The Full Moon on Wednesday May 14 is with the planet Saturn, which tones down the usual revelry inherent in Full Moon activity. In addition, Venus and Pluto are in an adverse position with each other suggesting that one might want to think before one speaks or work on filtering some of the stress of the week. Since Mars also happens to go direct in a few days and has been winding up at the pitch of action, it is particularly important to check your tongue at the door. Remember what is said cannot be taken back.

However, there is a strong support system on Wednesday as well with Jupiter, the planet of luck in a wonderful aspect to Chiron, opening the door for a learning experience or two. Hold on until the next day May 15, when Mercury, the planet of communications is in a very compatible aspect with Venus and Uranus, the planet of relationships (Venus) and out of the blue opportunity when you least expect it (Uranus). Could it be that someone shows up from the past to rectify a situation, or, repair some broken fences?

The First Quarter moon on Tuesday is in Leo and is a great time to start getting into the groove of getting really organized as Mars begins to station to go direct over the course of the next two weeks (it actually goes direct on May 19 and is a welcome change after a long hard winter). Fabulous aspects between Sun and Jupiter take place on Tuesday offering a time frame of good feelings and good luck. That continues into Wednesday May 7 as the Sun and Chiron meet on equal footing, bringing an opportunity to learn or teach or gather information not yet revealed. As Mercury enters Gemini (its own sign on Wednesday May 7), the chatter and chatterboxes of the world surface as ideas get exchanged, problems start getting solved, and the right people show up with the right information.

For all of those who might forget, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday May 11 on the same days as a Mercury Neptune square — a glass of wine, a good movie, or a drive by the beach might be just the ticket for those Moms who like adventure. The Venus Mars opposition stretches one’s energy early morning, but that passes as the day unfolds. And to all you Moms of the world, whether you have children, pets or take care of others, thank goodness for you. The world thanks you.

Monday’s Annular Solar Eclipse (Also a New Moon representing new beginnings) is close to 9° Taurus. For those of you with strong fixed planets in the first eleven days of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this portends some sort of change for you within 90 days after this eclipse which falls sometime around late July 2014. Since it is a Solar Eclipse, it has a lot to do with your ‘outer world’ changes like jobs, health and home improvements as well as personal relationships that are long term relationships whether personal or professional. The last time this eclipse struck was 19 years ago in May 1995. This is the next rung on the development ladder of that time for you.

Things kick in more actively at the end of the week on Friday May 2 when Venus enters lively and fast paced Aries. These next few days she is finishing her run in Pisces, where she really enjoys hanging out but by week’s end she might be tired of all the lollygagging and as Venus enters Aries, action happens.

The week begins with Monday’s fifth of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto. These two planets are square to each other since June 2012 and continue all the way through spring of 2015. This very rare, but also very restless configuration opens up doors revealing things yet unseen. Witness just some of the activities of this last year with the NSA leak and Edward Snowden (considered either an American Terrorist or an American Hero, depending upon your point of view), as well as the revelations that the Affordable Care Act is not always offering what was promised, but lest I digress, let’s review the here and now.

This square is also taking place between two very powerful eclipses, one of which just occurred (a TOTAL eclipse) on April 15 and the other of which occurs on April 28, again, both hitting the USA chart, the New York Stock Exchange Chart and the Federal Reserve Chart. What does that mean to you? At this writing, which is much earlier than this week’s forecast; the market has peaked well but has had some stumbling blocks. A flattening may be taking place in the next few months as might housing. However, it is an excellent time to check in on both the personal and professional relationships you are foster. Is it time for an attitude adjustment or a reframe of those relationships? Is it enough? Can it offer more? What changes can be implemented to foster more intimacy and heart connections?

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As A Greek American who often finds her dear friends celebrating Easter on a completely different day than Orthodox Easter, I am happy to say that they are one and the same this year — on Sunday April 20. I used to joke with friends about why the Greeks often celebrate Easter after American Easter and say that it was because everything was ‘half price’!!

Not true, really, but as a Greek American brought up by parents, one of which was an immigrant, and the other whose parents were immigrants and both products of the Great Depression, this isn’t so far from the truth. There are things I still remember my Dad saying like, “there are two sides of paper –use both”, or, “if people stopped buying broccoli when it wasn’t in season, the prices would stabilize”, or, Mom saving all the scraps of aluminum foil, making several meals out of one meal and using the last of it for soup. Some people laugh when they hear that I still practice much of what they preached, but the times they are inviting some of this thinking and it isn’t that farfetched to start thinking that way.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of April 15 (tax day in the USA) is at 25°ibra 16′. This is exactly opposite the Lunar Eclipse of October 17, 2013, which was at 25° Aries. If you look at the New York Stock Exchange chart, this is an exact hit on about five of its ten planets. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons when the Earth falls between the Sun and the Moon (180° of distance, the furthest you can get in a circle). This means that things are stretched right now. Ideas, events, international escalations (watch Syria and its dance these next six months), prompt a time in which to pull in one’s belt. This is probably the wisest thing to do.

Though Mars is still retrograde, we may not see this tension immediately, but when Mars goes direct late May and catches up to where it left off in the last two weeks of July, which happens to be 90-days after these next two eclipses, a clearer perspective presents itself. For now, however, these next two to three weeks, are a time to re-think, re-evaluate, let go of, pull in the belt, pay off bills, get lean, clean and streamlined — financially and physically, and reconnect with whatever Creator we believe in.

With this week’s holidays like Passover, Easter, the holidays signifying a release from bondage, a resurrection and a new light of insight, what better time to achieve some sort of enlightenment and resurrection.

Mercury enters Aries on Monday at 11:14 AM Pacific time. I like Mercury in Aries because it is quick, alert, but often over reactive. Its Achilles Heel is that it doesn’t often listen. Listening is a key point this week, and, actually for the next few weeks as it travels through Aries. Perhaps your accountant is telling you to get ‘those receipts’ in for taxes (due April 15), or, you’ve been putting off finding out the price you paid for your house before you sold it last month, or, whatever needs to get done that really matters in terms of your tax returns and accounts. If you need to file extensions this year, which seems to be the case for many, you still have to pay the government what you owe them by the 15th. An extension does not authorize not paying what you owe. Strategic thinking is the way to go with Mercury in Aries. If it doesn’t work this way, then by exploring and putting in some of the work or asking more questions, gives you another way. Patience is required, one of the least favorite words for anything Aries.

With Sun opposing Mars (still retrograde) on Tuesday, this exacerbates the impatience and unruliness inherent in all of us when we haven’t done our homework or taken care of what needs taking care of. It is, however, a First Quarter Moon (Monday) and this often helps in getting organizing and figuring out a plan on how to proceed with limited resources. Since this writing is taking place at the beginning of 2014, and, I really don’t have a crystal ball (it is in the dishwasher), I will say, that with the upcoming eclipses of next week, taxes due, Mars still retrograde that it is pretty much a sure bet that interest rates will remain somewhat low for at least a few more months.

However, after July (90-days after the eclipses all marked out in our 2014 Cheat Sheet), then it is probably when things will turn upwards in terms of interest rates, costs, etc. But, again, I don’t have a crystal ball, but in July Jupiter enters Leo and prices usually go up during the year is in Leo, because there is more consumer demand. Lest I diverse, however, this week is the week before taxes are due on April 15. Next week we explore the larger discussion with regard to the two powerful eclipses in April, but you will feel them winding up this week. So– watch your driving, correct your responses, think before you speak, ask more questions, think, look and listen…because the USA, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Federal Reserve charts are about to walk into a nine month re-direct. This could actually be good, rather than bad. It is all and always about perspective.

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Tuesday is April Fool’s day and with Sun and Jupiter at 90° to each other, get ready for April Fool’s jokes that are whoppers. Don’t over exaggerate or overextend because it may blow a lot out of control than expected. I remember when my son was in middle school (one of the hardest places for kids in America), he had a note written to me (supposedly by his teacher) telling me that he had been acting out horribly in class, was being suspended from school and that I needed to call the school!! I still have that letter!! The good news was that after the shock of it, I realized that the handwriting looked more like a young girl’s handwriting–you know the newly learned cursive that is sometimes shaky — and I got the ‘joke’! Whoppers — yes that is what April Fools is all about.

This week continues with some of these whoppers both real and unreal as several aspects from the Sun to Uranus (chaos) and Pluto (discoveries) are triggered in stressful ways. On Friday Uranus gets back to where it went retrograde back in 2013 delivering an extra punch of reality news. Cool you jets, though, because it is temporary and by the weekend, as Venus enters its favorite sign of Pisces, things calm down and mellow out. Remember this was the week after the New Moon, when anything or everything can happen, surface or reappear. Next week brings more workable solutions.

On Sunday March 30, we have a New Moon, new beginnings in Aries very near Uranus, triggering a wave of multiple activities of the brain, mind and body. Before Sunday, however, we are still in the Last Quarter Moon phase, which is always a good time to clear off the desk, set up some vacation time for the year and even rearranging the furniture in your office or home. In other words, this is a good time for spring cleaning without spending a lot of money. Often a freshly laid out environment triggers new thoughts and patterns and directions.

This is supported by the fact that on Wednesday and Thursday Mercury, still in imaginative Pisces, is in complementary distance to Jupiter, the planet of good luck, possibilities and expansion. What you believe or envision appears before you. Another great aspect on Thursday involving Mercury is with Pluto, the planet of consciousness and choice. This is a great day for research, asking those important and life changing questions and actually getting an answer! What you hear you may not embrace completely as Friday arrives with Mercury and Chiron together. This could be a good day to make that appointment for your annual physical and follow through with it. Love and relationship aspects are highlighted on Saturday as Mars (though retrograde) and Venus come together in a Sympatico place.

These last few days of Pisces find us moving in a new direction of hopefulness and possibility. On Monday, Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, enters the psychic and intuitive sign of Pisces, heralding a few weeks of imagination and vision. Sometimes the less said the better. On Tuesday March 18, we have Venus, the planet of agreements, relationships, compromise at very good relationships between Pluto and Uranus…i.e. feathers ruffled, settle down. The suggestion here is to wait for those ‘bigger’ or ‘clearer’ decisions until after the 20th of March at 9:57 AM (Pacific Coast) when the Sun enters Aries, one of the four powerful and cardinal points of the zodiac.

Rudolf Steiner in his writings of many years ago stated that Spring Equinox is the moment at which the conception of what occurred at Winter Solstice, Dec 21, 2013, emerges as the idea. Or something like that. This is a planting season in the Northern Hemisphere and appropriately the state of mind (Mercury after all is in Pisces) is important in terms of the type of crop you grow. This might be a time to take or schedule some time for a more creative pursuit like photography, drawing, design, or even taking classes like designing things like apps, websites, anything that is an extension of the ideas you’ve been holding in since last year.

I think Full Moon weeks are always weeks where anything can happen, particularly the last full moon of the zodiacal year, which falls on Sunday, March 16, 2014. It is at 26° Virgo opposite the Sun at 26° Pisces. The zodiacal year, for those who have questions, is when the Sun travels through the last sign of Pisces, and the sign I lovingly call, the “toxic waste management station” of the zodiac! Why? Because in a few days March 20 to be exact, the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. As we travel through the month of March, we always clear out the cobwebs of the year prior. And since the year began with a Venus Retrograde (ended on January 31) and in March began a Mars Retrograde (until May 19), things are moving more slowly than expected. However, slow is good. Slow often gets more done than rushing around here and there.

In the last few days before Spring Equinox, we often experience a frantic quality of trying to get things done and finding ourselves squelched in all directions. The week, beginning with Mercury and Saturn, at an adverse aspect suggests this to be the perfect time to check all contracts, tax papers, agreements, and plans. As the week unfolds and Sun and Saturn dance beautifully together on Thursday, the efforts of the first of the week pay off. Since Chiron also reaches its shadow position (where it went retrograde in 2013), it could mean some insights that never even dawned on us, pop out of our brains or come through friends or being in the right place at the right time and making things change.

Whew! Well we got through last week’s stops and starts accompanied by the sounds of screaming brakes. Luckily, this week the feeling of freedom emerges from some of last week’s darker moments. As Jupiter begins stationing direct on Thursday March 6 at 10° Cancer 26′ at about 2:42 am Pacific time, a breath of fresh possibilities arises. With Venus entering charismatic and charming Aquarius on Wednesday, the air is crystal clear relieving the many months of Venus in Capricorn’s heavy vibes. It’s time for a little more fun and a lot less stress. Taking deep breaths and getting outside for fresh air each day clears out the rest of the mental cobwebs hanging around since late 2013. Jupiter Uranus was square to each other last week. Their magical ability to conjure up moments in which there are no coincidences where people meet each other that are meant to meet each other is at hand.

Being in the right place at the right time is the theme for the week. Get social. Call people with whom you share similar values and dreams and wishes because Sun and Pluto and Chiron are in sync with each other this week. Chiron always invokes innovative, hybrid thinking by taking the old and somehow merging it with the new, creating a bridge of ideas between the two.

For some perspective on Perspectives, check out Georgia’s new article at Michael Lutin’s site.

In retrospect, this will be the week that was because major planetary movements of the planets swing back and forth all week. Thankfully, Mercury is now moving in a direct motion on Friday January 28 at 9 am on Pacific Time. It is direct in its favorite sign, Aquarius at about 18°. On that very same day, protective Sun and Jupiter dance beautifully with each other — they provide optimism as well as insight. This will be important over the course of the next couple of days that trigger about eight weeks of rehashing and rethinking and often, self-doubt. This could be reflected in the markets as well since Mars is the planet starting its retrograde motion and Mars is all about spending.

On March 1 is the New Moon (new beginnings — check your 2014 Cheat Sheet for these dates and times and degrees) at 10° Pisces 39′. This is in the second decanate of Pisces, which is the Cancer segment. Cancer energies represent real estate, food, food businesses, antiques, storage facilities for those of you interested in pursuing these possibilities over the course of the next few months.

However, on that same day, Mars, mentioned above, is retrograde at 23° Libra. It stays retrograde until later in May suggesting that rethinking and rehashing projects is imperative. Watch costs and spending. In the course of seeking out a direction, more money may be spent, or, even thrown away just to find that you were on almost the right track to begin with. It might be that new projects started at the beginning of the year having a certain direction, change direction along with further research and study. Thus an explorative theme reigns supreme over the next few weeks through late May 2014 when Mars finally shifts to direct motion.

In addition, Saturn is retrograde (happens once a year for about four to six months) on Sunday March 2 at 23° Scorpio 19′. This is also the Cancer decanate for Scorpio — again the theme of family, real estate, food, food businesses, antiques, storage facilities. Thus, it would seem that real estate may be in the news. Perhaps interest rates are rising (not unexpected because of the Fed’s tightening of QE earlier in the year), but also that while Jupiter is still in Cancer (going direct on March 6), prices overinflated in mid-2013 — now have a reality check and drop again. Just remember — check all details. Waiting is sometimes the best strategy while the markets and rates sort themselves out!