In 1998, late February and early March, we had two eclipses in Pisces and Virgo. They were, of course, in a very strenuous aspect with Pluto, which often obliterates and changes things as we know it. Tomorrow, March 8, is the first of two eclipses this month similar but not quite the same as those of 18 years ago. The similarity is that the March 8 eclipse is a Total Solar Eclipse (Super New Moon — Super New Beginnings) at about 19º of Pisces. This means that anyone who is born in the middle degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius is called to make some major life changes like careers, homes, relationships and health related issues.

For the entire population, if you look at this eclipse from the perspective of the natural zodiac, it takes place in the house of privacy, secrets, the twelfth house, where we store all of the unconscious issues we conveniently ignore. For those of you old enough to remember the story of Fibber McGee’s Closet (an old radio show), Fibber McGee placed everything he didn’t know where to put in the hall closet — a mid-century hoarder, if you will! When Molly, his wife, needed something or someone else needed something, they’d say it is in the closet. When someone went to the closet, you heard, on the radio, all this clattering of things tumbling out!

This is what this total solar eclipse is about — dumping out the stuff that really needs release, or, help with therapy, or, time away from people, or, more sleep, or, the most positive of all — unleashing the creative ideas you’ve had for quite some time. For the twelfth house is also the house where we conceive — either babies (in the Vedic system) or babies of the mind. In my book Business Astrology 101, I explored the idea of how the twelfth house runs the train, which is you. It is really the engine of the train. The twelfth house is about confronting the things that keep you from doing the things you wish to do. It isn’t anyone else who does that, it is your own subconscious mind. This eclipse is about opening that up — being willing to look inside — and throw away some of those no longer needed items in order to get on with your life. The results are often clearer within three, six, or nine months after the eclipse. I.E. June, September, and December 2016.

Happy Sadie Hawkins’ Day! For those of you too young to know what this means, a little background. There used to be a cartoon called L’il Abner in a thing called newspapers J written by Al Capp. It was a cavalcade of outlandish characters and hillbilly humor. Sadie Hawkins was the daughter of one of Dogpatch’s earliest members (the town where L’il Abner takes place) and, forgive me for sounding sexist because this isn’t my story, but Capp’s, but Sadie Hawkins happens to be one of the ugliest women in town. As she gets older and older, her father, worried that she won’t marry makes up a holiday — Sadie Hawkins day. All the bachelors in the town are required to participate in the holiday where Sadie runs after them in a race for their lives. The one she catches has to marry her regardless of what he wants! The story derives from a much older myth, which is the story of Atalanta.

Atalanta, who was left by her father on a hillside because she wasn’t a boy, survives beautifully and independently due to the diligent efforts of either she-bears or other nature characters. She is reunited with her father who requires that she marry (again–I don’t write this stuff). She is a master in everything, particularly running and running fast. So she tells her father if they can beat me in a foot race, I will marry them thinking they can’t. Prior to the race, however, she runs into Hippomenes, who, unbeknownst to her, is one of the suitors in the race. She likes him, a lot. Doesn’t know that he is running. He goes to Aphrodite asking for help in winning the race, thus winning her hand.

‘Dite’, as I lovingly call her, gives him three golden apples that he is to throw in front of Atalanta at various stages of the race, thus distracting her long enough to afford him the opportunity to get in front of her thereby winning the race and her hand. Hippomenes also happens to be a marvelous partner for her as he is a student of Chiron, the healer, and known for his fortitude in achieving his dreams and goals and liking challenges — a good match for Atalanta. The race begins. He throws down the apples at every opportunity and saves the third for when they are neck and neck at the finish line. He throws down the last golden apple, she sees the finish line, she sees the ‘friend’ she liked and makes a choice. She reaches for the apple and loses the race. The rest you can figure out.

So what has this to do with this week and the rare February 29 Sadie Hawkins’s day? As the Sun moves through Pisces, it gets closer and closer to Chiron in Pisces, because Chiron is traveling through Pisces for a few years now and this isn’t something that happens often. Chiron is about creating bridges between perceptions of limitation and out of the box solutions that one doesn’t often see thus opening new routes. It is about working with rigid beliefs so they become more adaptable and functional. This shift creates healthier relationships, treaties, partnerships and is the basis of constructive solutions What are your current challenges? Is there a way to solve these issues? Can you step out of a comfort zone long enough to create new bridges in your life? This week and next are the weeks in which to do this.

About 28 years ago, when I was in a particularly difficult transit of Saturn, I was walking along a path in Clayton, California with my father, who at the time was a young 75 years of age. At that time, Clayton was a half developed and half wild residential area nestled at the foot of Mt. Diablo. At the time, I had very young children ages 3 and 6. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. At that time, fear seemed to run my life more than joy. My father, who came to America in 1939 when Hitler invaded Europe, had been through his own ‘wars’ and had his share of adversity that only an immigrant can experience. The question I asked him was, “Dad, have you ever been afraid?” I asked this because I never really saw that in him and he had a life that would have warranted that.

Without missing a beat, he said, “No…but I have had a lot of trepidation!” In that very moment, a Mountain Lion came up over the ridge, crossed our path, and, luckily, went down the ridge on the other side — chasing some sort of prey that wasn’t meant for us that day! Dad quietly said, “Did you see that?” I had. Both shocked, we kept walking!

Many of you have heard this story in lectures, but the message I got that day and the memory which is still in my head 3 years after my father’s passing -he lived to be 100- is to muster up courage keeping fear at bay when at your lowest ebb, because it takes over and freezes you up. Trepidation isn’t the same, because it provides a more pragmatic approach inviting solutions. Check fear at the door and don’t let it step into your unconscious. This is imperative now as Saturn continues its move through middle degrees of Sagittarius, striking the USA chart. As we enter the month of tropical Pisces accompanied by two eclipses on March 8 and 23, we have an opportunity to implement these ideas. Next month Saturn is in adverse aspect to those eclipses and the best thing to do is to physically stay busy if possible, stay on program with a list of things needing to be done, don’t react immediately when crazy situations present themselves and tell people who try to engage you in a thorny exchange that you need time to think before answering. Anxiety is best eliminated by physical activity even if it means taking a walk around the block.

This is another full moon week, where emotions are sometimes off the charts. I suspect, as I am actually writing this earlier in the year, that this week’s news with regard to employment and medical costs will be challenging. With the Sun aligning with Neptune on Sunday, February 28, you can choose one of two roads. The first is strewn with worry and anxiety which just makes things worse. The second is using the anchor of cool headed Saturn to curtail in those worries, make a list of things that can be done to alleviate some of the worry and then do it, regardless of how inconvenient, difficult, or challenging it is to confront the cause of the worry and anxiety and make a change regardless of how emotionally difficult that could be. Setting aside time aside time to meditate, listen to music, or walk helps with the anxiety. Take an action each day to move you away from frenzy and more towards fulfillment is the formula.

The week begins with a 1st quarter moon, which is always a week of organizing and managing the new things that started on the new moon. Venus exits her more serious passage through Capricorn and transits into tropical Aquarius on Tuesday creating more breathing and movement in your planning strategies. In addition, on Thursday the Sun leaves Aquarius entering imaginative, spiritual and creative Pisces injecting a more creative approach to planning as well. Pisces brings us to the last month of the season, which can sometimes feel like things are moving a bit too fast and sometimes feeling as though we aren’t going anywhere.

Through late March when the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries (Spring Equinox), one may feel as though things are too scattered. This is common since many of the inner and outer are moving through mutable signs. But we aren’t quite there yet, because we still have the steadier Venus in Aquarius and Mercury in Aquarius for a couple more weeks. Therefore, take advantage of this steadier pace. Implement training or development groups or teams and parse out responsibilities so things don’t seem so scattered. If you have any writing to do, the next few weeks are a perfect time to get that done as well. Ask others to assist with fresh eyes.

Friends and colleagues offer excellent sounding boards for your thoughts and ideas while the Sun is in Aquarius. And since Saturn is now moving through the middle degrees of Sagittarius, which is the Aries section of Sagittarius, we might see some shake ups in the markets. Saturn has moved into the U.S.A. first house (if you use the 5:10 pm time) and is beginning its opposition to Mars in Gemini, where discussions of gun control are probably in the news again. This isn’t an exact aspect until 2017, but Saturn is dancing around Mars trying to pin it down. Transits of Saturn to Mars are stressors often pulling people away from taking risks, which is reflected in many business sectors. A clearer examination of returning manufacturing to the USA and how that would help the economy is another discussion just beginning.

The issue in the news which seems to escalate daily, however, is the fear generated for several years and resulting from the constant barrage of news of ‘terrorist’ activities throughout the world. The news brings fear and fear is what keeps people from prospering. Attacking such institutions as educational institutions, places where people share ideas and enjoy the arts, is a strategy laid out by the ‘dark side’. Our job is twofold. Be cautious while continuing your dreams and visions for the future. Remain hopeful. Don’t watch the news before bed time. It affects the sleep state and is the last input before you sleep.

The lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius (now in the Aries section) is to think before you act or react particularly before placing it on social media. Be far more aware of the information you choose to share. Keep your brilliant ideas closer to the vest and restrain yourself from saying things that are written in anger or are impulsive and which will, inevitably, come back to bite you in the backside. Step away from the computer. Step away before investing. Step away before reacting and step away from those whose dialogue saps your essence. Listen to your intuition and don’t fight it. What are the red flags flashing brightly? Don’t push them down. Pay attention and keep moving forward towards your life goals. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, the sign of that mountain goat, who, faced with adversity while climbing that mountain, still climbs that mountain. We can, too.

This is a great week with a great New Moon at 19° Aquarius 16′ and it begins the Year of the Monkey. I remember from my friend, Robert Daley, that the Monkey is very good with his hands, creative, clever and with the lunar cycle beginning in Aquarius, the sign of innovation, perhaps this is the year in which to find ‘that need and fill it’! Of course, hover boards may need a little work :), but other than that, I think this is the year for repurposing success. For example, rather than buying new clothes, go in that closet and see what you can repurpose. I have a wonderful full length red coat from Evan Picone left over from the 80s (yes, folks, the 80s), but the shoulder pads look like football pads and are too extreme. However, the color is rich and the wool is extraordinary. Everyone is wearing long vests, so my thought is to take it to my favorite dressmaker, remove the pads and sleeves and then have a fully functional and very current beautiful (and warm) wool vest. I found this coat at a local thrift store for $20 years ago, the price for a full length designer vest these days — $300 to $500! Go figure!

Obviously, this isn’t the only way to repurpose. Have a piece of furniture you love, has great lines, but has seen better days, contact someone who knows how to reshape or repaint furniture making it more current. There are lots of ideas flying around this week coming from different directions — often the curse of too many planets in Aquarius (also the great gift). There are many wonderful aspects with Jupiter this week as well, encouraging learning and teaching. Jupiter is still in Virgo, until late summer 2016 and Virgo is the ultimate repurposing sign. Jupiter only returns to Virgo once every twelve years so taking advantage of its transit is encouraged.

If you can’t use something, then pass it on to someone else who can, the other side of the great aspects to Jupiter because Jupiter is often referred to as the ‘cosmic Santa Claus’. As Mercury returns to its original position before it went retrograde (1º Aquarius) on Valentine’s day, getting back on track feels great. If you have ideas for changing things in your work place, don’t be afraid to bring them to your boss or colleagues, because it is most likely that they will jump at the chance to implement that change. This week is filled with optimism and is, coincidentally, Mardi Gras — so how convenient is that?

This is the last week before the New Moon on Monday February 8, which also begins Chinese New Year. This means that this is the last week of the Year of the Goat and next week begins the Year of the Monkey. Monkey years bring forth clever and enthusiastic energy. Until then, however, we are in the last week of the lunar cycle, so this is a good time to sort through papers and files, particularly since the 1099s have been distributed and it is time for figuring out what we owe old Uncle Sam if living in the USA.

The most interesting thing about this week is that on Thursday the 4th, transiting Uranus is conjunct Vesta (an asteroid). Uranus is often an unpredictable sort and can brings things suddenly in or suddenly out. Aligned with Vesta the goddess of devotion and dedication and also part of the word, “investment”, it might present sudden investment opportunities not seen before. If you’ve been envisioning something, you can most likely be in the right place at the right time for manifesting that dream. The assistance needed is there helping you nail down the idea and starting the project. Since this combo is in Aries, it means taking a chance on a pioneering idea, a new approach, a groundbreaking idea. Since it is in Aries, it is also important to have a plan A or B in place, which is strategic and the more mature manifestation of Aries energy.

Note: For those interested, I am presenting an online workshop for OPA members entitled, “The Importance of Phases” on Sunday, February 7 at 10 AM Pacific Time. Go to the OPA website to register if you are a member.

Venus entered the sign of Capricorn last Saturday, the same day as the Full Moon. Venus in Capricorn is far more serious than Venus in Sagittarius. It has Saturnian overtones, which means that things slow down tremendously as one takes a cautious step by step approach to new ideas. This isn’t a lot of fun, but it is a necessary step, because Venus in Capricorn is also about following the resources, the monies, and/or the availability of the monies in order to accomplish those goals we’ve been talking about. Venus in Capricorn is very pragmatic and doesn’t move too far to the left or right without first considering the financial risks and obligations. This is both good and bad.

It suggests that the timing is perfect to successfully negotiate agreements and contracts, whose fees or conditions are too high for the part of the cycle in which we find ourselves right now. This is something to which I alluded earlier in the month. It also suggests that now that we find ourselves past the full moon of last Saturday at 3° Leo 29′, we’re now entering the waning part of the monthly lunar cycle, which is the winding down cycle. Winding down cycles are where we disseminate information while letting go of those aspects of current activities that clearly are not going to work at this juncture. In other words, with Venus in Capricorn, Mercury having gone direct on Monday aligned with Pluto, this is the time to draw final lines in the sand and say, “This is my dance space and this is yours”. What is your bottom line? Clearly state the most basic conditions which you need to make a project work, then move forward, ultimately creating a win-win for all.

Georgia is taking a winter hiatus from podcasting, but look for the return of her monthly podcasts in the spring.

On Wednesday of this week, the Sun leaves tropical Capricorn and enters tropical Aquarius. I always like this time much better, because Aquarius offers more mental space and an objectivity that comes from the air element. When the Sun enters tropical Aquarius, the focus for this next month is about reconnecting with community, friends, and discussing some of the goals and ideas set forth earlier in the month. We aren’t talking about New Year’s resolutions here, because those often go by the wayside. But, instead, about the ideas for your career or life path in the new year whose discussion with trusted allies is paramount.

Sometimes when we hit a wall, the tendency is to withdraw until we find a solution. With the Sun in Aquarius and Mercury soon entering Aquarius again, the reverse is true. Don’t withdraw from people but, instead, sit down and talk with them. Share concerns. Ask for help. What is the network that you know or with which you’d like to be involved that fills acts as a perfect adjunct to your next steps? This new group or team of people can be just the ticket for bringing out that which is percolating inside of you.

At the end of the week, the Moon enters Gemini, which is the perfect moon for problem solving (Gemini is known for its problem solving abilities). With the Moon in Gemini from Tuesday through early Thursday, this is a perfect time in which to brainstorm with others.

We just had a New Moon on January 9, which starts the action cycle for each month. It is the time to ‘plant’ seeds for the next 30 days with regard to your position in community or in your career. This is the starting point in finding that new direction in your career for which you’ve been searching. Getting involved with a different type of group or organization at month’s end may be just the ticket for shifting into a new direction yet unexplored. This is the time to start. If you have a dream of something you’ve been wishing to do while Mercury is retrograde (until January 25), start writing down some ideas (while holding back self-judgment as to whether this is a realistic stance or not). It is important to hold back judgment, because the voice of judgment is the #1 problem that keeps one from manifesting.

The Voice of Judgment, called the VOJ, in Dr. Michael Ray’s book, Creativity in Business, is the one thing that keeps us from becoming what who we really are. The VOJ comes at us in many forms and from many directions. Dr. Ray’s suggestions for getting rid of it are three-fold:

#1, When it starts harping on you, just tell it to go away; #2, When it still is there, then seriously yell at it to leave; and, finally #3, Physically do something that pushes it away — even beating on a body bag helps tremendously. Self-judgment keeps you away from your true self. Of course, it’s there for our survival, but extreme self-judgment can derail us. Retrograde Mercury is about discovering the holes in our desires, our plans, finding out about the holes and then finding answers, which fill those holes when it goes direct.

The week begins with a slowing down of everything technical. Mercury, which rules such things as travel, communications, sales, negotiating, and anything that requires clarity and thought starts its retrograde movement on January 5 at 1º Aquarius. The year begins with challenging aspects to the U.S. government’s Saturn and Sun and a slowing down of the economy is possible. The planets involved are Uranus, which just went direct on December 25, Pluto which forces one to look at what one doesn’t wish to address, but must and as Mercury retrogrades back close to these same degrees, there is opportunity for change resulting from revisiting old plans, budgets and thinking patterns. Planning is a good activity right now as all indicators suggest that 2016, though filled with wonderful opportunities to serve, become more efficient, pare down spending and streamline systems, may be volatile. The roller coaster ride is far more manageable if we take a serious look at what we don’t need and start from that position. In other words, streamline and prosper.

Mercury goes direct January 25 and since it goes direct in middle degrees of Capricorn thus aligning itself with Pluto at that time, this adds an incentive, during the month of January for sorting out business goals. Reviewing and exploring outdated technology and pruning redundant systems that are in place are also on the agenda. And, of course, backing up information from your computers and phones, while attempting to streamline, goes without saying. This not always the best time to buy a technical device, since we often see problems emerge after Mercury changes direction. However, it is an excellent time to negotiate and again revisit any pending contracts through the 25th as people may soften their response to your offer. In fact, the contract you thought you lost may return after the 25th of January or after February 14.

In personal relationships, Mercury retrogrades often try to convey something but isn’t always heard by the opposite party. Advice? It is best to wait before responding in anger or saying anything that may be construed differently. Think it through, because when Mercury goes direct at month’s end, it lines up with Pluto, which means other parts of the story or the conversations or contracts become clearer. It is a great time to ask the questions that people usually don’t ask in business dealings, and to get right to the point. But when it has to do with a more personal conversation, think before speaking.

On Monday, December 28, transit Venus is at the end of Scorpio and enters the more optimistic sign of Sagittarius on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on where you live. There is often an urge to travel, go for a drive and experience a new adventure with Venus in Sagittarius. Perhaps you can incorporate that desire for a new experience with your current interests be they hobby or profession. Venus in Sagittarius aligns with Saturn around January 9 or 10, 2016 and this often suggests that duty or pleasure is the rule of the day since Saturn is the slower of the two planets. It may also be the perfect time to incorporate your fortunate ability to prosper with a practical application of systems or methods since Jupiter remains in Virgo.

As the week ends and the Moon enters Libra on New Year’s Eve at 10:41 PM on the West Coast and at 1:41 am in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day on the East Coast, it is a perfect time to gather with friends in a social situation and make a treasure or mind map of the thing you most desire in 2016. I do this with friends most years and the one thing I always tell people is to write across the top of your treasure map the following: “Under the light of God (or Spirit) and for the good of all!” Happy New Year and blessings to your families and friends.

The week begins with Winter Solstice at 11:48 PM Eastern time on Monday December 21, 2015. This is referred to in ancient times as the Festival of the Return of the Light and is the time of year for all the ‘light’ holidays –Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, Yule, you name it. In the northern hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year. In Pueblo, Zuni and Hopi traditions, they celebrate the Soyal Solstice ceremony for 16 days which is a celebration to encourage the various Kachinas to bring back the Sun. One of the most famous is Kokopelli, the flute dancer. Regardless, it is important to take time during the transition of the Solstice to meditate, or, think about what you see for yourself at the time of Spring Equinox in late March of 2016. The solstice has long been known as the ‘conception’ point of the zodiac. Therefore, it is imperative that your state of mind move in a more positive direction rather than the reverse for a more fruitful birth of a new idea in spring.

With Uranus direct on Christmas day at 16° Aries 33′ and opposing the US Saturn and squaring the US Sun and Pluto opposition, there should be some surprise news coming out of Washington. This could also signal the beginning of the arrival of the El Nino on the West Coast since it is also 90 days after that 4° Aries/4° Libra Total Lunar eclipse of September 27. If you have anything in early Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries in your chart, this is a super turning point for your life basics- physical body, partnerships, home and career.