I love the 4th of July weekends that start on or close to the weekend and this is one of those years in which the 4th of July falls on Friday. It is also the week that transiting Mercury goes direct at 24° Gemini 43′ at 5:45 am pacific time on Tuesday July 1. It occurs during the void of course Moon so if you have plans of signing that contract or writing that offer, it might behoove you to wait until after 2:24 pm pacific time on Tuesday July 1 when the Moon goes into Virgo.

From that point on through the end of the week on Saturday July 5 when the First Quarter moon starts at 4:59 am at 13° Libra 24′ opposite Uranus, well, the party starts on Saturday probably more than on Friday. Watch driving, boating, and anything that involves machines and electronics because when Uranus is involved, one should double check everything including the acquaintances (that you don’t know that well) being involved in the weekend festivities. Driving long distances may not be as optimum a plan as staying close to home. If you are traveling double check that ‘noise’, that ‘sound’ that you never really addressed during the Mercury retrograde. It’s always worth spending a little now rather than a lot later.

Though we have a New Moon (new beginnings) on Friday June 27 at 5° Cancer 37′ at 1:08 am pacific time, this is still a week in which that Last Quarter moon remains active, suggesting clean up and clean out things. Many of you know about void of course moons and we have a really long one on Thursday June 26 from 4:56 am pacific time through early afternoon at 2:05 pm on that same day.

Void of course moon are always interesting particularly when they take several hours during a week day to complete. My experience tells me, even though I still book things, that many times there are cancellations on those hours. If you are planning on going on a hot date on Saturday night June 28, be ready for another void of course moon that starts at 6:02 pm pacific time and doesn’t end until the next morning at 1:43 am. It might be better to start that date or meeting sometime on Sunday where the favorable Leo Moon offers tremendous social support.

In a few days, we have the first day of summer. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and starts on June 21 at 3:51 am pacific time. I always find that the few days before a cardinal seasonal turning point, things can often feel very scattered. This is because the mutable sign (in this case, Gemini) is finishing its annual run. Cardinal signs are less scattered and more directed. The week begins with a Moon in Aquarius offering objectivity and innovative thinking. On June 18, the moon is in sensitive Pisces and has many positive aspects allowing all of us to take a deep inhale/exhale after the activities of the last few weeks in June. Chiron is stationing retrograde at 17° Pisces 45′ on June 20 at 5:45 am pacific time, which also allows us all to slow down a bit this week as we ease into the summer season.

The Last Quarter moon at 28° Pisces on June 19 (in conjunction with the softer energies beginnings on June 18) suggests a stop, look and listen with all your activities, including investments as Mercury is still retrograde and the markets may be slowing down as a result. Usually the markets slowdown in the summer. I am not a big market person, but I do invest and I am watching middle to late July when several planets go direct, catch up with where they went retrograde and we have the 90-days after the two April eclipses, which suggests the markets may do some sort of flip flop in late July or start a different trend pattern for which we might see more in October at the next two sets of eclipses.

The last few days may have felt as though you need to rest more frequently. This might have something to do with the fact that Neptune (rules sleep)and is stationing retrograde on June 9 at 12:49 pm, Pacific Time, at 7° Pisces 35′. It goes direct November 15. However, I find it much easier to get things done when the outer planets are in retrograde motion often allowing us to catch up with the visions (in the case of Neptune, we are dealing with visions) of the last seven or eight months.

Neptune has a lot of bad press in modern literature. Spacy, flaky, dazed and confused are mental states often attributed to Neptune. However, Neptune can also be inspired, intuitive, imaginative and quite psychic. In fact, the modern Spiritualist movement began when Neptune was discovered in the late 1800s. With Neptune hanging out for another eleven to twelve years, it is important to work with this energy rather than fight it. Embracing something like meditation, a yoga practice, a painting class, a water aerobics class that honors Neptune helps balance out our very hectic lives.

After the Moon crosses Saturn in Scorpio on Tuesday, June 10 and enters Sagittarius on Wednesday June 11 at 8:23 am pacific time, things feel like they lighten up. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12 close to the Galactic center at about 22° Sagittarius promises some out of the blue insights offering answers to questions that had no answers up to that point. Grounding ourselves as the week finishes and then applying our sudden insights into a workable solution come about on Saturday June 14 as Mars and Pluto square each other. Taking actions on choices you’ve made and taking responsibility for those choices are the highlight at the end of the week. Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, men that are like Dads, and to the Dads who have passed and still watch over us.

Mercury begins its retrograde position on Friday, June 6 at 4:52 am pacific time at 3° Cancer 09′ this week. It is retrograde until July 1. (If you have our 2014 Starcycles Cheat Sheet these are all laid out in color coded bars). Retrogrades are not necessarily bad, which is, unfortunately, what many of the pop astrology sites talk about. I find it an excellent time to re-tool, re-strategize and re-organize. Often business is slower during this time allowing all of us to take care of the things we need to take care of).

The First Quarter moon in Virgo on June 5 is wonderful for making plans to get organized, get packing and getting ready for summer jobs, summer vacations, and summer projects. There is tremendous support for smooth social events since transiting Venus crosses the April 28 eclipse point of 9° Taurus on June 6, the same day Mercury is retrograde. A lot of the old books used to say watch the first planets that cross the eclipse points, because they have great influence. With Venus crossing this point and then a positive aspect between Venus and Pluto on June 8, some serious conversations will be broached with regard to what is really happening in relationships — whether personal or professional. There are ways in which to express one ‘s self without placing blame. Watch that placing blame energy on June 8 as Sun and Chiron square each other. Once said, you cannot take it back.

The week starts out with Memorial Day giving us a four day week. The four day weeks are always interesting, because instead of starting on a Monday (the Moon’s day), they start on a Tuesday (the Norse god, Tyr’s day) which is another form of Mars. Weeks beginning on Tuesdays (Mars days) are often very different in that things may happen quite unexpectedly or change rather quickly. This is certainly the theme of this week as we finish the first holiday of the spring and summer season.

On the 28th, we have a New Moon at 7° Gemini 21′ in a wonderful aspect to Venus, so socializing may be the theme of the week. Watch out of doors activities if you haven’t been training all winter because Mars weeks can trigger injuries to the body if you haven’t been training. Even if you have, if your intuition is telling you to not do something, to check that step to fix it, or watch as you use those tools to start summer projects, then you might want to think of listening. Since Venus is in the last two days of Aries, this is probably a wise reminder.

On the 28th, at 6:45 PM, Pacific Time, Venus enters her own sign of Taurus, in which she is quite comfortable. Venus in Taurus is about comfort, beauty, planting, enhancing one’s environment and taking a really good stock of resources to use, to spend, to save and with which to plan for the remainder of the year. Since Venus is opposing Saturn for the next few weeks, your spending may be more cautious than usual, because a plan may be percolating for some change in business ideas or ventures over the course of the next few months.

On May 29 at 2:12 am, transiting Mercury enters the action sign of Cancer, but it is moving slower than usual because Mercury goes retrograde next week on June 7. Plans that were started, contracts attempted, may not be put on hold, but may benefit from a second look. More insight reveal themselves after Sunday June 1, when Jupiter returns to its retrograde (shadow points) at 20° Cancer 30′.

Mars is direct on Monday May 19 at 6:31 PM Pacific Time and at 9:31 PM Eastern Time today! The long awaited zodiacal action figure has been plodding through Libra since the latter part of 2013. Usually a six week cycle, this one has been going for a few months. The day Mars goes direct is often a significant timing date because things change trend, or, actions or decisions to not take action take place on the days following. Many times Markets are triggered in a reverse direction. Since Mars is not that comfortable in Libra where it has been for several months, it doesn’t really catch up with itself until July 22, but at least it is direct. This direct motion suggests decisions in relationships, or, lawsuits, or, mergers, or something having to do with partnerships that has been long awaiting closure. In addition by Sunday of this week and Monday of the following week, transiting Venus conjuncts the April 15 eclipse offering a bit more compromise and understanding in the above mentioned relationship issues.

Since Wednesday presents us with a Last Quarter Moon (the winding down phase of the monthly lunar cycle), it is smart to look up all the details, files, and correspondence related to the above pending partnership or hiring decisions. Like a good Scout, always be prepared. Support for this continues through the weekend as Jupiter and Saturn offer each other a great aspect that encourages new organization, building projects and solidification.

The Full Moon on Wednesday May 14 is with the planet Saturn, which tones down the usual revelry inherent in Full Moon activity. In addition, Venus and Pluto are in an adverse position with each other suggesting that one might want to think before one speaks or work on filtering some of the stress of the week. Since Mars also happens to go direct in a few days and has been winding up at the pitch of action, it is particularly important to check your tongue at the door. Remember what is said cannot be taken back.

However, there is a strong support system on Wednesday as well with Jupiter, the planet of luck in a wonderful aspect to Chiron, opening the door for a learning experience or two. Hold on until the next day May 15, when Mercury, the planet of communications is in a very compatible aspect with Venus and Uranus, the planet of relationships (Venus) and out of the blue opportunity when you least expect it (Uranus). Could it be that someone shows up from the past to rectify a situation, or, repair some broken fences?

The First Quarter moon on Tuesday is in Leo and is a great time to start getting into the groove of getting really organized as Mars begins to station to go direct over the course of the next two weeks (it actually goes direct on May 19 and is a welcome change after a long hard winter). Fabulous aspects between Sun and Jupiter take place on Tuesday offering a time frame of good feelings and good luck. That continues into Wednesday May 7 as the Sun and Chiron meet on equal footing, bringing an opportunity to learn or teach or gather information not yet revealed. As Mercury enters Gemini (its own sign on Wednesday May 7), the chatter and chatterboxes of the world surface as ideas get exchanged, problems start getting solved, and the right people show up with the right information.

For all of those who might forget, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday May 11 on the same days as a Mercury Neptune square — a glass of wine, a good movie, or a drive by the beach might be just the ticket for those Moms who like adventure. The Venus Mars opposition stretches one’s energy early morning, but that passes as the day unfolds. And to all you Moms of the world, whether you have children, pets or take care of others, thank goodness for you. The world thanks you.

Monday’s Annular Solar Eclipse (Also a New Moon representing new beginnings) is close to 9° Taurus. For those of you with strong fixed planets in the first eleven days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this portends some sort of change for you within 90 days after this eclipse which falls sometime around late July 2014. Since it is a Solar Eclipse, it has a lot to do with your ‘outer world’ changes like jobs, health and home improvements as well as personal relationships that are long term relationships whether personal or professional. The last time this eclipse struck was 19 years ago in May 1995. This is the next rung on the development ladder of that time for you.

Things kick in more actively at the end of the week on Friday May 2 when Venus enters lively and fast paced Aries. These next few days she is finishing her run in Pisces, where she really enjoys hanging out but by week’s end she might be tired of all the lollygagging and as Venus enters Aries, action happens.

The week begins with Monday’s fifth of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto. These two planets are square to each other since June 2012 and continue all the way through spring of 2015. This very rare, but also very restless configuration opens up doors revealing things yet unseen. Witness just some of the activities of this last year with the NSA leak and Edward Snowden (considered either an American Terrorist or an American Hero, depending upon your point of view), as well as the revelations that the Affordable Care Act is not always offering what was promised, but lest I digress, let’s review the here and now.

This square is also taking place between two very powerful eclipses, one of which just occurred (a TOTAL eclipse) on April 15 and the other of which occurs on April 28, again, both hitting the USA chart, the New York Stock Exchange Chart and the Federal Reserve Chart. What does that mean to you? At this writing, which is much earlier than this week’s forecast; the market has peaked well but has had some stumbling blocks. A flattening may be taking place in the next few months as might housing. However, it is an excellent time to check in on both the personal and professional relationships you are foster. Is it time for an attitude adjustment or a reframe of those relationships? Is it enough? Can it offer more? What changes can be implemented to foster more intimacy and heart connections?

Grab up the brand new live recording on Solar Arcs that Georgia presented on April 5, 2014. A 90 minute presentation that is packed full of very clear and juicy tidbits on how to use solar arcs. Since it is a WMV file, you can ‘see’ as well as ‘hear’ the class. Offered at an affordable price for everyone.

As A Greek American who often finds her dear friends celebrating Easter on a completely different day than Orthodox Easter, I am happy to say that they are one and the same this year — on Sunday April 20. I used to joke with friends about why the Greeks often celebrate Easter after American Easter and say that it was because everything was ‘half price’!!

Not true, really, but as a Greek American brought up by parents, one of which was an immigrant, and the other whose parents were immigrants and both products of the Great Depression, this isn’t so far from the truth. There are things I still remember my Dad saying like, “there are two sides of paper –use both”, or, “if people stopped buying broccoli when it wasn’t in season, the prices would stabilize”, or, Mom saving all the scraps of aluminum foil, making several meals out of one meal and using the last of it for soup. Some people laugh when they hear that I still practice much of what they preached, but the times they are inviting some of this thinking and it isn’t that farfetched to start thinking that way.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of April 15 (tax day in the USA) is at 25°ibra 16′. This is exactly opposite the Lunar Eclipse of October 17, 2013, which was at 25° Aries. If you look at the New York Stock Exchange chart, this is an exact hit on about five of its ten planets. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons when the Earth falls between the Sun and the Moon (180° of distance, the furthest you can get in a circle). This means that things are stretched right now. Ideas, events, international escalations (watch Syria and its dance these next six months), prompt a time in which to pull in one’s belt. This is probably the wisest thing to do.

Though Mars is still retrograde, we may not see this tension immediately, but when Mars goes direct late May and catches up to where it left off in the last two weeks of July, which happens to be 90-days after these next two eclipses, a clearer perspective presents itself. For now, however, these next two to three weeks, are a time to re-think, re-evaluate, let go of, pull in the belt, pay off bills, get lean, clean and streamlined — financially and physically, and reconnect with whatever Creator we believe in.

With this week’s holidays like Passover, Easter, the holidays signifying a release from bondage, a resurrection and a new light of insight, what better time to achieve some sort of enlightenment and resurrection.