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Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

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Micro-Forecast: October 2 to 8, 2023

The first two days of the week are excellent for completing tasks, particularly Mercurial tasks, that you started well over a month ago. Get the list out and just break it down. On Wednesday October 4, Mercury enters the Venus ruled sign of Libra, which allows for softer negotiations and more ideas regarding mediating a tricky situation. It may have felt too fast and too edgy and that you didn’t have enough hours in the day in these last few weeks and so Mercury moving to Libra helps slow things down – at least for now.

Wednesday is also the day that Venus returns to the place at which she went retrograde way back on July 22, 2023. What areas of your life have you been rethinking regarding relationships or what simply provides joy in your life? What can you do that allows those possibilities? Where has Venus been in your chart all this time (in Leo if you know where that is in your chart) and how have things changed since early July providing you with far more clarity regarding whom and what you value than you had at that time? For those folks ruled by Venus, especially those with lots of Taurus and Libra in their charts, this has been a challenging time and as Wednesday arrives, you know what the right thing is to do for you. Make sure you follow through on what you know is right.

You may feel as though you are ready to make a major decision or that a decision is coming soon as Pluto is also stationing to go direct on October 10. Pluto went retrograde on May 1 at the 00° Aquarius, then headed back to Capricorn on June 19 where it’s been ever since. As Pluto goes direct on October 10 (next week) at 27° Capricorn 53’ it heads towards the next ingress (movement into) Aquarius again on January 20, 2024 where this time – it will stay in Aquarius UNTIL September 1, 2024 when it goes back to 29° Capricorn one more time, until it enters Aquarius again and permanently on November 19, 2024!

These last few degrees of Capricorn are not easy. They give each of us high levels of responsibility that we cannot escape until the time is right to move forward. Pluto is very black and white, doesn’t negotiate. Whenever Pluto goes direct, we see things revealed in the news that we’ve waited to hear for a long time. We see decisions being made. We see endings as well as beginnings and it is Pluto’s form of expression, no more no less. Life goes on. And as life goes on, we find new pathways after we’ve left the past. The responsibilities imposed on us may have some relief in early 2024 but there is that two-and-a-half-month period between September and November next year when we finish something, we almost finish in these next few weeks until early January.