Here we go! This week the traveling Sun crosses over Uranus (a once a year phenomenon) on Monday, starting out the week with brilliant insights and startling ideas. This alignment is quite powerful and can offer opportunities, if one is willing to pay attention to what is going on around them. This is the alignment of networking–people who know people who know people who can offer you resources or places to go for those items and services you need. On this very same day, those network options present the beginning of opportunities to work out obstacles getting in the way of ideas regarding more cash flow. Do make sure that you know where the money is coming from and if the value is accurate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for clarity regarding what you need to know. With Pluto going retrograde for a few months on Wednesday, April 24, you really do need to pause and explore. This time spent will be worth it for more efficient planning. Saturn also goes retrograde next week (all very good retrogrades) representing a rethink, renewal, or research period.

In the USA, taxes are due this week. This is the second 90-day period after the January 21, 2019 eclipse at 00º Leo and 00º Aquarius. These two degrees and the 00º Taurus and 00º Scorpio are the degrees connected to the security houses in the horoscope. Some of the things they include are how we spend our money, our cash flow, what we save for a rainy day, and with whom we are tied financially–both personally and professionally. Monies we owe to others and what others owe us. The ‘stark’ reality on what needs to be done in any one of those areas is possible this week It may also be that this is the week of resolving an ongoing issue involving some of the above-mentioned subjects.

Mercury has had a long visit in Pisces during both its retrograde and direct phases. The fact that Mercury finally enters Aries, the ‘click’ sign of the zodiac, either late Tuesday for the West Coast and the early morning hours on Wednesday, April 17, for the Eastern Time zone, means clarity. It is possible, though it may not be pleasant, that around the 19th of April, when Chiron and Mercury are together, difficulties resulting from miscalculation are apparent. Hmmm? This is tax week isn’t it? Chiron has to do with learning, so this is a good time to learn about those things that many of us just do not want to deal with, like finances. No worries, learning is in the air and can really wake us up to planning in a very beneficial way.

An interesting week in that a few planetary bodies go retrograde and these are probably the good ones. Ceres is not a planet but an asteroid. Ceres has a lot to do with farming, wheat, and food deriving from the earth. Simply put, if you need to start watching your food intake, this retrograde offers an opportunity to re-think your diet. Seek out a good nutritionist who can check out those long unresolved mysteries involving how certain foods affect you. There are all types of hidden allergies to such things as gluten, tree nuts, and yeast. This is a good time to get clarity on whether you are experiencing an allergy or an imbalance in your digestive system. On a larger global level, this could have something to do with the food chain and discovery that part of that process must change or needs a re-think in terms of distributions.

The other retrograde taking place this week is that of Jupiter in Sagittarius at 24º Sagittarius 21’ on April 10, which is a good for everyone. The reason for this is that Jupiter in Sagittarius can have a kind of ‘runaway train’ effect in our lives as well as politically and globally. The fact that Jupiter is looking as though it is retrograde until it goes direct in mid-August welcomes a calmer and less reactive environment. Wherever Jupiter has been passing through your chart is where you have probably been experiencing a lot of ‘something’. In the second or eighth house, it is spending. In the third or ninth house, it is information overload. In the sixth and twelfth house, health issues or environmental chaos that is moving too fast. This cycle slows that stuff down and brings reason and clarity to the table a lot more than in the past weeks when Jupiter was moving fast and furious. On Friday, April 12, the Sun and Pluto have a somewhat confrontational position with each other, which suggests if a miscommunication, or, a confrontation takes place. Take a moment, take a deep breath and ask to think about it and discuss it the next day, Saturday, when things calm down considerably and all parties are far more generous in their resolutions.

This week is about 90-days after the Solar Eclipse that occurred at 15° of Capricorn on January 5, 2019. It should be an interesting week with the peak of the 90-degree peak happening on April 4, 5, and 6. Expect responsible action and reaction. This can be a wonderful period if one has been working to simplifying their life, environment and the setting of serious boundaries, particularly around issues that arose at end of 2018 or during January 2019. If one has stuck their head in the sand hoping the issue would go away, well, this week is when you have to lift yourself up and face what has to be done to change. This crosses over into both personal and professional lives. Perhaps your boundaries have been slack, or with Venus and Neptune close and in Pisces, you keep giving people the ‘benefit of the doubt’. Know this that the time for changing that pattern is upon all of us. This 90-day period is important as will be the next 90-day period between April 18 and April 20. If you started to make a move in January, you may move in April. If you started to make a job change, you may make that change this month. If you were back and forth about keeping a professional relationship in your life, then this is the month to clarify what is expected and what you will and will not do. If you have ignored health issues then this is the month to face the dragon and deal with it. The good news is that once things are said and done you can move on to the next exciting rite of passage in your professional or personal life.

On Tuesday, Venus enters the sign of Pisces for a few weeks. Venus is what we call exalted in the sign of Pisces and I suppose it is because Pisces is one of the healers of the zodiac. Venus holds soothing energy. The next few weeks should bring some kindness into our lives, peppered with some energy, as the Sun continues in the sign of Aries. As Mercury goes direct on Thursday, March 28, concerns regarding contracts, equipment purchases, and decisions to move forward on projects become clearer. Now that you have the direction you need to take for that new idea, job, or relationship, you set up the process for completion. Watch May 8 going forward for the big click, the big start, the oomph, as we say. These next two months bring all kinds of ideas to the forefront though it may not seem so right now.

Problem-solving on an issue gets on track even more effectively after Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, March 30. Mars in Gemini is restless energy but is notorious for going in and out of one’s head to figure out the many different ways to do things. At times it can also be exhausting, so getting exercise that allows the lungs to work at full capacity (Gemini rules the lungs) will do two things – calm you down, and, help you focus. If you don’t get that blood pumping this energy can implode with overuse of alcohol or drugs.

An eventful week as the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries on March 20 at the Spring Equinox (which means equal day and equal night) when the days now become longer. This is particularly interesting Equinox in that on the same day, within about four hours there is a Full Moon in Libra and Aries. This combination heightens reactions to things that have been building over the course of the last few weeks. It also energizes people into taking action, getting rid of the extraneous in their lives and move on. A lot of what transpires is a direct result of what was going on in late December 2018 at the Winter Solstice. Projects started then, or, attempting to complete, come to fruition now over the course of the next few weeks after this Equinox. Spring is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere and with that comes a more sensitive awareness to what must take place in order to complete a project.

On Thursday, March 22, just after the Full Moon of the 20th, the Sun aligns with Chiron in Aries. This is a once a year phenomenon. Since Chiron heightens one’s awareness of one’s wounds or unresolved issues regarding one’s health or healing, this date may start an enlightened period where one realizes what they must do to improve physical and mental health. Since Chiron also happens to be associated with the ankles, make sure you wear the right shoes! Since the Sun passes over this point, sudden light is shed on an issue regarding superiors, bosses, or those in charge. It may also be a time when many who have been in charge decide to step down which might be a surprise to those in that professional arena. This suggests that others can now move up. Those stepping down, please remember that mentoring is important when you let go of a major situation.

Mars, which has to do with motivation and drive, has been in Taurus for a few weeks now and working very well with transit Saturn (organization) and Pluto (research, transformation and choosing a direction). This is a far better place than it was last month. The current cycle affords the opportunity to start getting things done for which many attempts were made in January and February. Though Mercury is still retrograde and doesn’t go direct until the end of the month, it is in a favorable sign working with Mars. This means that not all possible solutions for a project or a contract or an event are solved, but that the process is still in limbo as new options are presented and explored. Mercury retrogrades are often cursed by the media, but they are, in fact, a cosmic brake pedal to do things correctly and change direction if necessary. Since Mercury (in Pisces water) and Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto are working in tandem with communicative Mercury, it behooves each of us to take some quiet time away from the crowd to allow for other things to come in. I was in a design meeting with several young people recently who were telling me that one of their parent companies (in Europe) are asking these young designers to turn off their phones at night and NOT work, but it is not the American way-at least at this juncture. This is a problem because if you don’t turn off the constant barrage of information coming at you from a thousand directions, there is no space for other ideas to birth and prosper. This Mercury retrograde is a good time to pull-back in the remaining weeks of March. It is also a great time to find out what you didn’t give your tax person, that is an important tax item. If you cannot find it, you will, eventually, as Mercury direct (on March 28) will begin the process of finding things and getting clearer about how you wish to proceed in a project that has had you flummoxed for a good part of six weeks. The only stark aspect is between Mercury and Jupiter, which can suggest too much talking and not enough listening.

The week caps out in a positive light on Saturday when transit Mercury (still retrograde) is in a perfect aspect with Pluto. As Susan Miller states, “It is a time to solve a financial mystery by burrowing into records.” Since we are close to tax season, there may be some things we didn’t see, didn’t notice or didn’t know anything about.

Uranus finally enters the sign of Taurus on March 6 (much was explained about this cycle in last week’s post). It stays permanently until 2026. Between May and October of last year, 2018, it played with us, bringing in the volatility of Uranus in a financial sign Taurus as a little taste of the small roller coaster ride of the financial markets evident in 2019. We have seen what the markets have done in these last six to eight months and it is no surprise since Uranus is very cyclical and unpredictable. In the sign of Taurus, it has to do with values (that are changing – for the better – I hope) so that the larger global community (Uranus) can finally construct solid plans to organize our ever growing and ever moving masses of people on the planet.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 to about 1942. It has an 84-year return cycle. The social programs of the 1930s in America like the WPA and the insuring of bank funds (FDIC) were some of the many programs that arose during Franklin D Roosevelt’s presidency, an Aquarian ruled by Uranus. He broke certain social norms and began social programs that helped put Americans back to work during one of the most difficult economic crises in American history as well as for the world.

Uranus in Taurus is about awakening to new kinds of resources, doing business with different types of currencies or payment systems, new textiles that ‘feel’ like the real thing but don’t use resources, and using buildings and places where people live and work in a totally new way. Just because a building is empty and has one type of zoning doesn’t mean that it can’t take on a whole new life with a completely different type of zoning. How this will turn out is yet to be discovered, as this is a brand-new cycle that runs for another 7 years.

So, I ask, if you are an individual or part of a business, what networks of people or organizations can you collaborate with in a new way, offering specialized services that help increase efficiency and value? What wisdom have you accumulated over the years (that you take for granted) that if properly placed, can help build a community that works together or has access to more resources because of your ideas? In many communities, who are open to making their cities what they call Super Cities, a focus on living and working together in an easy flow community that can eliminate cars and allows for more walking is a promising concept. When people walk and see people rather just than computers, they become more approachable and, frankly, the exchange of ideas when having more human contact promotes change in a positive way exponentially. This is, at least, my hope for the future of our communities, correcting the imbalance of non-compromising and adversarial positions of the last seven years when Uranus was in Aries.

The Last Quarter of the moon cycle occurs this week. It wraps up the month’s activities, perhaps even the year’s intentions and activities as well. This allows us to get ready for the next New Moon on March 6, which is a significant New Moon this year because on that same day the longer 84-year cycle of Uranus entering Taurus also begins. The good news is that Taurus and Pisces are very compatible combinations –you have the imagination of Pisces, knowing no boundaries, and the practicality of Taurus on how to get it done for the best value. Pisces is water and Taurus is earth and earth and water make bricks. Last Quarter Moon weeks are very good for clearing out the files, sorting things out for a new office organization and with the influence of Uranus (out of the box thinking) just starting its 7-year cycle – making something work in a unique way, with easier access.

In the real estate world, this may begin a cycle of some fantastic bargains as prices are slowing down and many people are eager to sell. You always have people changing locations and jobs, at the end of the 7-year transit of Uranus in one sign. If you’ve been around long enough, it might be interesting to see what sudden changes took place for you starting around the following dates when Uranus entered a different sign of the zodiac for seven to eight years:

  • June 6, 1934 – Uranus entered Taurus
  • August 7, 1941 – Uranus entered Aries
  • August 30, 1948 – Uranus entered Gemini
  • April 24, 1955 – Uranus entered Leo
  • November 1, 1961 – Uranus entered Virgo
  • September 28, 1968 – Uranus entered Libra
  • November 21, 1974 – Uranus entered Scorpio
  • February 17, 1981 – Uranus entered Sagittarius
  • February 14, 1988 – Uranus entered Capricorn
  • April 1, 1995 – Uranus entered Aquarius
  • March 10, 2003 – Uranus entered Pisces
  • May 27, 2010 – Uranus entered Aries
  • March 6, 2019 – Uranus enters Taurus and stays for 7 years

Often Uranus enters the new sign a few months before, checks out the psychic landscape, people start getting restless, then Uranus goes back to the old cycle for a few months, then re-enters and stays in the new sign. Rumbles of change began in May 2018, and on March 6, Uranus will stay until the next cycle, in about 7 years, when Uranus enters Gemini. With Uranus entering Taurus, it is my thought, that buildings serving one purpose, will find refreshing new purposes if the individual has a vision. As the year unfolds, there could be some fantastic fixer-upper bargains out there if one is willing to see. Find these gems in places other than your routine locations.

It is a wonderful time to ‘ask for the order’, or what I term, “the reasonable or unreasonable request” since the collective is in a streamlining frame of mind. Remember there are many planets in Capricorn, especially the slow ones like Saturn and Pluto, and this calls for a global simplification of lifestyles. If you find something that you are interested in, remember that Mercury, the planet that rules communications and contracts goes retrograde on March 5. Even though Mercury has not started its retrograde period yet it is slowing down. In terms of investments, they may cost too much to purchase but remember that once Mercury is direct again, either contracts fall through or prices drop. Part of the recent Chiron entry into Aries (on February 18, last week) is about ‘healing’ impatience. Aries is not known for its patience and that is often an Achilles Heel if one does not learn patience.

This week offers a cornucopia of energy and motivation peaking on Wednesday, February 27 and Thursday, February 28. Then on Friday, March 1, Venus finally leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 8:45 am Pacific time and 11:45 am eastern time. Venus in Aquarius is odd, eclectic, somewhat eccentric, and has a way of putting very disparate things together in a very cohesive way. Venus in Aquarius is the epitome of mix and match in fashion and mix and match in business. Sometimes what seems most unlikely bears a thread that connects more things together than we realize. It is all in whom you know and who they know. This is the perfect four weeks for connecting groups of people together and engaging your networks to attain that which you desire.

As the Sun enters Pisces on Monday, February 18, a softening of energy occurs. The muddiness of the last few days lifts as Chiron enters Aries and stays for the next 8+ years. The last time Chiron entered Aries for its long run was between 1969 and 1970. With that thought, I saw a wonderful explanation of this specific cycle shift in of February 5, 2019. I couldn’t have said it better and I feel it is so important that I am placing it in this week’s forecast, with the clear intent, that I did not say this, but that they did! So here it is:

The next few weeks will be marked by the entries of the planets Chiron and Uranus into new signs. Now there is no turning back. Chiron enters the zodiac sign of Aries on 18 February. In the next few years, he will draw our attention to the wounds inflicted on our will: to our fear of powerlessness. Perhaps he can teach us to resolve conflicts more openly without immediately becoming destructive. At the same time as Chiron enters Aries, there is a Full Moon with Sun and Moon in the first degrees of Pisces and Virgo. Act courageously and compassionately at the same time.

A few days earlier, on 14 February, combative Mars overtook the eternal maverick Uranus. The encounter takes place in the last degree of Aries, shortly before Uranus finally changes to the sign of Taurus on 7 March. This conjunction will probably lead to ill-considered steps now and then, whereby the effects of spontaneous emotional actions can only be grasped in full consequence sometime later. With the entry of Uranus into Taurus, a phase of consolidation begins: the unrest that has built up in recent years is now to be brought to material fruition.

The collective issue behind Chiron in Aries is about learning this thing called ‘patience’. There are many people who are impatient to get to the goal right now – the job, the house, the car, the stuff. Many people don’t stay in jobs longer than a few months because they aren’t being moved up fast enough, then they leave the jobs and find themselves going through the same routine over and over until, one day, in the far distant future, they realize that they should, perhaps, be more patient. But, of course, we will all know a lot more about that in about 8 years.

This is good news because it suggests a less muddied perspective than the perspective of Chiron in the last degrees of Pisces. Since Aries is the cardinal beginning of the zodiac and triggers major aspects of our human lives–careers, root families, our most personal relationships with others, and, of course, our own personal identities–then the ‘wounding’ that sometimes accompanies Chiron is more manageable. This is because the perspective is from the part of the mind that sees clearly what has to stay and what has to go. Of course, there will always be those hanging on to old thinking for both conservative and liberal thinkers. It isn’t about who wins anymore, but what can be done strategically to work together and reach a compromise (the shadow side of Aries is Libra – getting along so we can get things done!)

It is important to remember that Chiron was a teacher, who healed others’ wounds but could not heal his own. In Aries, this is warrior mentality, so those coming home from the many wars in the world, or, those who have become victims of wars may begin to see that war is fruitless because it reflects the lowest form of Aries, which is destruction. Perhaps as Chiron passes through Aries, the collective will move from this lower, less evolved expression of Aries into its more majestic expression of heroism. At least that is the hope.

The Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19 comes a day after the Chiron ingress, but it is in early Pisces and early Virgo. My hope is that with the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon included in this new cycle that more compassionate systems of global management are set into place. In our personal and professional lives, asks us to clarify the most important parts of our daily systems that need purging and what parts need nourishing. More on that after the Spring Equinox in late March. The spark, however, starts now.

On Thursday a calmer Martian energy starts as Mars enters the sign of the less volatile sign of Taurus. These last few weeks had Mars (whose nature is somewhat agitating) moving through the last few degrees of Aries, where it has been for six weeks. As Mars passes over volatile Uranus earlier in the week, watch sudden outbursts, arguments, and learn to be more strategic in your responses, because not reacting really works in your favor as Mars enters Taurus after Thursday.

The volatility of Mars crossing Uranus can throw markets up and down as it has been doing for the last six months since Uranus left Aries, entered Taurus, then went back to Aries for the big finale which comes around March 5, 6, 7. These last few days of Mars/Uranus can throw markets up and throw them down like a bad wrestler in a old gym. 😊

When Mars enters Taurus starting February 14 – Valentine’s Day – it begins its six-week trek through an earth sign and complements Saturn (building and planning) and Pluto (choosing to change and transform). Change or movement is easier than the preceding weeks. At least things seem to get done and flow better. What is the intention of your communication? Can you communicate clearly what you want without becoming emotional? How can you assure that others hear what your intentions are? Sometime if we write it down, it works better than just talking. Saturday and Sunday offer some nice solutions.

Hello everyone. I am finally back from my break – and looking forward to connecting with all of you again as this is going to be a busy year. For all of us, particularly for those who are open to letting go of the big parts of the past that do not work and having the courage to discard those parts so that space is made for the new. The reason for this is that many of the upcoming planetary alignments that officially begin on January 20, 2020, are all in what I call ‘dying on the vine’ mode.

If any of you have had a chance to read any of my articles on Synodic Cycles or the new book Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases. What a synodic cycle is simply a timely alignment of two different planets (varying in who they are) and when a specific pair of planets aligns (conjuncts), the begin an entirely new cycle.

The reason 2019 is so important is that, ironically, three different cycles with three different cycle returns – one lasts 38 years, one lasts 13 years and one lasts 20 years – and they are all ending their own cycles in 2019 and not starting their new ones until various times in 2019. What this means is that things are in non-resolution – confusion – and also in an incubation phase which doesn’t usually show until new cycles begin starting late January 2020.

This is why some of the things we are trying to do seem interminable right now – like nothing is happening – like we are treading water – that no resolutions seem to be happening. The interesting thing, though, is that in my research for the new book, I discovered that the last years before a new cycle begins is when a lot is happening, but we cannot identify the change.

So, though it seems as though things are moving sluggishly, much is changing – attitudes, locations, jobs, relationships, and even our values. I guess it can be likened to right something is born – there has to be stress for the entity trying to get born – because past comfort is no longer feasible. In the case of a chick, he has to fight out of the shell, or a baby has to come through a narrow passageway of the mother after floating in a fairly comfortable environment. Things tighten and we have to blast through. This is what happens when so many important cycles are back to back at the end. Courage, patience, correct information, a knowledge of when to go and when to stop are all part of 2019.

This is the message with which we begin 2019 and particularly after the last two eclipses of January 15 and January 21. Letting go of fear and getting to a neutral place, looking at the numbers (I wish the politicians would show us some simple to read number spreadsheets as they begin to toss their hats into the ring). This would make for a much more logical choice of candidate. The eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn are indeed affecting our country since we are born under the sign of Cancer. We are learning about our relationships in the world – good and bad – and relationships among ourselves. Perhaps it is time to let go of some, and, begin new ones – all will be much clearer after mid-April and after mid July 2019.

While moving through the road of change, ask for support, get the right information to make that change and don’t be pulled down by emotional histrionics. The sign of Cancer (USA Sun Sign) tends to get very moody and is, in fact, finishing up a long series of volatile expressions. More on that later in the next few weeks.