Cycles of Abundance


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Georgia gave this all-day workshop at the ISIS Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area and subtitles it “Archetypal Tools for Securing Your Financial Future.” Jungian psychologists believe that present in the collective unconscious are primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors.  These Archetypes are present in our everyday Astrology. Accompanying material includes Saturn: History, Mythology and Financial Cycles; Uranus: The Financial Genius in Your Chart; Transits of Saturn Through Your Chart; Integrating Eclipses into Your Financial Future; Working with the Chiron/Pluto Conjunction; Last Quarter Square Cycles of Saturn/Neptune, Saturn/Uranus, Saturn/Jupiter; Identifying Your Personal Money Mythology: Values, Needs, Motivation — and Making it Work For You.

Downloaded set of 7 mp3 files with a pdf handout