Monday December 8, Jupiter stations retrograde at 22° Leo 37′. Jupiter has been forming a loose square to transiting Saturn in late degrees of Scorpio these past weeks. Those of you reading last week’s forecast noted the issue about planning financially. Characteristically, when Jupiter and Saturn are in square or opposition to each other the economy tightens or people don’t spend as much. Since this is not an exact aspect yet (like it will be in August 2015), it is, in fact, a prelude to the end of 2015 and 2016 when Jupiter and Saturn will be in square for about 15 months.

Mastering your negotiation techniques is imperative. Always make those reasonable requests even though people may say no, it is always worth a try. This is important for Jupiter is retrograde and we often stop and think about how much expansion we really want. Put that next to the fact that on Sunday December 14 we have the sixth of seven Uranus Pluto squares. This aspect has been with us since June 2012. It has one more exact aspect and that is in March 2015.

Uranus square Pluto wakes us up to what isn’t working (to the dark side if you will) and how we want to break out of that old pattern (whether psychological or habitual) and try things another way — in perhaps a more unorthodox way that gets results. There could be repercussions, but they are the good kind that we have when we change our focus. You have to let go to get.

It is the last month of the year. Everyone gets ready for holiday festivities in December and this year’s festivities may be somewhat over the top with Jupiter traveling through Leo. This is a good week for getting organized and determining how much time (and resource) you have to make your plans work. Monday’s Mars sextile Saturn suggests motivation and structure work together. As the week continues, Venus beautifully aspects Jupiter on Thursday December 4 indicating a perfect time to ask for some help with these plans. This is great for taking a personal inventory of your health and how you present yourself to the world. It can also suggest that markets are working favorably and it might be a time to take some profits balancing the losses against the gains so there are not too many capital gains involved.

Because it is the end of the year it is always a good idea to make up a budget for the New Year. In past years I have offered a FREE ‘budget template’ to use while doing this. Make a copy of the original and then use it to figure out your income and your costs. It self-adjusts as you make your changes. Join my mailing list to get access.

The end of the week gives us a Full Moon at 14° Gemini 18′ and this forms a very good aspect with transiting Jupiter as well Uranus. In fact, with the Sun in Sag, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo (the fire trio), there are lots of money making opportunities- but you have to look around and ‘ask for the order’. This would also help perk up those holiday surprises.

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Earlier in the week, however, we have Mercury and Saturn aligned with each other. This is a good aspect for writing and focusing our ideas. This extends into Wednesday the 26th when Venus trines Uranus, which is great for chance meetings, sudden communication from friends or unexpected encounters. It is also a great aspect for groups of friends getting together to celebrate.

The First Quarter Moon on Saturday November 29 lined up with Pisces is a great time to see a movie, a play, immerse yourself in an art or photography exhibit, actually make some holiday gifts as well as take time and go through cabinets and closets! Thank you to all of you for all of your continued support throughout the years. You are greatly appreciated. I don’t often thank you all who read this. I have been doing astrology since my early twenties — 43 years now!

When I began studying it after being pretty well educated and having a really excellent job, this science, this art form, opened my brain up in so many ways and gave me such understanding of so much. That combined with the ‘book learning’, well, it is the only job I have ever had that never gets old. There are years in which I worked with you, my dear friends and clients, a lot in private consults. I still work with clients but not to that extent because I am trying to write more now, but those moments in the office or on the phone were great learning experiences for me. So I thank you.

There were years I traveled constantly giving lectures all over the world, which I still do but which have slowed down considerably since I need to be a little bit more particular about time and what needs to be done. Regardless, each interaction, each lecture, each teaching experience as well as each learning experience only helped to heighten my understanding and appreciation for this very old analytic art form and practice.

So, thank you for being my teachers, my support, my network that encouraged me when I didn’t feel very encouraged and for being so loyal and consistent in your support of my work as well as my family and friends who have been there every step of the way. I thank the many teachers and colleagues that challenged me and taught me and embraced me as one of their own. It just doesn’t get any better than that on this Thanksgiving week.

This week is another Last Quarter Moon, time to wind things down. The New Moon, new beginnings, is on Saturday November 22 at 4:32 am (Pacific) and 7:32 am (Eastern)at 00° Sagittarius 07′ along with Chiron stationing to go direct at 13° Pisces 05′ on Sunday October 23. Chiron has a lot of different meanings. Many call him the ‘wounded healer’ but I prefer referencing him as a hybrid thinker. He has a unique ability to combine the old and the new and act as a bridge between the two. He crosses between borders and boundaries of perceived limitations.

He was last in the position approximately 50 years ago on. Between April, 15 1963 and February 12, 1964 he teetered back and forth on this degree. The year 1964 was the first full year Lyndon Johnson became president because of the assassination of John F Kennedy in November 22, 1963. He presided during a time of great strife and change in the USA implementing the civil rights act after the escalating civil rights strife, making decisions that would change the course of the Vietnam war and many other issues involving extreme political change in the USA.

Chiron is often the planetary body indicating the possibility of intelligent solution if we are dealing with intelligent people. This is supported by the fact that on Saturday before the New Moon, the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is the sign of possibilities, vision, learning, larger ideals and ideas. With Chiron direct in Pisces and Sun in Sagittarius there is tension, but tension is the push we need to get something moving in the right direction. Since they are mutable, it requires a certain level of flexibility. If you get too tight, then options do not present themselves.

Mercury reaches its shadow position on Monday November 10 at 2° Scorpio. This is the same degree of the late October eclipse, which was accompanied by Venus, so I think this could be a really happy week. Lots of good energies surround us this week as Neptune stations to go direct on Saturday November 15. Prior to Saturday, Mercury sends off a great aspect to Neptune, giving any writing projects — poetry, scripts, thesis, stories, blogs, and video commentaries – extra juice. Because Neptune is turning direct throughout the week, planning that dream trip could be part of the week’s activities.

On Sunday November 16 Venus enters freedom loving Sagittarius. Sagittarius energy is about learning new things. Between November 14 and 16, I am speaking at the Breaking down the Borders online conference. My topic is on Antiscia (Solstice Points) and is presented on Friday November 14 at 8:45 am Pacific Time. If you care to register, please click here for information on that and other events.

Even if you don’t, Mercury seems to be doing a lot this week and Mercury is the symbol for the student, the negotiator, the ally in the underworld, the intermediary that carries and conveys information. With Mercury in great aspect to the Moon, to Pluto at week’s end talk as much as you can so that you are really heard. If you don’t understand what is being conveyed to you, keep at it until you both understand each other. If it gets heated, then take a break, then go back. It will work out.

Tuesday is Election Day. A lot of people believe it is useless to vote, but it really isn’t. If we don’t vote, we lose our right to be part of our nation and our nation really needs us to participate right now. Whether Democrat or Republican or Independent, it is important and this particular election is really important as our nation faces a fulcrum of choice as to which direction it must go. With the Full Moon on the following Thursday at 14° Taurus 26′ and 14° Scorpio 26′, it falls on what we call critical degrees.

This particular degree set of 45° points, or, what we call semi-square in astrology are turning point degrees — some are expected, but often they are very unexpected and a surprise. I always think of the semi-square as the trick aspect of change…in other words, you are walking through the field and a snake, hidden, gets you! How you choose to react to that sudden and unexpected event, is exactly the lesson of this week. If something comes at you, out of the blue, don’t answer immediately and try to not take it personally. This is good advice for those running for office during this crucial election as well.

With the Sun trine Chiron on October 5, there is a lesson in everything that happens this week. Listen to your first intuition rather than what others tell you is correct. Our guts were operating long before we had language!

Before we start this week’s forecast, there are two things to remember — Halloween falls on Friday October 31 and Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 am on Sunday November 2. In addition, the week has the energy of direct Mercury imbued as part of the overall experience. The Sun is in some very pleasant aspects with Neptune, triggering the imagination for either that costume, or, that class or business idea you’ve been mulling over. Venus and Neptune are also working in tandem, so there are probably a lot prettier costumes of choice this year than in past years.

The First Quarter Moon on Thursday October 30 is about getting organized for the weekend projects or activities since on Saturday November 1 Mercury and Jupiter as well as Venus and Pluto are working together. This could be a good weekend to plant winter vegetables, rototill the soil to get ready for winter (Northern Hemisphere) or spring (Southern Hemisphere).

This is a week of another eclipse except that this one is a New Moon or, Partial Solar Eclipse at 00° Scorpio 15′ and it is in line with Venus who also enters Scorpio earlier in the day. New Moons usually signify new beginnings and with Venus in the mix, new beginnings in relationships, new views of values, and new approaches to spending are all possible. Again, eclipses don’t often show their complete face during the time of the eclipse (it is, after all, a dark moon when there is a new moon), but in 90 or so days around January 20, 2015, the rest of the story, or, how this new relating cycle plays out is more apparent.

There are many other factors this week, mostly pleasant with Venus and Mars and Mercury and Jupiter working in compatible exchanges with each other. On Saturday October 25, Mercury finally goes direct at 16° Libra 49′. This is very close to the Total Lunar Eclipse of early October and might suggest a resolution to something that came up earlier in the month. On Sunday, Mars enters its exalted sign of Capricorn so be ready for some really hard work and some really hard play over the course of the next few weeks. Like a bulldozer knocking down the sediment in the foundations of our lives, you find yourself taking chances and making choices over the course of the next few weeks that are long overdue!

This week’s energy is a bit more contained and calmer than last week’s. There are several wonderful aspects encouraging productive projects and positive outcomes from prior unrefined proposals. Tuesday October 14 has Venus and Jupiter working with each other to find the right fabric, materials, or people with which you can work well. On Wednesday October 15 the Sun and Mars work together providing a booster shot of energy and on Thursday October 16 excellent aspects with conjunctions between Sun and Mercury (often signifying change in trend in markets) as well as wonderful Mercury to Mars aspect for good trades and refining contractual agreements. This continues through Friday and into the weekend as the lovers Venus and Mars dance the dance of relationships.

The highlight of this week is the Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday October 8 at 15° Aries 07′. This is an intense degree for the USA as the USA Saturn is at 14° Libra. Saturn is about government and full moon eclipses often ‘throw out’ things, people, present new perspectives and throw out emotional issues as well as old jobs that no longer server. They cut back the deadwood in organizations and governments! In Libra, lawsuits many abound during this period bringing new perspectives to legal stances long outdated. We don’t usually see these changes at the time of the eclipse, but often feel or experience them about 90 days later, which, in this case, is approximately mid-January 2015.

For those of you with many planets in middle degrees of cardinal signs–Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, there could be some very big changes surrounding the anchor parts of your lives — changes in how you deal with your health, your homes and their upkeep as well as families, your very intimate partnerships, as well as your professional lives and careers. This is often good and by no means a bad thing. Because there are many other wonderful aspects this week, there is great support for change by choice.

With the Sun opposite Uranus on Tuesday and then Venus squaring Pluto on the very same day as October 8’s eclipse, many of the changes are about voicing your thoughts and opinions in a positive and productive manner so that all ideas and thoughts are on the table. Other ways this might manifest is that challenges coming out of the blue require immediate attention. It is not a good idea to delay this attention and procrastinate on responses, although that may seem the easier thing to do. This allows all of us to confront and shift and change the manner in which we relate and become far more productive and positive.

I don’t know why people hate Mercury retrograde. I think it is a great time in which to re-think plans and ideas and come up with something even better as it goes direct. With that said, yes, Mercury is retrograde for the last time this year starting on Saturday October 4 at 10:02 am (Pacific) and 1:02 PM (Eastern) in the water sign, 2° Scorpio 17′. However, we feel it slowing down a few days earlier and this could make for some sluggish thinking.

We have some cushion with Venus entering intelligent and balanced Libra at the beginning of the week on Monday September 29 around 1:52 PM (Pacific) and 4:52 PM (Eastern). The good news is that with Venus moving through Libra and being the balancing agent between Mars (motivation and direction) and Jupiter (opportunity and good luck) over the course of the next few weeks, that Mercury retrograde between October 4 and 25 acts as an intelligent tempering agent for the many changes of October as we enter eclipse season starting next week. The sign of Libra through which the sun is moving at the present time needs more time than others because it has to think things through before making decisions, but they do need to learn to get off the fence and make those decisions — always a challenge.

With Venus moving through Libra along with a productive First Quarter Moon on Wednesday October 1 we ease into that Mercury retrograde. Make sure that you get all those little nitpicky things done before the weekend, because the Sun and Pluto and Mars and Chiron at adverse aspects to each other on the same day that Mercury is retrograde (October 4) may not be such a walk in the park.

This is a big bang kind of week with lots of news that isn’t expected — some of which may be unwelcome, but much of which clears the way for positive changes for the future. As the Fall Equinox kicks in on Monday September 22 at 7:29 PM (Pacific) and 10:29 PM (Eastern), Pluto also goes direct at 10° Capricorn 59′ earlier in the day. Usually when Pluto goes direct (by itself) we find ourselves making choices (or choices are made for us) where a great deal of risk is involved and we have to choose sacrificing something we really believe we cannot live without. But that is the price we pay for evolutionary change and new levels of understanding. With the New Moon at 1° Libra and fast on the heels of Pluto direct, it is time to plant new ideas (seeds of thought) as well as the beginning of some winter gardens (depending on where you live in the Northern Hemisphere) .

Opportunities through organizations, classes, groups, friends and even acquaintances come in starting on Thursday July 25 (also Rosh Hashanah) as Jupiter trines Uranus at 11:19 am (Pacific) and 2:19 PM (Eastern). This is a great time to make those calls, send out those resumes, write down ideas for business plans, design a class or talk with someone who can help you design it. But don’t jump in just yet with that plan — give it some time over the next few weeks to rethink some of the finer points. This is the perfect action for that Mercury retrograde which beings next week.