off the media – just watch it for one hour a day – for information, because the media is ratcheting up the chaos and the craziness of these times. Turn off your phones – or at least get out in the fresh air and find a pool, a lake, something that has water to reframe and refresh your soul. Get the things done that need getting done even though we all feel scattered with these aspects at least once or twice a day. Don’t react to people who are particularly angry or frustrated – try to listen more and talk less. We can get through this – we really can.

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