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Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

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Micro-Forecast: September 26 to October 2, 2022

Yesterday’s New Moon in Libra at 3˚ positions us in that part of the year in which collaborations are on the horizon. Perhaps this is because winter is coming in the northern hemisphere requiring more collaboration for survival. As Mercury is still retrograde there is still much back and forth and an inability to decide the direction or planning of projects. Keep at it. This is what we do with retrogrades like this. How to go about designing something so that it hits the correct mark is the challenge and doable. Patience is required. For those who are very task oriented this has been a time of frustration since it seems as though nothing is getting done or making any sense, but trust me, over the course of the next few weeks, they will.

October is the month in which new directions appear, especially next week as Mercury goes direct on Sunday October 2 and Pluto goes direct on Saturday October 8. A more useful image during this time is that of the scales where we put one thing or idea on one side, then placing something else on the other scale. Back and forth, back, and forth. The vision is there but not the clear vision in which to build that vision.

With Mercury going direct in the more precise sign of Virgo on Sunday October 2, you start writing down a list of ways you can make your ‘project’ work and with whom you collaborate. Yes, collaboration. It sometimes takes two or three people with different lens or perspectives to figure out the best way to do something. The key thing is to listen to the others and take what they are saying into consideration, rather than blowing them off. Listening is a key for success over the course of these next few months, when strategies are set into place along with all the challenges that strategies carry with them as you move towards the finish line.

It is my opinion that the first ten days of October, as Saturn is locked into a square with Uranus that the stock market will be very volatile, and that part of your vacillation regarding what to do with this or that is in line with this rare configuration. We see what is happening in the marketplace, real estate is slowing down, rates are up, and stocks are down. The best time to invest, after doing your research, is when things are down and not up. Do your research, check things out and then take a few baby steps in this direction or that because these next few months could be opportune for better values in the marketplace. This is just an opinion.