Micro-Forecast: January 25 to 31, 2021

On Thursday, January 28 we have a Full Moon at 9◦Leo and preceding that Moon is the January 26 aspect where the Sun in Aquarius is in a closing square to transiting Uranus. This is a once-a-year event, suggesting there are things we don’t quite see until sometime in May when the Sun and Uranus meet. Things are not quite ready to be revealed. Learning something new, listening to one’s intuition to pursue an idea, figuring out a software or technology that is giving you trouble, and delegating a job that is frustrating to someone who knows what they are doing are all good ways in which to use this transit.

When the Sun meets Uranus, it lights up an idea, an out of the box solution, a surprise, or even an ‘ah ha’ experience that is not quite ready to birth itself, but which, with proper preparation can reveal something wonderful in mid-May 2021. There could also be some surprises coming from something that was missed or not yet settled that requires a few more months of mediation and discussions. For unsuspecting or unprepared individuals with this combo, try to focus on the positive of this once-a-year opportunity aspect and get ordered or start a class to learn more or read something that enlarges the scope of the problem, and pay attention, for gosh sakes to the ‘red flags’ or the opportunities that may present themselves during this period for a good future turn of events.

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