Micro-Forecast: September 21 to 27, 2020

The Fall Equinox (equinox means equal day and equal night) falls on Tuesday September 22. The last few days before any seasonal change is often frantic as the quarter comes to an end and begins anew. The days get shorter now and the lessening of the light begins to affect people. The irony is that the pandemic of 2020 has not offered much psychological light and the beginning of the diminishing light in the Northern Hemisphere will affect everyone.

As the week continues, the planet Mercury, which rules communication, conflicts with Saturn on Wednesday September 23. On Thursday September 24, Mercury then begins its opposition to Mars and may trigger arguments and anxieties. Since this is an opposition, the energies pull against each other. Since Mars is retrograde, things said may be taken the wrong way because what was said is not received in the right way. If you are on the receiving end of the information, try to pay attention to what is being said. If you aren’t understanding what is being said, try to tell the other parties that you need for the information to be presented again in a way you understand. This may not be an easy thing to do but it will alleviate misunderstandings.

Breaking Down the Borders, Nov 6-8 virtual astrology conference
With the onset of all the limitations of 2020, the world has changed markedly. The Breaking Down the Borders online conference is an established online astrological conferences and their next packed-full event is on the weekend of November  6, 7, 8. If you want to register for all or part of this wonderful conference, click here.

Georgia Stathis will be presenting one of her favorite predictive techniques, Solar Arcs, with examples on how to use them in different formats. Hope to see you all there. You can register for her lecture here.