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Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

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Micro-Forecast: November 27 to December 3, 2023

The week begins with the Sun and Mars close together in Sagittarius opposite the Moon in Gemini (Full Moon). As all this is going on it squares Saturn in Pisces. I think you can say that this is a week for some sort of reckoning and straight talk. There is a lot of juggling of personal desires accompanied by the needs of others as Mercury is in a quincunx aspect to transit Uranus. It might feel as though there is just too much on your plate and you are juggling too much. So how can you make things simpler?

As Mercury finishes its transit through Sagittarius on Saturday when it enters Capricorn, it is also in a hard square to transit Neptune in late degrees of Pisces. Lots of squares are going on here. Squares are good because they push you, but these two different squares seem to conflict with each other. The Sun/Mars aspect to Saturn suggests discipline. The Mercury square to Neptune wants dream time and down time plus it is a Full Moon.

Maybe schedule a project and do it and be on time and then also schedule time with friends to go to a concert, a movie, or just meet for a little end of the day get together. Since the entire week is full of intensity, maybe schedule a couple different evenings to visit with people you love and care for you. Phone calls, an ancient idea, work too. Hearing the voice of someone you trust makes all the difference, especially after everyone has gone home from the Thanksgiving holiday.

A great idea is to set up a time where you and a small group of friends gather to put together your annual mind map (also called treasure maps) for the new year. I know this sounds early but it really isn’t. I do these once a year – gather magazines, papers, crayons, or colored pencils, and sit down and put together a collage of some of the things I think might be a good thing in the new year. Don’t judge.

If you judge your dreams, then don’t even start the map. These boards are fascinating. I always write ‘For the good of all and under the light of God’ at the top. And then, once it is done, I put it away. I don’t usually remember what I did, but then I review it at the end of the following year and it is amazing how some of the things you put on that board happen! This is a perfect pre-holiday get together with friends and another way to maneuver through the waters of Sun/Mars square Saturn while Mercury squares Neptune. And Full Moons always shed ‘light’!