Micro-Forecast: June 1 to 7, 2020

Welcome to eclipse week. The first of three summer eclipses occur on Friday June 5 at 3:12:14 PM Eastern Time and 8:12:14 pm Greenwich time. This one is a full moon lunar eclipse. Full Moons are notorious for making us antsy and this one in two mutable signs isn’t any different. It is at 15◦ Sagittarius 34′ opposite the Sun at 15◦ Gemini. This means that people who have planets clustered in middle degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius or Virgo or Pisces are all activated and ready for change in three to six months. And for now, are feeling impatient, edgy and anxious to move on after several months of being held back from being with other people or making life changes.

The last one close to these degrees was June 4, 1993 and that one was at 13◦ Sagittarius 54′ and pretty close to this one and in the same place in your chart. It is good to look back and pick out the same degrees and the dates because what often happens is that unfinished things from that time often come back to be finished and evolve, much like the strands of DNA that move up the chain.

Eclipses bring opportunities to view and assess your current circumstances in a different light since they represent a loss of light and an opportunity to see a shadow. And since this Full Moon is in Sagittarius, the need for change is pushing the envelopes of patience. Edginess and anxiety are not that unusual for this eclipse. We want to go forward but may feel delays, delays and more delays with Venus still retrograde. If you are moving, there is probably a lot of ‘stuff’ that you need to release. That will help tremendously in getting you moving forward.

The world is trying to get back to life and in trying to get back to work, may be backed up with too many commitments and not enough time or staff. This is a perfect time to volunteer to help organizations enhance their time by picking up and dropping off items, things, food, or helping your less organized neighbors to move, sort and clear their lives. The North Node is in Gemini since early May and there is a strong influence on neighbors and being neighborly, but with Mars as part of this configuration, there are a few neighbors that may feel exasperating. Be kind, be patient, and don’t let yourself lose control as you morph into your new life.

Eclipses change things and those changes often happen 90 to 180 days after their dates, but with Mars involved this time, things may happen sooner than later. Watch tempers and try to hold back anger when you are frustrated this week with things just not getting as done as you’d like them to be. Understand that everyone is trying to get back on board right now, but, frankly, lots of people are out of the habit of being on time, driving their cars and in general, communicating with the masses. This is a re-entry time like we’ve not seen in ages. Patience is a great virtue right now. Baby steps move you to change. Writing down your lists of what you need with newly appropriated services helps eliminate confusion and miscommunications for the job at hand.