Building and Planning Using the Squares and Oppositions


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This lecture shows a very clean way to view the chart and to present opinions to your client. This technique is used when you help a client or company plan the next year or decade. For example, there is a New Moon (a conjunction) that occurs somewhere in the vicinity of one’s Sun Sign once a year. Three months, or ninety days later, there is a 90-degree structure (square) that shifts and begins to build on the “new beginning” that began at the original New Moon. This cycle continues every three months for a year. The concept extends further into the even larger cycles such as the recent Saturn Jupiter conjunction, which has a full 20 years to unfold. Georgia will be discussing this first, and then moving to the more specific individual horoscopes and how to apply the above techniques.

Includes 9 handouts, 3 mp3s & 1 pdf emailed to you as a download link