Analyzing Business Charts 3-part Class


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The first thing to know when assessing an incorporation chart is the house meanings. It is easier to learn this if you contrast and compare incorporation chart house meanings to natal chart house meanings. Today’s presentation will compare the two. This will be useful for the following weeks when we dive into business chart delineation.

The next part of this series is learning how to tell the difference between Incorporation charts, First Trade charts and IPOs and well as exploring further the individual houses of a corporation chart and its activity using a well known and correctly timed incorporation chart.

In this third part of the overview series, Georgia continues to delineate a well known and accurately timed Incorporation chart integrating value lines and their corresponding highs and lows as to what was going on with the company at the time. In addition, she continues to explore other factors that are important in delineating a company chart.

This class is presented in 3 75-minute videos and includes a free PDF sample of Georgia’s Business Questionnaire.