About Georgia Stathis

Georgia StathisA first-generation Greek-American whose cultural roots are in myth, story, and trade, Georgia Stathis is a USA based astrologer and popular international lecturer who received a BS degree from Northwestern University in Chicago and an MBA degree from Pepperdine University in California. She started her practice in 1977 and is a regular contributor to the astrological community through books, articles, lectures and a variety of learning materials, including the annual Starcycles Calendar.

Georgia teaches internationally and her articles are frequently featured in such publications as The Traders’ Astrological Almanac, published by Linda Long (available by writing pas24@aug.com). She has also contributed to The Mountain Astrologer, ISAR and ISBA International Journals, several Llewellyn publications as well as The Encyclopedia of Astrology and various international websites.

If you would like Georgia to speak at your organization please contact her through Starcycles.

“This website was created in the early 1990s and though we may have a new look we continue with the same mission we’ve always had, to make the process of accessing astrological information easy, efficient and effortless for you.

Thank you and warmest regards,
Georgia Stathis”

Georgia is a lifetime member of OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrologers.