As you can see, we have another solar eclipse in mid degrees of Scorpio. This is the Pisces section of Scorpio, a softer part of the sign of Scorpio. It requires a bit more sensitivity and understanding than usual and the patience to wait for others to come up with what they are trying to say. This takes time. Aspects between Chiron and several planets offer the opportunity to seek counsel or work with a traditional or non-traditional healer to get to the bottom of what is eating you. Insight is there if you have the courage and pursue the matter. Courage is a big part of success and with Mars trine Pluto and another major Uranus square Pluto hit on November 1, it is time.

Retrograde Mercury sextile Pluto, trining Chiron and conjunct the sun assists the delving into deeply rooted past hurts and illuminating these insights with greater understanding. The healing you seek has the potential to take place if you place the intention and pursue it.

Mercury retrograde in a water sign, particularly Scorpio, challenges any sort of clear communication. Scorpio is definitely a sign where still waters run very deep. The challenge we face is communicating our deepest concerns, which requires an element of trust. Mercury in Scorpio could learn a lesson or two by letting down the guard and being who you really are. If you are uncomfortable with others’ reactions, then a time-out between you two is in order. This isn’t the end, just a time-out. Set a clear time in the next few days for re-visiting an issue.

The Sun trining Neptune highlights our idealistic impulse. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything were perfect? Take a few moments to clarify what would be “ideal” for you — be it a person, a job, a living situation. Then go a little deeper and image yourself living that ideal. How does it feel when you project yourself there? With Mercury retrograde this is a perfect time to brainstorm and plan.

This week we have a very strong Full Moon eclipse in late Aries! Full Moon eclipses clean out the emotional pipes and this one is no slouch. Those with a lot of planets in late Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn feel it most directly. Values of stocks may be somewhat soft. With Venus square Chiron, double check investments going in and out. Markets are often volatile before or during eclipse weeks. Many choose liquidation. With Mercury going retrograde next week, think twice before jumping in or out.

Mars traveling through Virgo adds an urgency to getting things completed at the sake of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Take the time to double check and read the fine print, especially on the job.

Venus entering Sagittarius often lightens things up and this week it does just that. Accompanied by a romantic and dreamy aspect to Neptune, relating to each other is a great change and satisfying. Communication where you listen and talk to each other in turn is making for a joyful experience. Indulge those you love while keeping one foot in financial realities. All things happening now require two mindsets — expansion and contraction at the same time.

How do you do that? In theory, expansion is outward and contraction is inward. When you are going through daily life in the world (expansion) it is necessary to master the ability to stay centered within yourself (contraction) in order to not be thrown off course or into distress. A few moments each day of sitting quietly and simply focusing on your breath is one way to establish a consistent and strong center.

This is one of those chaotic weeks where we’re drawing hard lines in the sand. With both the Sun and Moon in Libra on the 4th and sending off challenging and confrontational aspects to Pluto and Uranus, hold onto your hats. The normally easy-going Libra energy isn’t so easy going now. Eruptions occur on the planet and in our consciousness. Psychological insights have you walking a thin line between chaos and order. You move in and out of the looking glass of various realities with these aspects. The earth shakes and walls go down — mostly walls of unconsciousness, but you never know — these are aspects of earth changes.

Not every challenge needs to be dealt with right away, though it may feel that way sometimes. Take advantage of the New Moon energy by allowing a few moments each day to be still and breathe. The optimal state here is to not think but to simply allow yourself to connect with the Divine energy that is always with you.

Venus trine Jupiter is one of the loveliest aspects in the sky. It allies us with others holding the same values. If we are fortunate enough, we are valued and reciprocate the same. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer and Mercury entering Scorpio softens things a bit and slow things down enough to take a long awaited breath. Venus square Mars puts us on alert with those with whom we maintain professional relationships. Things are changing, but not at the speed that we’d like. Patience is the key.

A seemingly hidden force may drive the undertone of communications when Mercury travels through Scorpio. The need to understand and get to the bottom of issues is strong. Try not to push other or be pushed too deep into sensitive issues. Things take time and moving the energy with an open dialogue is a good first step.

Any week in which Pluto goes direct (only once a year), brings everything to the forefront. Decisions are made. Life changes happen — often instantly. Choices are made and they aren’t always easy, but Pluto has a way of keeping things very succinct. Either you do or you don’t. There is no grey in the landscape. Some parts of our lives end and other parts begin. Choices made always involve certain levels of risk — often financial, but you knew that. With Saturn and Pluto in a favorable aspect with each other and the recent Venus lined up with Saturn, your choices may not be easy, but you know they are the right choices, particularly when it comes to close relationships that are due for a shake-up.

Relationship energy may turn serious this week as Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. Take this opportunity to review the foundation your relationship is built on. Don’t be afraid to go deeper into what you need that you have before. Something is there to be discovered.

If you’ve been feeling particularly tired, just remember this is just a few days before Fall Equinox and the weeks before a season changes are often exhausting. However, there is extra electricity in the air as Mars in Leo sends off a wonderful aspect to Uranus in Aries inspiring and activating the creative process. Venus trine Neptune is an aspect longing for inspiration requiring faith and belief. Research is highlighted moving you to the center of the issue and bringing forth a solution.

Mercury square Pluto and opposing Uranus are tempered by Mercury’s transit through sweet Libra. Getting to the bottom of things may happen unexpectedly but it is necessary to clear the air. Take a deep breath and try to be open.

More clearing out this week as Sun opposes Chiron and the New Moon ventures forth in mid degrees of Virgo. Writing, editing, organizing, recycling are all themes of this week. Often teachers or those with knowledge arrive during the types of aspects we see this week. That Sun sextile Jupiter is one of those aspects. It might even be you that decides to take a few courses in your field of endeavor. Even if you don’t end up doing what you study, it is always a good idea to have an ‘idea’ of how it works.

Take advantage of the New Moon energy and allow a few moments of quiet centeredness. Inner focus may not seem to result in instant gratification but it may breathe new life into an idea or project.

There are two parts to this week. The first half until August 28 is confusing and pushes your intolerance buttons. However, after the Last Quarter Moon, it becomes very clear what needs to change in the work environment. Employees may offer a great help in solving problems, but there may be a few that need re-training, or, if they aren’t able to do that, it may be time to take on new hires. Organization is very important when the Sun and other planets travel through the sign of Virgo. This is not that exciting, but incredibly beneficial for choices coming in late December and January. Clean out the rabble now. Efficiency is the key to success.

Mars entering the sign of Leo may just push the energy toward having fun and taking risks. White water rafting, anyone? We cannot be working at life maintenance all of the time, sometimes we need to play.

With the Full Moon in late Aquarius and that Jupiter square Uranus, you may be setting your sites far too high for what is available at the present time. Resulting is an irritability that is indescribable. Frustration accompanies this energy and with the Sun entering picky Virgo along with Mercury on the 22nd and 23rd and then Venus squaring Pluto, don’t burn all your bridges. Take some deep breaths, engage yourself with strenuous physical activity and curtail rash decisions. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. The Sun aligned with Mercury at week’s end embraces focus of the mind. Get some sleep with Mercury opposite Neptune. Sleep may be the issue here.

Mercury entering its home sign of Virgo invites opportunities to address, discuss, and clarify the daily workings in your communications. One aspect of Virgo is about systems and daily activity of life maintenance. This is a great time to think about what is working and fix what needs improving.

This First Quarter Moon in Scorpio lines up with Saturn and makes for serious discussions on how to really make that project work. Saturn often slows the discussion process because it employs thorough investigation of all options. It is a serious energy and with Mercury biting controversy is a given. Straight talk leads to resolution regardless. Just don’t nip too hard at other people in order to make your point. Venus enters tactful Libra at week’s end helping smooth over rough edges.

Venus is at home in Libra and offers opportunities for positive interactions and social functions. Try to delight your senses but guard against over indulgence.