Micro-Forecast: September 20 to 26, 2021

Today is the Full Moon at 28° Pisces…at almost the critical degree of 29° Pisces, where we process our psychological toxic waste. Over the course of the next few weeks, this Full Moon provides release. There are several kinds of release. Sometimes it is psychological release or the release of old goals and acquaintances. Sometimes our friends move far away as do family. Sometimes we leave jobs, decide to try new jobs while learning new things. These moments of transition (very critical with the last degrees of Pisces) are that moment that we make a decision that releases us from bondage. And it is here in this void, where the ‘magic’ always happens – at least that is what Musashi said in his 500-year-old Samurai manual, The Book of Five Rings. As old as that book is, his thoughts hold through today.

As we welcome Fall Equinox on Wednesday as the tropical Sun enters Libra and the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer in the northern hemisphere, this sorting out process opens spaces that cannot open unless we release portions of our past year and bring life into some sort of balance again. This is Libra, the scales, that balance. There is an interesting fact about the constellation Libra. It was once part of the constellation of Scorpius (we see it as the Scorpion). Libra was the claws! Yup, that is true. This gives all Libras or those with lots of Libra in their charts a bit more insight about themselves. What may often seem somewhat ambivalent or having a need for peace at any price is NOT al parts of Libra. The opposite sign of Libra is Aries, which reacts, takes stands and motions forward. Heliocentrically, Libra people are Aries people!

As the Sun begins its passage through Libra it is opposing Chiron in Aries all month. Conflict in relationships and/or resolutions in relationships are possible if both parties are willing to bridge the gap and listen to each other and have conversations that may be uncomfortable but necessary for growth. There are pressures from others to do what they want you to do. Perhaps they deserve to be heard. If not, then it is important to take a stand and give your reason, than just taking a stubborn stand! Giving a reason gets a lot further than just stubbornly taking positions. Sometimes ego gets in the way of resolution, and I do think this is what Chiron in Aries is all about for all of us as it is still with us for another 5+ years!

Since Mercury (communication is still retrograde in Libra) you won’t have all the answers but soon you will. Mercury is challenging Pluto on September 22 and continues in this tense but also productive aspect through the early part of October. This is still while Mercury is retrograde. In early November, the resolutions that challenged our mental faculties from late September to early October will finally arrive at resolution. During the more difficult period between late September and early October, exercise compassion, patience, control tempers, and be cognizant of subtle passive aggressive behaviors that try to render control. Those reactions never work nor are they productive. Sometimes, regardless of how much we wish for compromise, it is impossible if both parties are unwilling to work together.

The great news is that if you can work through this time, assistance, moments of great insight and new and fresh ideas are born as Venus and Uranus aspect each other – you just must be open.