The Professional Astrologer


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The Professional Astrologer:
Building a Successful Astrology Practice

Understanding the Profession and Guidance for a Successful Practice in Astrology.

Today, we are witnessing a revival in Astrology with enhanced educational programs, community events, and research, creating better astrologers and a higher quality of service.

But, what does it take to become a successful Astrologer?

This volume gathers the experience and guidance of some of the world’s most successful astrologers, who discuss the dos and don’ts, potential pitfalls and rewards, and critical building blocks of a successful and fulfilling practice.

This book is written for us who love astrology — those who are practicing, or those who are perhaps contemplating doing so, and for anyone who would like to learn about the way the profession and the community of astrologers has evolved over the past few decades. Along with practical guidelines to create a successful practice, the book contains many personal accounts and stories about the community of astrologers.

We are truly pleased to have this resource available. We hope you will find it helpful and valuable.

Topics include:

  • Marketing Strategies and Astrology Resources
  • Financial Matters and Legal Issues
  • Consultation Dynamics and Ethical Considerations
  • Writing and Publishing
  • Including a survey on the profession and multiple interviewsContributors:

Chris McRae – Steven Forrest – Donna Young – Maurice Fernandez – Sandra Leigh Serio – Georgia Stathis – Anne C. Ortelee – Melanie Reinhart – Robert Woodliff and Leisa Schaim (AFAN) – Caroline W. Casey – Monica Dimino – Jacqueline L. Janes – Frank C. Clifford – Nancy Beale – Kay Taylor – Kim Marie – Chris Brennan –Aleksandar Imsiragic– Madalyn Hillis-Dineen – Alexandra Karacostas – Arlan Wise – Linea Van Horn – Ray Merriman – Donna Woodwell – Hakan Kirkoglu – Wendy Stacey


  • Introduction – Maurice Fernandez For a Future Generation of Astrologers
  • 1 – Donna Young The Different Orientations in Astrology
  • 2 – Maurice Fernandez Building and Sustaining a Successful Practice
  • 3 – Sandra-Leigh Serio Consultations, Counseling and Ethical Considerations
  • 4 – Chris McRae The Financial Equation
  • 5 – Georgia Stathis Making your Practice Financially Viable
  • 5B – Anne Ortelee A Business Plan
  • 6 – Robert Woodliff and Leisa Schaim (AFAN) Legal Issues in the Practice of Astrology
  • 7 – Wendy Stacey The Times are a-Changin’
  • 8 – Monica Dimino Building a Feedback Loop into your Professional Practice
  • 9 – Jacqueline L. Janes Counseling Techniques for the Consulting Astrologer
  • 10 – Arlan Wise Writing and Astrology
  • 11 – Frank C. Clifford In Print: A Practical Guide for Writers of Astrology
  • 12 – Alexandra Karacostas The Power of the Peer Group in Astrology
  • 13 – Kay Taylor Professional Development and the Community of Astrology
  • Resource Index – Nancy Beale

Interviews with Professional Astrologers

Steven Forrest, Melanie Reinhart, Kim Marie, Chris Brennan, Hakan Kirkoglu, Caroline Casey, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Linea Van Horn, Donna Woodwell, Ray Merriman, & Aleksandar Imsiragic.