Micro-Forecast: June 21 to 27, 2021

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, was Sunday June 20. This is the growing season of the year and with Monday’s Venus trine Pluto, there is a sweetness in the air, a lovely energy, and a need to be with those we love. This is particularly important in the middle of the week when the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces are in a lovely aspect to each other giving a wonderful middle of the week opportunity to get together with friends and/or start on a creative project like painting a room or refurbishing furniture. This can be that happy balance that we all desire. Since Venus is also opposite Pluto on this same day, taking something that is old and worn and remodeling it or giving it new life by adding a new accessory or changing a bedroom around to be more appealing – is an excellent thing to do during this time. Mercury is direct on Tuesday making this a more action-oriented time.

The Full Moon Thursday June 24, at 3◦ is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in early Pisces. Usually a Full Moon is chaotic, but this one is surrounded by a calming and protective energy. It also may be a release for many from some sort of psychic bondage, a break in daily action. This could be an internal change or something that happens in our outer life experience with others. As Neptune stations to go retrograde on Friday at 23◦ Pisces, this offers an opportunity until December 1 when Neptune goes direct to re-visit that idea or dream you’ve been thinking about. The reason I keep pushing this is that in April 2022, Jupiter, good luck, and Neptune, vision, will be lined up in their once every 13-year alignment. They will be at 23◦ Pisces, the same degree at which Neptune is retrograde on Friday, June 25 and I find this to be significant because as Neptune begins to return to this very same degree of the zodiac in 2022, it will be lining up with good luck Jupiter. Wherever you have 23◦ Pisces in your chart is a place worth watching as the retrograde of Neptune this week at that same degree in that same part of your chart can bring some remarkable goodies in April 2022 if you are willing to use the energy of the Last Quarter square between Saturn and Uranus to get down to the basic of what works in your life and allowing yourself to release all those things that don’t so that new things can come in in the spring of 2022.

Saturday Venus enters Leo, which is always a very lively Venus, as it is in a fire sign. Leo loves to gamble on love, on stocks, on children, on new experiences, on fun or taking risks in speculative matters and/or focusing on some very new and very different creative project or creative baby of the mind. This can be the beginning of a positive and professional relationship where the two parties bring two very different skills to the table creating a much-needed balance for a new business or venture. This ingress into Leo which lasts for approximately 4 weeks will be lining up with Saturn in another week giving all of us the focus to really explore these new ideas we are bandying about for the next cycle.