Micro-Forecast: February 22 to 28, 2021

Mercury is now direct; we are in the First Quarter Moon portion of the month in which problems are solved after a great deal of deliberation. Since the Moon was in Gemini this offers problem solving moments by either working with a few who know better than you do regarding your questions or offering your own expertise to others to help them make their decisions. This is a team building moment. First Quarters offer opportunity for new methods and systems and this month’s dreams might just find a concrete format upon which to build the idea.

This is particularly true since Wednesday February 24 and Thursday February 25 offer a delightful trine (good luck charm) between Mars and Pluto, offering the internal push to get it done! Mars and Pluto always want to transform something — furniture, people, houses, jobs, you name it. A positive attitude goes a long way to make for successful outcomes. Holding on to anger, not forgiving, staying resentful are the dark side of these two. Again, you choose. I find that doing physical work such as rebuilding furniture, going through the closet, and clearing out things no longer needed, painting a room, clearing off the piles of paper on the desk — all are positive ways to use this combo. Mars and Pluto do best when energies are directed outside oneself. A good walk or work out or massage moves energies that are stuck.

Thursday you might find yourself in the right place at the right time and on the right website or in the right Zoom meeting where a treasure trove of information is found regarding the missing pieces of a plan you’ve been incubating for this last month.

In addition, the Full Moon on Saturday February 27, in Virgo is 90 days after the November 30, 2021 eclipse. This is important. In our Starcycles Cheat Sheet I always mark these with little ‘dynamite sticks’ as things often ignite during these times either in the news or in private.

The 90 days after eclipses are always the time when we ‘see’ more clearly the change that was triggered during the darkness of the Lunar Eclipse at 8◦ Gemini on the 30th of November. Since the Moon will be in a lovely aspect to Uranus, this could mean that the more scattered energies between November 3o begin to consolidate and more information is available offering more clarity and a more settled feeling. Since the Moon is in Virgo, efficiency along with more ordered thought are highlighted.

This may mark a decision to take better care of your health, go on a diet (always good to go on diets AFTER Full Moons rather than before). This is particularly true for those who have a preponderance of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces in their charts.