After a brief hiatus during Thanksgiving week, we are back. We just had a New Moon in Sagittarius last week which takes us to the first quarter Moon this week on Wednesday, December 7. This phase gets things done, particularly since the Sun is moving closer and closer to Saturn. There are two ways of looking at this aspect, it is an aspect that can make people abrupt or there might be a sudden change in a market. There is only so much time (Saturn) to get the necessary end of year items completed, thus the brevity of various demeanors. Realizing this helps and since Jupiter, which is good luck, is in a great aspect to Saturn at the same time, things get done.

Things feel lighter as Venus enters Aquarius on the morning of December 7 where it remains for about four weeks. With Mars, still in Aquarius and Venus heading towards a meeting with Mars, this suggests reconnecting with friends, community and even old loves as the weeks unfold. End of week the Sun and Jupiter are in an excellent relationship with each other taking many of us out of the doldrums of the last few weeks and providing a far more positive platform from which to operate.

Now that some of us have gotten some sleep after the ‘big surprise’ of 2016, and I have an opportunity to sort through my own thoughts regarding the USA election results, I thought I’d send out a newsletter with some of those ideas. Over the course of the next few months, they are sure to evolve, but my thoughts are compelled by the many emails I have been getting asking ‘what happened’? One of my clients wrote to me about the eclipse mentioned in my 2016 Cheat Sheet for August 18. It doesn’t show in the ephemeris, thus her question. First, the ephemeris, for those of you who don’t know what it is the book in which you find all the planetary movements. That August 18 full moon was so close to an eclipse ‘huge’ 🙂 that I ‘called’ it one. Usually about 87 to 90 days’ post eclipse (and this was the week that brought this home, as will the first week of December and the middle of December 2016, since there were two more eclipses following August 18), we see surprising moments in the news because now the shadow has lifted and we have peripheral vision.

The definition of an eclipse by astronomers is that there is temporary loss of light…how poetic, because they operate that way. They often shed psychological shadows as well as the visual shadow. That August 18 ‘sort of’ eclipse happened to be on President elect Trump’s axis of relationships with himself and with others and it was the first in a series that officially begins sometime next spring, and, which I believe will cause him to review his own shadow through the reflections of the others with whom he will find himself working and vice versa.

Currently I am in Florida and stayed up late watching the results and I found the perspective to be very interesting, because sometime around 1:30 am Eastern time, PBS people here interviewed their correspondent on the West Coast whose response was very different from many of the states whose results had already come in. If you look at the map, there was a lot of ‘red’ all the way out to the ‘blue’ states of the West. Secondly, the usual suspects that usually vote one way, voted in the opposite way — a topsy turvy result, which, I think, indicates that American politics are not dead, but instead are having a resurgence and rebirth, much as they did at the time of our Declaration of Independence in 1776, but more on that later.

I remembered something after the results came in. I had forgotten that on the last few elections going back to President George W. Bush, that the candidate who has the worst transits seems to win! Why wouldn’t they? This is not an easy job, doesn’t pay that much considering how much it takes out of you, and, is often, frustrating and divisive. President elect Trump had the world’s worst transits to his chart. The astrologers at a recent conference I attended, all said that he would lose when they saw ‘terrible’ transits to his chart. Secretary Clinton also had some rough spots, but, the question of her birth time was a constant problem and frankly, the hits to Trump’s chart were far worse (in my opinion) so, of course, everyone thought he would lose. Again: The ‘thing’ I forgot and will never forget going forward, was that in the past elections, all the individuals who were voted in – ALL had terrible hits by Saturn, who is the taskmaster of the zodiac, requiring long hours of organization accompanied by exhaustion, requiring high levels of focus and sacrifice. Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would want the job, but lest I digress, those tough transits were hitting the winners of the past. President George W. had it, President Obama had it, and now President elect Trump had them. So, what does this mean? And before we burn down our cities and emigrate to other countries, let’s do a little history lesson.

If you look at the chart of the United States of America, formed July 4, 1776, 5:10 PM (Sibley Chart), Philadelphia, PA, and you see where everything was transiting on election night, there it was — Saturn — the taskmaster sitting right at the Ascendant (moment of birth) on the USA chart. This happens only every thirty years for a two and a half year run and we are in the middle of this cycle. Saturn rising in the charge at is birth represents a turn towards a more moderate energy, more reserved, and is not an easy placement because it means there is a lot of responsibility, work and not a lot of pay back at least until the ‘work’ gets done that needs getting done. It suggests pulling something in — expenses, belts, waistlines, taking responsibility for citizens’ actions (mundane charts), working hard, and, hopefully, becoming a little less emotional over time to get a few things done. To give a more positive slant on what currently seems impossible, it suggests that once the revolts we are seeing across the country subside, the adrenaline wears out, that maybe we can get back to work and get the things that need getting done — get done. Saturn, too, represents builders and construction and the infrastructure is an issue for both sides or parties.

On a deeper level, this may be the USA moving from being a feisty adolescent to entering one of the adult phases of their lives, stop the infighting, learn good communication skills to get things done, and agree to disagree in order to get the things most important – done that need getting done — like infrastructure, finally resolving the issue of immigration by giving undocumented workers a path to citizenship by giving them work permits and allowing them to pay into the system while becoming citizens. These are ‘choices’ that we must make as a nation, because the USA, over the course of the next five to six years is having what we, in the astro-business call, the nation’s very first Pluto return!

Pluto takes about 247 to 250 years to return (Yup, you heard that right!) to the same position as it was in at birth. And it isn’t an easy return nor does it give us an easy approach. Five years to go…is nothing compared to some 240+ years where it has been traveling around the horoscope of the USA and for the last thirty some years has been traveling through the house of values and spending and assets in the USA chart, indicating a significant change in the nation’s values, approaches to those values, and the destruction of liquid assets, while transforming what is good into what is better. Pluto cuts deep into an infection to clean out all the parts that are infected and some of the surrounding areas of the infection so that it finally heals. As you can imagine, this is a very painful, but necessary process for healing deep wounds. Pluto can, however, heal the malignancies — in this case — in both parties — and change things.

So…a little about Pluto first. Pluto (which rules the sign of Scorpio) was the god in mythology who was the god of the Underworld. He was one of three brother/gods (Saturn Kronos) and Jupiter(Zeus) were the other two). Pluto’s job was taking the souls of those who died and housing them as they transformed. He had lots of rules and didn’t like being out of control, but the amazing thing about him was that if one survived their time in the Underworld and paid their ‘dues’, then they’d be returned to life but in a very different form and with a greater consciousness. Anyone surviving the Underworld came out markedly different. Enough said. It was a choice to be removed from the meat hooks in hell, one had to sacrifice something and it had to be something they truly believed they could not live without.

Think about that. Perhaps it was wealth or addictions or a relationship that they believed they could not live without, or, in more contemporary terms, a belief or belief system that is out of tune or out of step and one believes they cannot live without and are uncompromising about that or those beliefs. It was and is a choice and no one else’s. As Pluto reaches its return position, our country that is faced with making choices and those choices requires stepping out of fixed, concrete beliefs that need review. If we can do that — compromise — then we get the ‘gold’ that Pluto gave to those who had made the sacrifice of their old beliefs and returned to the world. If we can move out of fear, out of black or white thinking, out of fear, out of anger, out of distortion and/or believing the news stations or media that remains biased and holding one view, we can get things done. If we can, then fantastic, but if not, then it is on us.

Pluto is the planet (astrologers still think of it as a planet) of death and rebirth, resurrection after darkness, and in mundane terms is often seen in the charts of those who transform people (therapists), or properties (builders of infrastructure and buildings), or resources that are collaborative. It is also strong in the chart of those who have the capacity to transform consciousness as in the above-mentioned therapists or coaches or motivational speakers. Pluto is the planet of choice. We can, as Pluto returns, for the first time, to its place in the USA chart starting on February 2022 choose to transform our minds, our thoughts, our infrastructure, our attitudes, and our strengths as we move towards that return.

Pluto transits and returns are not easy. In fact, they are treacherous — but only so — if one refuses, absolutely refuses, to look at their own issues that must change which means we have to be vulnerable, which is one of the most terrifying things for most people and, particularly, for those with strong Scorpio or Pluto placements in their charts. It is interesting that the Scorpion is the only animal on earth that will kill itself by its own sting. Rather than feeling as though it is losing the battle, it destroys itself. Not a good choice, really, when the greater choice is to move beyond, to think outside the box, to try to find someplace in the middle — a big grey — rather than seeing things as black or white.

Not only will our future President, his cabinet, his party, as well as the other party and the people of this nation be faced with that choice — that choice of being conscious — but it is the only opportunity we have until the next return some 250+ years hence to make that happen. The last few years before a return (between now and 2022) are the time of reckoning, where each person, or country as in this case, must look at their values, their spending, their hidden gifts, skills and talents, often ignored and ignite change. Pluto in the USA chart is placed in the second house, which holds all the above.

When the colonists declared war on Mother England, they declared war for many reasons, but one of them was the issue of human rights. It was also a time of huge taxation to people who had been here in this country for several generations and who now had the opportunity to claim their new land as their own. The Declaration of Independence is about ‘for the people and of the people’. Frankly, this means everyone whether black, white, pink, green or, female, male, transgender, or confusedJ But there must be a ‘payment’ of some sort — an effort, the ability to contribute something back, either by working, or volunteering, or, giving something, and, most importantly, letting go of something that we believe we cannot live without.

You cannot get out of hell unless you are willing to sacrifice something. If you do that, then you are transformed, holding vast riches of what you never believed was possible. But you must make the choice to be conscious, to think, to see both sides, to compromise, to share ideas, to cultivate those things that you do not see but others do.

There is a greater order often unseen until later. Though many are thinking oh my God we are lost. Maybe not.

And in a much more positive note and in conclusion:

Positive News: The other thing I noticed about some of the transits for president elects along with the ‘tough’ hits was that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and protection — key thing here is protection — was nicely aspecting other president elects as it was for Donald Trump two weeks ago. Along with that, the USA, has its own difficult Saturn at 14º Libra at the very top of the chart which is how the world sees us. And, now, with the good fortune that Jupiter bestows hitting that difficult planet and which only happens once every twelve years — it is possible that good things will come out of this — that new building, new perspectives, new organizations, a new career cycle (if you will) for the USA is upon us, but we still must do the work and rather than ‘judge’ -listen. Rather than violate — cooperate. And, most of all realize that this election has been one of the most involved elections in recent times. And this my friends is a good thing.

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Monday, November 7 begins with a second quarter moon in Aquarius, the same Moon that the USA has in its Declaration of Independence chart. The weird thing about this is that on Tuesday, November 8, at 5:54 AM Pacific Time, which translates to 8:54 AM Eastern Time, is that the Moon then is what we call Void of Course until 1:45 PM Pacific Time and 4:45 PM Eastern Time. That is about a seven-hour gap where the Moon is out of whack, which often suggests nothing is happening. In addition, Mars, which is the motivating planet, is also Void of Course all day, until 9:51 PM Pacific Time when it enters Aquarius.

Is it at all possible that people will just decide not to show up, to vote? I can’t believe that. Or, is it possible that what seems like one result earlier in the day ends up being another result late into the night? Or, are certain ballots lost, does the power go out, do people not show up on time at polling places or do they get caught up in traffic jams keeping them from voting? Heck, when I see aspects like this I think they should definitely have an astrologer on board to help plan things, including maybe making this second Tuesday of November rule a bit more flexibleJ

I am trying to lighten things up. With last week’s forecast of that Saturn/Pluto solstice point operating, there could be so many more surprises by the end of this week after the election, since the end of the week going into the first of next week, happens to be the 90-day action period after the August 18 eclipse at 25º Aquarius on the USA Moon-ruling such things as women, food, security, real estate, and the general emotional temperament of the people.

These 90-day periods after the eclipse periods light up things that we sensed when the eclipse was directly hitting, but which aren’t usually seen clearly until the 90-day after period arrives. Much like the blind spot which suddenly becomes visible — this is what this week is about. Whatever the results, the markets may be affected over the course of the next six weeks, as we have two more periods of 90-day segments (which you can see in our 2016 cheat sheet and which are also indicated at our 2017 cheat sheet available at our website-forgive the plug!) Those other dates start around November 26 and then again on December 11, 2016.

Coming up November 18-20 is the Breaking Down the Borders Online Conference. Register at www.astrologyconference.org.

The week begins with Halloween on the 31st, or All Hallows Eve. Too bad for the children, since they really would love Halloween on a weekend! However, what is Halloween? Traditionally it is the Eve of All Saints’ Day. In the Latin culture, it is the Day of the Dead, people visit their loved ones’ graves, leave treats and cakes for the departed spirits, festoon Marigolds wherever possible and we see skulls placed here and there in a celebratory fashion. Whether you just go trick or treating, or, leave treats at the grave of loved ones, it is the part of the year to remember those that are departed, possibly helped us along the way, and maybe left too soon. Regardless, they left a big hole in our psyches with the passing. I don’t think this is something often done in the American culture, but I do think it is important to honor those we remember.

Honoring those departed is often relegated to days like Memorial Day or Veterans Day, but very rarely do we honor those same people in the season when the Sun passes through the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, who was the ruler of the unseen world. It is perhaps a better time in which to do this as we are getting closer and closer to Winter Solstice which is the coldest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, around December 21. It is also a really good time, particularly in the US, as we move closer and closer to next week’s election, to remember those who gave a lot for our democracy and the freedoms we so enjoy in our country. Remember the good things from the past, what those wise people did, how they often did so much without a lot of fanfare, or acknowledgement, or, comfort, or, support. They were people doing their duty without accolades, “for the people and by the people.”

Important moment to note this coming weekend: One of the major things of the week occurs near or on the weekend, when transit Saturn at 14º Sagittarius 49′ is in what we tech types call the solstice position or Antiscia to transiting Pluto at 15º Capricorn 19′. Keeping it simple, those two numbers add up to 30º – they are complementary points in the zodiac and Saturn/Pluto solstices act as though they are lined up in the sky like Saturn/Pluto conjunctions. They can herald a lifestyle change, a sudden transformation, even a compulsive obsessive energy. It is not comfortable. It is a concentration of power requiring kid gloves or there is a great backlash.

Since Saturn is about responsibility and is brutal if one avoids responsibility (the karmic backlash of non-responsibility), power plays can arise when Saturn is aligned with Pluto in this very rare moment. This occurs on the USA rising sign, this coming weekend which reflects our identity as a nation, the outlook of our people as a nation, the general health of a nation, and the health and well-being of the tax paying citizens. It’s time for the USA to move past our adolescent phase and become adults — and we will over the course of the next 5 to 7 years.

Starcycles 2017 Cheat Sheet is HERE!

The 2017 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is here! In addition to the useful graph of all the Retrogrades, Eclipses, and related shadow points, there’s a full page about this year’s upcoming planetary cycles.

Get yours today!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the upcoming alignment between pleasure seeking Venus and rule-oriented Saturn. Saturday, at 5:45 PM Pacific Time, they come together. This is also the day before the New Moon (new beginnings) at 7º Scorpio 44′ and this is very close to Mercury, the wheeler dealer planet of contracts and negotiations, as well as Neptune, which is what you’ve been envisioning. If you’ve shored up your courage as suggested earlier in the month, there is an opportunity to get what you want and, more precisely, need. You see the ‘light’ regarding this choice sometime in mid-week as Venus in Sagittarius (luck) and Jupiter (more luck) are in a great aspect to each other at 8:19 AM Pacific Time, Wednesday morning.

On Thursday, October 27, the Sun lines up with Mercury, which is very good for markets, but is also good because the two always remind me of a lightbulb going off in a cartoon. An idea, a concept, usually emerges within a few days after the conjunction. This occurs late on Friday, October 28, when Mars (planet of motivation pushes Uranus (the rebel) for a change and a new approach to an old way of doing things. This is also an aspect where you do have to watch your driving-so it is suggested that you watch anything that you drive in terms of its mechanics-bicycles, motorcycles, cars or trucks. Pay attention!

Coming up November 18-20 Georgia is speaking at the Breaking Down the Borders Online Conference. Register at www.astrologyconference.org.

Lots happens in the weeks between the full moon and the last quarter moon. This is what we call the disseminating moon period, where information that has been released is sorted out. Some is used and some isn’t. As the week begins, transit Venus is finishing in Scorpio on Monday, October 17. On Tuesday, Venus enters Sagittarius just a little after midnight Pacific Time. Venus in Sagittarius usually has a much lighter energy. It likes to experiment, travel, and tends towards the more exotic of tastes. This next few weeks may be a little more toned down than usual as Saturn (perceived limitation) is still in Sagittarius until the end of 2017.

Venus with Saturn suggests the issue of duty over pleasure, or working at something that gives you pleasure, but requires discipline and effort. Guided tours that keep tourists informed but also incorporate a sense of adventure is a perfect mix for these two. This is also a combo that asks us to look at our primary relationships. If corrections are due, sort them out by the time the aspect is official, around October 29-it is always best to be prepared.

This means that sometime around mid-week, when Mars and Pluto align, you have to make some choices, take a calculated risk, make a decision based on pros and cons, then act. It is not an easy aspect, but this is where your intuition is of great help on the same day and throughout the week. Too many times we ignore our intuition. We ignore the red flags that come up-which usually mean no. We also ignore the ‘butterflies’ in our stomachs that might signal something good because we let our heads get in the way of a decision.

With the Sun finishing its run in Libra and entering Scorpio on Saturday, October 22, at 4:46 PM Pacific Time, you are clearer about getting off the fence and going forward and making a decision. Sunday is when Jupiter, good luck, and the Moon are in a great aspect, taking you to the next week, just after the last quarter moon on Saturday, October 22. It is time to pack up the month and move forward as Monday sees Mercury entering Scorpio at 1:46 PM Pacific Time.

Starcycles 2017 Cheat Sheet is HERE!

The 2017 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is here! In addition to the useful graph of all the Retrogrades, Eclipses, and related shadow points, there’s a full page about this year’s upcoming planetary cycles.

Get yours today!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared one of Thomas Moore’s quotes from his book, Care of the Soul. I promised that I would share the second gem and here it is:

“The relationship between work and money carries so much fantasy that it is both a burden and an extraordinary opportunity. We may respond to feelings surrounding money either by shunning its power or by making it our only concern. An alternative is to enter into the particular fantasies that money gives us and see what messages they offer.” As you can see from Moore’s writings, he has a very fresh take on the idea of money and its idea as more of a fluid medium in which many things can take place with its right use. There are also different types of currency. One is emotional currency. Money certainly does help us achieve some of the things we want but it doesn’t just show up, it comes from honest and straightforward effort. Emotional currency comes from that same type of honest and straightforward effort as a return for good deeds.

We all remember our parents telling us, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. This warning was to not spend more than was earned, at least that is one of my memories. The question is, how does money grow? In a course I took many years ago with the Lambton Group, I learned a very valuable lesson about money. It didn’t matter how much you made, it was how you managed it. Like having a beautiful garden, but each year you keep back a few seeds from that garden so you have something with which to start a new garden the following year. You save money not having to purchase seeds and create the quality garden you want, which is the result of your excellent cultivation.

In this fascinating course, another valuable lesson was the information regarding asking for things, like deals and discounts, and building confidence or getting training in negotiation. Always ask because there is a 50/50 chance you will receive a yes! You will never know unless you ask. Money is really about value. We need to value ourselves, too. With all of these planets transiting Libra, the opposite sign of Aries, which has no problem thinking about itself, we should incorporate Aries’ ability to exhibit courage and ask as if they were the main character in the play!

This week I am presenting a workshop and a lecture at the 2016 ISAR conference at Costa Mesa, CA. Click here for more details. As the week comes to an end, on Friday October 15, we have a full moon at 23ºAries next to Uranus. So, this is a perfect opportunity to wake up (Uranus) and ask for something for yourself (Aries). This full moon is about inviting in Libra’s shadow, Aries, and stepping up with courage and purposefulness for something that is pioneering!

Over the course of the next two weeks, the Sun entered Libra. Last week’s New Moon, at 8º Libra first occurred and now the Sun heads into an opposition with chaotic Uranus. Hopefully, some of decisions made during that New Moon make this challenge a bit easier. In the news, things may be heating up as we draw closer to US elections and a sense of discomfort and unease is pervasive. I think it is important to stay cool during heated discussions. As news of markets begin showing a few kinks in the armor, again, stay cool, assess, and make some pre-emptive decisions about your next move. It is quite possible that surprises, as well as excitement, will occur at the full moon on Saturday, October 15, and the week that follows.

I haven’t said much about the fact that transiting Jupiter is in Libra right now. Perhaps, since the Sun is in mid-degrees of Libra, this is the time in which to do so. In my previously published book, Business Astrology 101, Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth, I wrote extensively about my opinion of how Libra is represented by the goddess Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena was considered to be the wisdom goddess. She was known to be a strategist and if she believed in your cause she provided you with the tools in which to be successful. She can also be ruthless, judgmental and intolerant of those who lack planning, or, strategy. She has two sides like the sword she holds. Her bird is the owl, and she has a shield that reflects whatever it focuses upon.

In a recent statistical study by Michael Bergen who wrote The Astrology Code, his research indicated that the sign of Libra is probably the most intellectual of all the air signs and I’ve always agreed with that. It is most objective and is a sign most found in those who work in the area of social justice. Since Jupiter has now entered Libra and traveling through Libra for one more year, those issues will be on the table. Jupiter, as a planetary influence, also represents over doing or over indulgence, things Pallas weighs in her scales when delivering justice. She can be very cold when she does this.

In mid-November, Jupiter and Pluto are at adverse distances to each other, aspecting closer and closer to each other from this day forward, meaning the personal as well as business choices we make now are equally weighed with heavy responsibility. This is not a problem, but be aware. Nothing is free, particularly in this business climate. The choices we make this year are carried into the next few years until the USA has its Pluto return in 2022 as mentioned in an earlier post this year on August 22.

In going through some old notes, I found a calendar designed and written by Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul. In light of Pluto turning direct on the 26th, the fact we’ve finished three very intense eclipses, and are heading into October, Market fluctuations territory, I’d like to share this from Care of the Soul:

“With regard to money’s shadow [remember that Pluto IS the shadow], it’s important to be neither moralistic nor literal. For example, the pleasure of hoarding can be seen as an archetypal quality of money itself, which becomes soul-denying only when it is the only way we deal with money.”

I loved Moore’s definition because what he is saying is that the issue of money, having money, not having money, holding it or spending it, is really not the issue. In fact, the issue is that it is simply an energy that remains consistently fluid. On Monday, as Pluto goes direct this week at 14º Capricorn 55′ at 8:01 AM, and choices begin to become very clear, we face changes we must make because Pluto is either/or, this or that, black or white, yes or no. We realize letting go, not becoming too greedy and giving what we can, is in perfect alignment with the times. This is particularly true since the week begins with the unpredictable Uranus in a hard aspect to Vesta, an asteroid, that has to do with investments. (This was mentioned at the end of last week’s writings). It is roller coaster time from now to end of the year so don’t hold on too tightly and think before you act.

In addition, since Friday, September 30, is the New Moon 8º Libra 15′ and is aligned with protective and fortunate Jupiter, there is a level of protection for the ethical. Sometimes it is braver to do the right thing rather than not do anything at all. As Saturday, October 1, arrives (happy birthday to my son, Gus!), transit Venus in Scorpio is in perfect alignment with transit Neptune in Pisces. This is wonderful for a romantic interlude, a day at a museum, a day to pull out those brushes and paint-either a canvas or a house-and start your own personal version of transformation.

Starcycles 2017 Cheat Sheet is HERE!

The 2017 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is here! In addition to the useful graph of all the Retrogrades, Eclipses, and related shadow points, there’s a full page about this year’s upcoming planetary cycles.

Get yours today!

The week starts with a lovely aspect between Mars, in Sagittarius, and Venus, in Libra. Tuesday, September 20, Mercury goes direct and with great aspects to Pluto, a perfect environment for research and contracts. After Mercury changes course on September 21, 10:31 PM Pacific Time, at 14º Virgo 49′, we can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Tomorrow is Fall Equinox at 7:21 AM Pacific Time. The equinoxes mark two of the four seasonal shifts each year. An equinox means equal day and equal night. From this day forward, in the Northern Hemisphere, the days become shorter and nights become longer and begin the annual cycle of introspection and incubation with added support from Venus’ ingress into Scorpio on Friday, September 23, at 7:51 AM Pacific Time. Venus’ job is to create desire, to attract, to market herself by showing her value.

Since the above occurs during the Last quarter Moon, a week in which we let go of things, clean off the desks, clear the landscape, and have the energy to finally start getting things done, a more intense purge than usual may occur. Before winter sets in, it is a good idea to have things like estate or garage sales. Better yet, just let things go and contribute them to your favorite charity for someone less fortunate to appreciate. Remember what goes around comes around.

We may still see some shakiness in the markets this week, particularly at the end of the weekend and as we move into next week. On Sunday, unpredictable Uranus is in conflict with Vesta (an asteroid). According to Bill Meridian, Vesta’s name is part of the word investments. Vesta keeps the sacred flame burning and she represents devotion. With Uranus causing some upheaval with Vesta, the sudden urge to separate or change our investments may be in the air. Resist that if possible, at least for a few days, until things calm down.

Since Pluto is direct on Monday (more on that next week), it is particularly important to exhibit patience during this time. Endings are on the horizon and many decisions you face arrive at that threshold this week.

As I close this week’s forecast, remember that this week is the long planned Astro Summit 2.0 available on line. It is a week’s worth of pre-recorded interviews with many well-known astrologers. Following is a long list of the astrologers speaking, beginning on Monday, September 19. My interview is free to listen to for 24 hours. If you are interested in registering for the event, click here for details.

Day 1: September 19

  1. Debra Silverman –The Power of Saturn Transits
  2. Raymond Merriman –How to use astrology to Identify Major Reversal Points in Financial Markets
  3. Judith Hill –Why is Medical Astrology So Useful?
  4. Donna Woodwell–How to Find Your Planetary BFF

Day 2: September 20

  1. Adam Gainsburg–Remembering and Embodying a Deeper Venus
  2. Nicole Smuts Allsop–Narrative Medicine
  3. David Cochrane–Optimal Places to live for Love, Health, or Wealth
  4. Georgia Stathis–They Come and They Go–Identifying Trends from an Astrological Perspective

Day 3: September 21

  1. John Green–Synastry: The Secret to Making Your Relationships Work
  2. Michelle Gould–Your Unfolding Purpose: The Secondary Progressed Moon Cycle
  3. Alex Trenoweth–Astrology and Education
  4. Arlan Wise–Astrological Advice on Relationships

Day 4: September 22

  1. Kathy Biehl–Understanding Your Money Code
  2. Jenn Zahrt–Planetary Hours: A Simple Way to Optimize Your Day
  3. Stephanie Gailing–Dreams and Astrology
  4. Linda Furiate–Does Your Chart Reveal an Addict

Day 5: September 23

  1. Divine Harmony–The Dark Goddess and Shadow Dancing
  2. Tom Jacobs–
  3. Kathryn Andren–Fly Me to the Moon: The Essential Elements for Conscious Relationship
  4. Anne Ortelee–Harness Your Venus–Working with Your Venus Star Point

Day 6: September 24

  1. Enid Newberg–The Astrology of Soul
  2. Margaret Gray–Relationships and Love
  3. Sam Reynolds–What Jupiter in Libra Means for You and the World
  4. Dorothy Oja–The Davison Relationship Chart

Day 7: September 25

  1. Julia Simas–The Fractal Nature of Astrology
  2. Ang Stoic–Astrology and Presence: Why NOW is the Only Moment that Matters.
  3. Austin Coppock–
  4. Sam Geppi–Moon Yogas

Day 8: September 28

  1. Mark Jones–Astrology and Soul Growth/Life Purpose
  2. Frank Clifford–Astrology: Relationships with Ourselves and Others
  3. Arielle Guttman–Riding the Venus Star Wave to Good Fortune
  4. Kaypacha–What the Heck is Going On? (Astrologically, of Course)

This week’s major event is the September 16 Annular Lunar Eclipse at 24º Pisces 19′. This full moon is powerful as it aligns with transiting Chiron. Chiron is often equated with healing, solutions that combine old thinking and new thinking, coaching, teaching, learning, and of course anything that has to do with the health field-whether holistic or western. Since it is a lunar eclipse, we could see more news involving health issues-viruses, hospital and medical costs, or maybe making some of the pharmaceutical companies more accountable for eating way too much incoming revenue at the social-economic trough.

Sometimes, about 90 days after an eclipse of this magnitude, exposés regarding medical (Virgo), hospital (Virgo or Pisces), oil (Pisces is oil), water (Pisces), gas (PGE or Pisces) or even commodities (Virgo and Pisces) issues are revealed. The last Total Lunar Eclipse at this very same degree was on September 16, 1997! Russia and Brazil, at that time, followed Asia in a free fall regarding their currency, values and their stock markets. I am not saying this is what is happening again but with this eclipse aligned with Saturn and Neptune, which has a way of checking things, it is wise to review your portfolios. Be prepared for a large drop with investments you thought good, plan with a pre-emptive plan A or B, move in or out, whichever works for you, are suggestions to explore.

Don’t panic, it is a momentary blip but one of many that we may see over the course of this next year, just as the entire EU and the UK work through issues that must be resolved. The recent BREXIT vote has thrown the world into a tizzy, but proper planning (very Virgo) can alleviate some of the stress.

Take a moment to reflect, what your life was like the year following that 1997 eclipse? Do you remember? Did you learn anything? What you did not finish or wanted to start during that time but couldn’t presents another opportunity to re-visit your ideas, to re-invent, re-emerge, or re-frame itself. The big thing is that we have a few more days before the fall equinox kicks in a new season, use them well.

With Mars back on track and often a troublemaker as well as a motivator, a lot can start happening that is positive and creates movement over the course of the next few weeks. Remain flexible, open, prepared to quickly shift and decide. Stubborn politics, tactics, opinions, beliefs, don’t cut it in an environment with this much mutable energy in play. Perhaps a better footing on compromise emerges with Jupiter transiting its second week of Libra.

As I close this week’s forecast, remember that the week after next is the online Astro Summit 2.0. It is a week’s worth of pre-recorded interviews with many well-known astrologers participating. Watch for further details in next week’s post.

This is the last week of transiting Jupiter passing through Virgo. The change takes place on Friday, September 9, when Jupiter enters Libra at about 4:18 AM Pacific Time. Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to return back to a sign and spends one year in each sign. The last few days of Jupiter in Virgo may feel very frantic as the fall activities begin and transiting Mars (a trouble maker) pushes through late degrees of Sagittarius. Remembering that Mercury is still retrograde and Jupiter is finishing rather than beginning a cycle, it may be a good week to coast, do research and maybe even take that long needed vacation.

The hope of Jupiter moving into Libra is that perhaps, maybe even a little, people may become more civil to each other. Thinking before you retort to someone with whom you disagree may create barriers that could easily be overcome once Jupiter goes into Libra on the 9th.

Though Saturn has gone direct (as of August 13) it still hasn’t left the last part of the US chart to cross over its rising sign of 12º Sagittarius 51′ (if you use the Sibley chart). So, until that happens, sometime around mid-October, it is a good idea to examine your own personal agenda. In a person’s chart, when Saturn is moving through the twelfth house, the place often referred to as one’s ‘self-undoing’, this is the perfect time, I mean the perfect time, to see a really good psychiatrist or psychologist. Look at how you contribute to the troubles you see around you. Of course, this takes courage. The USA has the perfect opportunity to examine where it has gotten tripped up, been irresponsible, not looked at things that need looking at.

In the ‘old books’, the twelfth house is the house of ‘hidden enemies’-many of which we have in the USA and abroad at the present time. Since Saturn is still traveling through this area of the nation’s chart we need to address this, but also address our own inner psyche as a nation. Witness the amount of time spent posting images on such places as Instagram, where there are thousands and thousands of ‘selfies’. I mean, how many pictures can one take of themselves?

Also, consider all of those other people from whom we’ve isolated ourselves. This is a time for personal self-atonement. An interesting observation from a recent trip to Chicago, I took the train, the Metro, downtown. It was a lovely one-hour trip with so many passengers chit chatting with each other the entire ride! No one was self-absorbed and looking at their phones or ignoring everything going on around them, including those who really needed a seat more than they did. How refreshing. So with these twelfth house passages, it is important to ask ourselves the question, what is it I am doing to make my life and the life of others better, where can I serve (a good question with planets traveling through Virgo) and how can I be of the most help at this time? The Full Moon Lunar eclipse coming on the 16th aligned with Chiron, representing healing, teaching, caring for others less fortunate, working in a volunteer capacity to help those in need, or just contributing some of your resources to make things better are all in order as we move through this month.