Micro-Forecast: January 24 to 30, 2022

The week begins with a bang as Mars enters its exalted position in Capricorn. I love this one – it has a little mix of motivation and purpose along with the ability to manage time to get something done! Talk about mountain goat energy – here it is in a planetary symbol. This cycle lasts for six weeks and returns about every two years. Tomorrow, Mercury, still retrograde, retreats to Capricorn until it goes direct on February 3. For those of you who read the forecasts in the 2022 Starcycles Cheat Sheet (still available at https://starcycles.com/downloads/2022-starcycles-calendar/) the interesting thing about all of 2022’s Mercury retrogrades is that they start out in air signs but each time go direct in earth signs, which often creates a time in which to take action on something for which you’ve laid a solid foundation.

When I was teaching my Business Astrology class to my lovely students in Beijing (New Moon School) in late 2021, I was often asked about the ‘when’ of starting a business in 2022, since we had the continuing and very stressful closing square between Saturn and Uranus throughout 2022. As I told the students and am telling my readers, you can never delay planning if you have a year or two or even three of ‘bad’ big aspects. You must find moments of time in which you can set up a successful chart. This, of course, requires patience and an inordinate amount of skill but it is doable. It also means that whatever chart you set up – will have ballast – or a tough skin, which can be useful when setting up businesses. These days especially.

As the week unfolds, we see Venus slowing down to finally go direct on Saturday January 29 at 11° Capricorn just after the day that Mercury retrograde aligns with Pluto. This may sound ominous, but it is quite the opposite. This is an excellent time to set up that business or project or schedule time and commit to that time for an idea you wish to explore this year. Since Mercury is also beginning to turn around – sometime between Saturday and January 29 and February 3 might be the ideal moment. Or, if you haven’t planned anything – an ideal opportunity, a unique idea, or a chance meeting to facilitate that idea – may be right in front of you- might even be at your front door! Take your face out of the phone and look up.