SFAS 2014 Forecast


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Georgia Stathis gave a 2014 Forecast lecture on Saturday, December 28, 2013 at the San Francisco Astrological Society. The lecture is 59 minutes and includes a pdf of her handouts, for the lucky number price of $7!

2014 is exciting. The number adds up to a seven (7). The seven in the Tarot is the man holding onto the wild horse of his chariot. It often signifies movement while standing still!  Think about that. Standing still and holding the horses that want to run in all directions, builds up the upper torso — the ‘reaching’ part of all of us.

This year is about reaching for that something different, that something unique, that expresses our most vital and internal soul and spirit. In order to move forward into new directions, we must develop new skills and practices, changing up our day to day activities to include physical as well as the mental and digital focus that seems to have taken over in recent years.

Venus is still retrograde in Capricorn until late January, so take this opportunity to clear out the boxes, files, and condense and clear out our ‘stuff.’