Zany and chaotic is the theme of the week as we enter the Full Moon for this month on July 19th at 27º CP 40′ and 27º Cancer 40′. Full Moons are when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon — making us feel like a rubber band that is stretched to its maximum. For those of you born in the last 10 days of Cancer or Capricorn or Aries or Libra, decisions and more decisions face you. The Full Moon happens to be part of the chart for the opening of the Republican National Convention in Ohio and with Uranus (chaos and revolution) involved, get ready for some surprises and out of the box thinking as well as non-conforming ideas on how to run a convention! Anything goes! Could there be an American Revolution uprising within the halls of this convention? Conventions have the ‘right’ to change the rules, so think about this.

In comparing the original chart of July 4, 1776 and this particular convention, the Full Moon (when things can change instantly) is directly in line with the USA’s original Pluto at 27º Capricorn 32′ (in the July 4, 1776 horoscope of the USA). Could this mean that the convention will depart from the rules, that another convention takes place inside of the convention, or, where secrets are revealed, or, major deals are made for vice presidential candidates that are completely out of line with the chosen candidates’ philosophies, or, that even if we have two candidates coming out of the conventions, at election time, we will see three strong votes?

Regardless, this week heralds explosive moments and surprise situations. It is one of those weeks where anything can happen, either bad or very good. Full moons are about making decisions, taking risks. It could be the perfect time for finalizing financial plans, contracts, reviewing your estate plans — a good idea right before an election really. Stop thinking about it and do it! This is the time!

Wednesday July 20 is good for negotiation as is Friday July 22 as the Sun moves into risk- oriented Leo and people become less risk adverse and more willing to take a chance on something whether it is love or business. And, since Venus, the planet of negotiation and Mercury, the planet of contractual agreements, both continue in tandem in the sign of Leo, it is a fortuitous time to make things right and good this summer.

The week begins with a First Quarter Moon at 20º Libra 07′. Normally, Libra is a peace loving and ‘let’s all get along’ sign, but this particular moon finds itself in conflict in the first few days of the week with Pluto (which won’t let go of control), with the Sun (which jockeys for authoritative position), and on Tuesday, with Uranus, (which always has a mind of its own — and doesn’t like being told what to do — even though it loves to tell the group what to do). Everybody wants to be boss. This attitude could herald a very volatile week in the markets, particularly in the first few days of the week as these three events vie for position. As Venus enters Leo early on Tuesday morning followed by Mercury, which rules communications, trading and commerce, and also entering Leo on Wednesday July 13, things may begin to smooth somewhat.

As Mars struggles through the last few days of Scorpio, it feels like glue, but when Mars enters the more flexible Sagittarius on August 3, the mood lightens. We still have to get from here to there. Pressures mound, too, since this is also the week before the two subsequent national political conventions, one of which is the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio from July 18 to 21. The following week, the Democrats take the stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the home of the Liberty Bell—was that planned?) from July 25 to July 28.

Because this week begins with a First Quarter Moon, it is a week to put aside conflict and use the pushy energy to get organized — even though it may feel as though every organizational plan isn’t exactly falling into place. This proves to be the case on the national stage as well as your more personal stage. There could be a lot of speculation as to whether or not to pull stocks out, hold, or, fold, due to the approaching stress of these conventions. Personally, you’re better off waiting on those types of decisions at least until Mars returns to Sagittarius August 3, but that’s just an opinion.

Happy Birthday America! Every year we have our mid-year birthday in this country often celebrated and accompanied by lots of parties, picnics, days at the lake, family barbecues, and parades. The week of July 4 begins with the New Moon (new start cycle of the month) at 12º Cancer 54′, almost 13º. This is the same degree as the powerful fixed star known as the dog star, or, Sirius, which, is obvious, the Sun sign of the USA. I often see stories in the news about actual dog bites, but often note, too, that there can be many floods when this occurs. Obviously, for Californians, this may not be the case, but it is quite possible that we see this sort of thing in various parts of the nation.

Sirius has an ancient history. It was usually the time in the Middle East when the rivers, particularly, the Nile and when it would rise. Some savvy and salacious tax collectors made it work for them in that they would tell the people that if they paid their taxes, the river would rise and fertilize their fields! Whether or not this story is true, I have heard it throughout the years that this is one way of insuring their coffers were filled! Regardless, when planets pass over this degree — things can get a bit heated and entering political convention season suggests that this week’s news is more heated up than usual.

Referring back to the 4th of July celebrations, this holiday is a celebration of a revolution. Many people think that the Amirian Revolution was about taxes — and it was — but it was also a reaction to severe human rights that were being stripped away from the colonists more and more. The Boston Tea Party was one reaction to this. If we think about it, the colonists had been in the Americas for a few generations. Their children and their children’s children didn’t even have a memory of King and Country. They were born here, lived here, worked here and grew up here, thousands of miles away from their mother country with a very different set of rules, a lot more room and a completely different geography and climate. There were boundless opportunities here as opposed to their ‘mother’ country.

In the next few weeks, we enter the political convention season where we finalize the candidates for the Presidential election of November 8. Please vote. Regardless of fruitless, or jaded, or passive, or, disappointed, or whatever emotion you are feeling, it is the one ‘right’ we still have in the USA. The candidates are extremely different and reflective of what has been going on in the political arena for many years now.

If you don’t see a candidate that works for you, then vote anyway. If you are the staunch supporter of a candidate for whom you’ve bound your soul, but that candidate isn’t nominated, vote for someone, perhaps the next best qualified that your research shows works. Yes, there are things that need changing I am with you. One immediate example that comes to mind is the ancient practice of the Electoral College, which was designed for a much smaller population. And it is this electoral college, that will decide (I think) the vote in November. It needs to change, be amended, but, for now, we still have that.

I read in a recent financial newsletter that in the last six presidential elections (1992-2012) 18 states have gone with the Democratic candidate each time, 13 states have gone with the Republican candidate each time and the remaining 19 states have gone ‘blue’ some years and other years ‘red’. Think about those numbers. The set numbers show 31 states, or, 62% of the total number of states. That last number of ‘either way’ thinking or, 19 states is 38% more, which can tip the scales either way.

Yes, there are a lot of problems, one of which is the raging argument about gun control on assault weapons. The fact of the matter is that the constitution was written between 1700 and 1800 when a gun was just a gun — not an assault weapon. And when people were few, hunted for food, defended their homes, but they weren’t entering nightclubs and mass murdering innocent people.

Regardless of the need for updating parts of our constitution, it is still a solid document — having stood the test of time — and still is the outline for a very free country. With the Sun in family oriented Cancer and ruling families, I think of our forefathers on the 4th of July– not only the ones that made up this nation, but those many generations that came after, many of which came, at great peril, from foreign lands to start a new life in this country.

This IS the reason many of us are here instead of in the many bankrupt South American countries, or, some of the oppressive Middle Eastern Countries, or, the many Communist countries watching your every move while curtailing your freedoms and ideas. We are all here, because, someone, somewhere along the line made it across a great body of land or water to find a freer life. I believe we need to honor that effort and pay it forward. When you have that barbecue on the 4th of July with family or friends or both, think about ‘that’ life that allows you this life.

The week Chiron begins its retrograde at 25º Pisces 14′ and doesn’t go direct until December 1, 2016. Chiron has much to do with education, teaching, coaching, and more importantly, is considered to be a ‘bridge’ between old and new thinking. In the degrees in which we find it, the last section of Pisces, it has a strong Scorpio influence, which also suggests issues of life and death, endings and beginnings, and hard choices that involve huge amounts of risk and sacrifice are all on the table during this remarkable period. This is NOT an easy passage. With Mars turning direct on June 29 at about the same degree but IN the sign of Scorpio, the environment is saturated with intense emotion, long held pain, and the burgeoning reality that choices must be made and made now.

We begin a week filled with multiple emotions — compassion, anger, reaction, understanding, confrontation, and decision making! This is a package full of emotional dynamite that has been percolating since Mars began its retrograde passage on April 17! Mars has a lot to do with strategizing what actions to take – going direct is about shooting at the target and going for it. Some Mars related industries are: guns, ammunition, manufacturing, war, confrontation, motivation (the positive kind), finding a direction and making decisions based on the research and the re-thinking and the experiences of the last two months.

Since this is a Last Quarter Moon week, the kind of week where energies die down before the New Moon on July 4, easing into major decisions seeped in emotion, think, really think before opening your mouth, pushing a keypad button, sending that text, walking out or picking up the phone to lambast someone. Be smart. Think smart and ask yourself, “What ramifications will result from the thing I am about to do?” That is the best advice I can convey for this week and next week’s direct motion planets.

Today is the first day of summer, or, Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters 00º Cancer. This is one of the cardinal points of the year, where lots of things start happening and happen fast! In addition to Solstice (which occurs at 3:34 PM Pacific and 6:34 PM Eastern), we have a hard degree Full Moon at 29º Sagittarius 33′ at 4:02 am Pacific and 7:02 AM Eastern). That 29º Sagittarius is very sensitive as it is the Galactic Center and when we see that degree, change happens exponentially at an incredibly rapid pace. A life or future can change in the blink of an eye with this degree.

To further illustrate, that degree falls right between the point of the arrow of the constellation of Sagittarius in the sky and the heart of the Scorpion constellation in the sky. (The fixed star at the heart of the Scorpion is called Antares, and is precisely the degree of 8-9º Sagittarius where Mars stationed to go retrograde in mid-April 2016 and where it returns on August 23, 2016). In other words, this is a week when we step off the fence and make decisions! Not an easy week, because the time for decisions draws near. Hopefully, you’ve researched, asked questions, stepped back, and, are, ultimately prepared to make an educated answer. If you are prepared, no worries. If you aren’t, if you haven’t been doing even a little bit of due diligence, well I guess we can say ‘this will be a valuable teaching moment.’ 🙂

Feeling as though a race is being run with sudden obstacles placed in front of you while rushing forward. Do you jump or go around it? Opportunities could abound, but not all opportunities are the same. Discriminate and use your plan to make decisions. Mars is stationing to go direct at week’s end so it feels as though the pressure is mounting and it is suggested that you stop, assess, breathe, and then act when sudden challenges arise. There may be some surprises with candidates during the next few weeks, let’s just hope that everyone simmers down so that we can conduct the due process of electing officials. With the Full Moon at the Galactic Center things happen fast. Flexibility and preparation are the key tools for surviving this raging river of events. We indeed live in exciting times!


  • June 17 to 20: 90-days after March 23 eclipse at 3º Libra and 4º Libra

The week begins with Neptune stationing retrograde (12º Pisces 02′). I really love Neptune because at its best it is inspirational, creative, malleable, but it also has the reputation for foggy, depressed, and unclear direction. With it going retrograde, the few days prior may feel exhausting. Neptune requires sleep because in the dream state, the conscious life is processed. I don’t really think Americans sleep that much, what with all the coffee and technology, but a lot of research is being done now on sleep deprivation, which creates a lot of problems. With Neptune retrograde, if sleep has been a problem, perhaps this is the time to attend a sleep clinic and finally find out why you can’t.

Since it also happens to be retrograding during the same week that we are in the 90-day period after the March eclipses, the markets, decisions, plans may take a little bit of a dive. The 90-day periods after eclipses bring the disgruntled issues arising in March into clear focus as to what has to be done and undone.

On the 13th when Neptune retrogrades, Saturn (perceived limitation) opposes transiting Vesta. Vesta is not a planet, but an asteroid. A colleague of mine, Bill Meridian, relates Vesta to investment (the name is embedded in the word investment). It might be that more traditional investments are worn, but that with Neptune, which can reimagine ideas, involved, a new way of investing, of directing future security may be in the works.

Neptune is about one’s vision for something worthy for the future — so here is an idea that I’d love to have my readers spread out to their affiliates and associates. In October 2015, a new non-profit educational foundation called the Alexandria iBase Project became a legal entity. The purpose of this organization — funded and supported thus far by Urania Trust, Starcycles Publishing, and Kepler College — is the result of many of us having the vision for a place for our astrological writings — both contemporary and ancient. The issue is that many libraries cannot take our books and papers because of lack of room, funding, or, frankly, interest.

This is the result of something I’ve thought about since quite young when I first heard of how the ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt was burned by the Romans. Many valuable pieces of literature and research were lost at that time. The time and technology are ripe for us to have something to preserve the very papers and books and publications of our astrological colleagues. It is currently designed as a digitized database, but over the last few months, it has become quite apparent that we may very likely be in need of a building in which to house both the hard copies as well as the digitized papers. The LLC was formed in Washington state so that would be the best place. If you know of anyone wanting to include the AIP in their estate planning for the purpose of preserving future materials, then we are it!!

If planning an estate or not knowing what to do with a piece of property, papers, etc., please contact us. We are ‘thinking’ as Neptune retrogrades and Mars stations to go direct that we do need a ‘place’ for this vision. A real building affording growth and a place to store our valuable research and materials. So there it is. I have always believed that if we ‘believe it, we will see it’ and with Saturn (focus) working with Neptune (vision) and Jupiter (possibility and future vision), I think we are very close. This is an ‘investment’ a Vesta — for the future of all astrological persons and organizations. Spread the word, we are very open to receiving right now as we enter phase two! This is a great time to look for ‘bargains’ in real estate or stocks.

For those of you familiar with Bernard Baruch’s successful investment practices (Baruch was a self-made investor and financier in the 20th century. He was known to sit across from the White House on a bench, advising many Presidents of strategy.) When asked why he was so successful, he said, “I buy my straw hats in the fall”. This ragtag period of markets and mayhem could offer good buying opportunities if you’ve done your homework. Same is true for mid-September and October of this year. This is definitely negotiation time as we move into summer. It is also an excellent time to review your financial planning, family estate issues, tax issues, because we have an election time coming!!

June 14 is the last USA primary in Washington, D.C. Coming out of the June 7 primaries, one of which was California, it should be a hot time in the old town tonight when the final results come in. July presents some unexpected and perhaps disturbing times at the conventions as the candidates begin their journey to nomination. This has been one great show and regardless of who becomes president, get your ‘stuff ‘in order — because either party is heading into an untenable financial and political situation, which is par for a country about to have its Pluto return in a few years. Pluto is about looking honestly at our shadows and being willing to give up those shadows in order to transform into a different a more conscious format.

And lest we forget, Happy Father’s Day to all you men who are fathers, like fathers, or who act as great support systems in your communities. We need lots more of you and appreciate you more than you know.


  • Mercury shadow at 23º Taurus 34′

This week Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce, agreements, commerce, commodities just caught up to the place where it went retrograde on April 28. I have noticed that sometimes the markets change direction when it hits this return. However, with Mars still retrograde and Venus just lining up with restrictive Saturn, I think we may see more of the same old, same old. Perhaps a tone of seriousness or caution is part of this movement. Since Venus usually tends to be quite social in her expression, with Saturn on her back, those ‘social’ events may be more purposeful. They may have more of a serious task oriented tone. Saturn is duty and responsibility and Venus is social and relationship oriented. She is much faster than Saturn and since the ‘slow’ planets always win because they dig a heel into the part of the sky through which they travel, creative processes and ideas are possible, but they must have a viable plan.

Speaking your mind regarding something you’ve been saving because you weren’t sure how to express it is typical of these types of cycles. If you are ending a job, leaving a position, a relationship, carefully express yourself, discard judgment and the need to hurt someone or something that has hurt you. Not a good way to end things, really. Guard explosive language resulting from too much pent up emotion during this last Mercury retrograde season that began on April 28. Particularly pay attention to the 10th or 11th, since Mercury will reach the fixed star Algol, which has a tendency to freeze people into stone from its gaze! Algol relates to the snake headed goddess, Medusa, whom Pericles kills by having her gaze reflected into Athena’s shield. If a work situation is untenable and you want to ‘freeze’ others out — the suggestion is, that, ultimately, those people will do it to themselves.

Remember, what you say, you cannot take back, so think twice before exploding and allow yourself to come from the place of how ‘you’ are frustrated and ‘you’ aren’t clear which direction to take. If you approach challenges from that perspective, you will find a much meatier and useful response. It does require one to allow themselves to be vulnerable for a moment, but then, why not try something different and see what happens.

It is Memorial Weekend and the week that follows carries with it the promise of a new moon at 14º Gemini 53′ on Friday June 4. New Moons are the beginning of the planting cycles for crops and ideas. This is aligned with cautious Saturn in mid degrees of Sagittarius and still getting that race horse push from Jupiter. Frustration runs rampant as loose ends that get tied open the door to more loose ends. Anxiousness is in the wind. With lots of moveable energies (mutable signs like Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces) running in transit at the same time, it is hard to settle down, sleep, rest peacefully. There are five out of ten planetary bodies in mutable signs right now – the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Venus. That’s a lot of mental energy flying around. Meditation helps, long walks in fresh air help process these energies since many of them are in air and fire. That and closing down your technology a few hours before sleep really does help.

This is a good practice during the month of June (particularly since the next few weeks are 90-days after the March eclipses, bringing the challenging issues of March to a head). September, December and March enjoy that same exercise, too. Do we really need to keep the cell phones on at night, do we really need to keep referring to our cells every few minutes when visiting with a live body across the table from us? Think about it. This practice does much for your psyche, health and wellbeing.

Mutable energy is fractious. It brings in lots of ideas, thoughts, but gosh or gosh, where to start and how to get organized is not part of the equation. A piece of paper and/or an immediately available place where you write down those ideas flying through conversation is another great practice during this time. Just remember where you put them!


  • May 26: Jupiter square Saturn 13º Virgo versus 13º Sagittarius

There is an old saying about the markets that one must ‘go away in May’. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of them is that the birthdate of the New York Stock Exchange is May 17 and around peoples’ ‘birthdays’ they usually pull back getting ready for the new year, or, the new cycle. With transit Saturn which limits (so we regroup) and in a very challenging aspect to transit Jupiter (normally an archetype that offers possibility and vision) on May 26, those ideas percolating for the last weeks may need a bit more finessing. Expansion is great, and, since Jupiter went direct in mid degrees of Virgo, the feeling is that it is a good time to move in a forward direction. What often happens if that when we move in a forward direction, we fail to take the less traveled road, failing to think of something bigger or outside the box of ordinary thought. I think this is where many of us find ourselves stuck — because of fear, or, security issues, or the if ‘I don’t do this, what will I do’? question.

A new vision, job, opportunity is possible and as Jupiter and Saturn find themselves in a 90º angle to each other — the possibilities are there, but they need to get organized, listed, tasked. What is the long term plan, is that idea you have going to have stop gaps in place for the future, is there a Plan B in place? Thinking ahead and continuing discussions regarding your plan require patience.

It seems as though nothing is getting settled, but by verbalizing ideas, then waiting, then thinking, you really are getting a lot more done than realized. With Mars still retrograde (Mars strategizes), the best laid plans appear blocked and that is really for the best in the end. When Mars stations to go forward on June 29, things start clicking into place about 10 days prior to that date. This week, however, is about asking the questions that no one dares to ask and then ‘put the pen down’ as we used to do in real estate when closing. Say nothing. Wait.


  • May 22: Mercury direct 14º Taurus 20′

At the end of this week, we have two major events. One is the Full Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius. Full Moons are always a cause for caution with all kinds of things, but since this one is ‘fairly’ close to retrograde Mars, I would say exercise caution in your deeds, actions, reactions and words. There is always a little edge with a Full Moon, and, in this case, as the Sun just shifts its energy to Gemini on Friday May 20 it lights up the next day with a very full and heated Moon. A fun packed weekend could be in store for most of us, particularly if there is a lot of chit chat and ideas to bat around. A good use of this full moon, particularly as Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is also going direct on Sunday May 22, is to start nailing down some of those ideas or plans you had in mid-April that suddenly stopped. They didn’t, they just needed to ‘think’. Incubation is the first part of inspiration. Stopping to think, to look and explore other things is a great way to get the mind and heart back on point.


  • May 9: Jupiter goes direct at 13º Virgo 15′

This is a great week to go fishing. And I don’t mean just going fishing (although I really am going fishing!). Fishing can be fishing for ideas, fishing for news, fishing for opportunity, fishing for a new perspective on an old, outworn, but still a good idea. With transiting Venus in a wonderful aspect to transiting Jupiter (which just went direct on the 9th), if you ask, it is very likely that someone or something will bite. This positive energy sustains itself through Tuesday, Wednesday, and on Thursday the 12th, is the perfect time to ‘ask’ the question, ‘close’ the deal, ‘step up’ and take a little risk as Mercury (communications is in perfect aspect to Pluto, which is all about making choices).

As Jupiter stations direct on Sunday May 8, I will be attending my lovely niece’s wedding in the Chicago. That week I am doing business, seeing some clients and attending the National Hellenic Museum’s annual gala on the 14th of May. A little plug for the National Hellenic Museum — which is a delightful LEEDS, qualified building near the University of Illinois Circle campus and near Greek Town. It is a delightful section in Chicago that has some of the best Greek restaurants with mouthwatering Greek cuisine (I am, of course, impartial 🙂 ). The National Hellenic Museum, right across the street, is a wonderful place to visit with its many changing exhibits of Greek Culture, Greek Arts, and unusual events like the recent “Trial of Antigone”, where she was found ‘not guilty’ of treason by sitting judges. It is a very unusual facility with a wonderful library, archives, and a wonderful venue for all sorts of events with its living roof and lovely spaces.

We are finishing the lunar phase for the month — cleaning out our desks — and the New Moon at 16º Taurus takes place on Friday May 6. Before we get there, however, we have a lovely aspect on Tuesday May 3 when the Sun and Jupiter co mingle in practical earth signs. This positive energy continues through the weekend as the Sun beautifully aspects Pluto on Saturday May 7. In essence, and in the middle of all the disharmony of the last few months, this is a week of harmony with what we call a grand trine offering opportunities for those who have been doing their budgeting, their assessments and their financial homework some rest and recuperation. Grand trines are when all three elements are in harmonious play with each other and this week is one of those rare and wonderful weeks where we can all kick back a bit. Playing is a great distraction and doesn’t hurt either.

I plan to enjoy the wonderful energies of this week as Jupiter goes direct making many systems, equipment, and organizational ideas finally starting to make sense. If you have done your research on your needed transportation, those new computers for the office, the new contact management sources, and anything else that helps your business grow and go, at the end of the week, you start to find or, at least, discover what or whom you need to assist you in making the best of your vocational or business possibilities.