Micro-Forecast: July 6 to 12, 2020

On July 11 Chiron goes retrograde at 9º Aries 26′. And on July 12, Mercury goes direct at 5º Cancer 29′ This is a week when one might make decisions about ongoing health issues that need to be addressed and have been ignored. Chiron is associated with learning, teaching, coaching but it is also considered a ‘health’ body and with it stationing, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate something you’ve been putting off. This is particularly true if you have Taurus or Scorpio rising, since Chiron is stationing in your 12th house or 6th houses of health.

With Mercury stationing direct and catching up to itself on July 26 (its Shadow position) and Venus finally getting back on the track it stopped in May (also its Shadow position) on July 29, this is a decision making period to get your affairs in order to get some things done. This gives you about 6 to 8 weeks before Mars goes retrograde on September 9.

Since Chiron also has to do with education, the obvious issues presenting themselves this summer are about whether educational institutions will open in the traditional way or earlier in the summer to make up for last spring’s closures. I always thought Chiron was a type of hybrid energy [he was half mortal and half god] combining both traditional and nontraditional methods [he orbits between Saturn, traditional and Uranus, non-traditional]. I explored this idea in my 2000 book Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web between Business and Myth. Available through Amazon.com.

It could be schools taking on shifts where there are morning classes in classrooms, and they finish their days in the afternoon and vice versa where the ‘virtual’ afternoon students attend live the next morning. The same may be true for businesses or corporations, who may have to rethink what to do with the empty buildings since many of them may also adapt the alternate team both Live and Virtual concept.

All the changes that happened this year when the world became a virtual marketplace while also providing educational and professional services, is not a concept that is too far off. Since it is a very new mindset, there will, of course, be a few bumps in the road, but I am hopeful regarding the ‘new’ way of communicating, learning, and healing that emerged this year. This is what Aries energy is about — trying the new — sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, but they are new and fresh and hold an unlimited collection of possibility.

I too am thinking of putting together a series of online classes on Business and Financial Astrology but still haven’t done my complete Mars retrograde research. So much is available online now in terms of astrological learning, but this is a specific field which does require that people know their astrology — is something I am toying with. If any of you, dear readers, are interested in something like this, please send me your thoughts or requests (stathis.georgia@gmail.com) as I try to navigate this as a viable option and if anyone might be interested. I taught this at Kepler College, at Online College and at various conferences throughout the years. The days of traveling are not as appealing, and I love to teach — so it seems like a good fit. I don’t really know if there is just too much out there to consider this as a viable course of study and am willing to pursue the possibilities.

So, enjoy these next few days of direct planets and moves forward and things opening slowly. Again, get out there and get some sunshine or at least some fresh air — while we still have an abundance of it. Love you all.