All-Day Workshop Introduction to Business Astrology


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Introduction to Business Astrology was recently presented in Australia to a very savvy group of financial and business astrologers working in the real world of money and finance.

This comprehensive workshop dives head first into corporate charts and walks you through these charts to show how and what to look for when analyzing corporate charts. The workshop has something for everyone from beginners to advanced students. This very fun, yet informative live workshop was presented in Australia in 2010. Some of the topics covered were:

  • The differences between business and financial astrology.
  • The various houses and their meanings in incorporation charts.
  • Analysis of each house using a corporate template, using a major corporation’s data.
  • Electional charts for starting businesses – what is good, what isn’t.
  • Solar Arc timing for predictions regarding personal or business decisions.
  • The use of eclipses in timing for either individual or business charts.