Solar Arc Directions – Specific Techniques for Clients Wanting Specifics


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Solar Arcs are a less used technique in astrology that pack a powerful punch if there is an exact aspect to the natal chart. They have to do with our outer life changes (the Solar life) and they add great texture to the interpretation of natal charts. All kinds of techniques can be used with solar arcs and they are particularly easy to group when using a 90 degree dial.¬†After reviewing all the things that are happening in one’s natal chart including transits, solar arcs give that more refined time frame for events. A fun, useful class, Georgia Stathis taught at Kepler College for many years and is offering a course with Kelly Surtees in Summer 2014 with

Georgia Stathis taught this excellent overview for Breaking Down the Borders on April 5, 2014 and will be teaching for them again at the Breaking Down the Borders Conference in November, 2014 on Antiscia (Solstice Points). This wmv video file contains her PowerPoint notes and voice over and was a live class.