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Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

2022 Starcycles Cheat Sheet

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Micro-Forecast: June 27 to July 3, 2022

This week Neptune is stationing retrograde. Don’t panic, it does this every year and, frankly, when it does, it offers opportunities to put into place some of the positive visions or ideas you’ve been exploring over the course of the last few months. This retrograde period continues through December 3 and as Neptune retrogrades, it sends off a powerful positive aspect to Pluto (the god of power, money and transformation). What is it that you wish to transform in your life? What have you dreamt of doing?

If you’ve been doing the ‘reality check’ mentioned a few weeks ago, you are probably well on your way to achieving some of those dreams or goals you’ve envisioned because you’ve been working on making it happen, if you’ve been working on those earthly responsibilities that are begging for change right now.

The New Moon (always a new start for the month) is on Tuesday June 28 at 7˚ Cancer. I love the New Moon in Cancer because I find myself more focused on matters involving my home, my family and friends that are like family – we cook, we visit, we fix the house, we hang around the garden. This is what the Cancer energy can be about and those types of activities allow the more logical part of the brain which deals with accounts, business, contracts to incubate while you do other things.

With Venus, the goddess of love and attraction, in a wonderful aspect to Jupiter, the planet of opportunity this week, things happen quite magically. A friend calls whom you’ve not heard from for a long time, someone you like visits unexpectedly, and opportunities to change patterns abound by connecting with positive people with whom you’ve lost touch.

You could find yourself eating a little bit more or spending a bit more on those home and family moments and it’s okay – remember this doesn’t happen but once year when the Sun is in Cancer and the New Moon begins in Cancer. Friday’s square between Mars and Pluto might present some power struggles. My suggestion is that confrontation is avoided by simply stepping away and stating that you ‘need to think about it’. Don’t let anyone bully you as your soft underbelly is most vulnerable this week with all the positive emotional and familial and social opportunities. Sometimes just taking a minute to ‘think’ about what is being presented is the ticket. Saturday’s Mercury and Saturn cooperative aspect brings a better solution or better conversation than anything that might happen on Friday.