Micro-Forecast: May 23 to 29, 2022

The week starts with a shiny golden halo of luck for many of us. Though Mercury is retrograde, it goes direct tomorrow, May 24. While this is in play, Mars is about to enter its own sign Aries, which gives extra oomph to actions and with Jupiter very close to Mars, good luck comes from those moments of boldness and attention. This is the time for those would-be iconoclasts to start using their super power ability to perceive things in a very different way than the rest of the pack sees things! So what is it about an ‘iconoclast’?

In Gregory Berns’ book, Iconoclast, Berns states that ‘The most likely way that you perceive something will be in a manner consistent with your past experience.” Within those structures of past experience, lie epiphanies which rarely occur in familiar surroundings. By experiencing unusual and/or novel experiences, you force your brain to see things in a new way. The brain tends to be lazy and by placing yourself with new ideas, new groups, reading new literature or materials, you force the ‘lazy’ brain to start reorganizing its perceptions!

An iconoclast’s brain differs in the following three functions: Perception (gs: Neptune), control of the fear response (gs: Saturn), and working at increasing your social intelligence (Aquarius/Gemini/Libra – an air function). Dr. Berns is NOT an astrologer but those three points make sense from my perspective and I thought in light of all the lucky chances and opportunities in front of us in these next few weeks, it is worth mentioning.