I do not know about you, but I am looking forward to Mars leaving Aquarius, where it has been since May 2018. On Thursday, November 15, Mars enters the gentle sign of Pisces. It is time for a gentler motivation than the extremes that we have seen since Mars first entered Aquarius in last spring. Normally, Mars takes eight weeks to move through a sign, but this has been a long transit because Mars went retrograde, then direct, and had to catch up with itself, which usually takes 90 days. In Aquarius, the sign of extremes, we see, and saw, extreme movements, emotions, actions, revolution, startling reminders of a world in turmoil skewed by aberrant ideas and ideals. With Mars entering Pisces, over the course of the next eight weeks, we may find ourselves tired and not as pushed to get things done-perhaps we just must recover, but also because it is time to go inside and find out what really matters spiritually and creatively.

Mars in Pisces often has a bad reputation in the cookbook world of astrology. Mars is the planet of action and motivation and since Pisces is not ‘outwardly’ motivated, the thought is it is not very directed. However, the thing we do not often read about Mars in Pisces, or any water sign for that matter, is that inspiration motivates. When one is inspired, one acts on their vision. With Mars in a good aspect to Saturn (stability) and Pluto (transformation) over the course of the next few weeks, a lot can be done. Maybe it is time to make a holiday card instead of ordering it, maybe it is time to catch up on all that reading that is piling up, which might provide an insight or an idea to regarding your direction. Perhaps it is time to get some friends together and make a vision board for the coming year. I know it seems like a long way off, but it is not. And, it is never too early to envision something fresh and new while letting go of outworn emotions, items and thoughts that keep you from moving forward.

This is a very important time in the U.S.A, Election Day is on Tuesday November 6. I have always voted even when frustrated regarding the ‘political menu’. In the early 1960s, I lived in another country for a few months. I was very young but I saw what it was like to not have the amenities and the options we have in America. Whether we like what is going on politically or not, we really do have to vote. If we do not, our Democracy–more like our freedom of choice-is compromised and chiseled away at, piece-by-piece and bit by bit, until the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. I am not pointing to any particular party or politician but I am saying that if we do what we always have done, then we will keep getting what we have always gotten politically. For many of these politicians, it is time to leave, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. For many of the politicians running the U.S. government-435 in the House of Representatives, and 100 Senators-they keep doing the same old, same old.

This Democratic process is taking place as Venus is retrograde. There is also the New Moon in Scorpio, at 15º and exactly 90-days after the last eclipse of August 18, 2018. I find it very interesting that one planet that is hanging around these last two 90-day periods is the planet Uranus, which is the planet of awakening. It is the planet that allows us to think outside of the box, bringing sudden pieces of information to light that can wake us up and encourage action.

As I close this week’s series of thoughts I ask that you think about this, when the USA government was formed, and the constitution signed, the population of the United States was 4,000,000. If you do the math, dividing 4,000,000 by 535, that comes out to a representative for every 7,476 persons! Now, with the population at 327 million people, that representation for the entire United States comes out to a representative to every 611,215 people!! Think about that…. Each one of those numbers, if of age, has a voice. Do not give up your voice. And, as always, it is your choice.

I am in Chicago this week attending the amazing National Hellenic Museum’s annual Kouzina event. I am on the board of the National Hellenic Museum whose mission is to preserve the history and culture of the Hellenes, the Greeks. Kouzina, in Greek, means kitchens. This event has Greek foods, chefs from all over the Chicago area, and a coming together in celebration at this amazing museum in the middle of Greek Town — near the University of Illinois Circle campus. I find this interesting in that on Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon enters Cancer, the sign of kitchens, food, and families. Thursday the Moon enters the fun and playful sign of Leo. Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered the relating sign of Libra on Wednesday. This could be a week of get-togethers, celebrations and visiting those we have not seen for a while.

Since the Total Eclipse on July 27 was in early degrees of Leo and Aquarius, those born in the first five to six days of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio are definitely making some changes. A decision may be happening this week regarding very important areas-where you live, work, and relationships. Venus enters Libra at the end of the week and this certainly helps to focus on all of these very important aspects of our lives.

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into tropical Scorpio for a few weeks. Its passage usually signifies the transition between the autumn and winter because it is the mid-point of these two seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. (It is the transition time from spring to summer in the southern hemisphere-something I have never been able to wrap my head around. Since earliest roots of Western astrology began in the Northern Hemisphere, I suspect that explains this perspective.)

The big Full Moon on Wednesday, October 24 is the 90-day segment after the Total Lunar Eclipse of late July 2018. This is an important week of ‘ah ha’ moments, insights and decisions. That full moon was lined up with Uranus, the planet of in-the-moment changes. There are moments in all our lives where we really do get it. Where we really do understand that we need to make a choice regarding which direction we will take now that winter is approaching. Scorpio is, after all, about choice.

The Sun will transit over retrograding Venus on Friday, October 26. Light may be shed on an existing relationship that has remained confusing.

This week it is a second quarter moon phase and we can get a lot more done than last week. If you are working with a tangible project and need tools, help, or anything that makes that project easier, carefully research prior to purchasing. Venus is still retrograde, suggesting a low return on investment. It may be time to start looking into replacements for anything that has long needed to be replaced, but do the research and purchase after Venus moves in a direct motion in mid-November.

We are in the middle of several peaking cycles so we may see some odd fluctuations in the markets this week. Any impatience that comes from things feeling as they are moving too slowly suggests that we be mindful of that energy, particularly close to the end of the week. Mars, the planet of action and also impatience, lines up with the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (ideas and problem solving). This is a restless energy, which is best served by moving away from the desk and getting outside to enjoy some sunshine and some fresh air. I find that if I put a timer on at my workstation, to remind me to pause and refresh, it helps.

The full moon coming next week is the second 90-day period after the big eclipse of late July. More on that next week. Meantime, balance is important. Step away from the technology and engage with your fellow humans.

Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises, went into retrograde on August 7, 2018, at 2° 33′ Taurus, it will go direct on January 6, 2019, at 28° 36′ Aries. Uranus retraces its steps from its May 2018 entrance into Taurus. In the Zodiac, Taurus is the second house and reflects issues around what we value. Uranus revisiting this entry offers everyone an opportunity to solidly put into place the issue of awakening (or reawakening) to those values. When Uranus goes direct, we are ready to act on changing our lives to align more fully with those values.

We are entering the ‘Twilight Zone’ of the year, the place where what seems real may only be an illusion. This week’s New Moon (always indicating New Beginnings) is on Monday, October 8, and is the FIRST of three 90-day periods after the eclipses of July 12, July 27 and August 11. These 90-day periods are when things come to light, or so it seems, regarding the darkness that befell us during the summer eclipses. These 90-day periods bring clarity regarding what needs to be done concerning our closest relationships. Pluto went direct just a few days ago and is entangled in this current configuration, adding to the Twilight Zone, suggesting the need for consciousness regarding all parties involved, particularly in contentious relationships. Remember, it takes two to tango. As I write this, I am watching the Kavanaugh/Ford hearings in Congress. This is a remarkable illustration of this configuration that we experience this week. By the time you read this, we should know more of what ‘that’ was all about.

On a greater and larger level, this configuration occurs along with the beginning of Venus’ retrograde cycle in Scorpio. Venus retrogrades every two years and has an eight-year recurring pattern (i.e. in the same sign). Even though Venus goes retrograde every two years, she comes back to the ‘same sign’ every eight years. The last few times Venus went retrograde in Scorpio were:

October 1986, October 1994, October 2002, October 2010 and currently, between October 5 and November 16, 2018.

Venus is known for representing relationships, but she goes deeper than that. She represents that to which we are attracted, those things we want and desire. The retrograde offers the opportunity to pause and think before taking action. Scorpio is an intense water sign, which makes it deeply emotional. Closely held feelings are brought to the surface with Venus retrograde in Scorpio. All parties in the transaction of a relationship must have courage to look at the part they play in relationship challenges.

Monday, October 1 – So, you made big choices last week! Some may have been out of your hands. It was not easy either because any time Pluto goes direct we are called forth to sacrifice something that we believe we cannot live without in order to grow and transform. If any of those choices involved any sort of financial decision making, this is the week to start reviewing your spending, your budget and separating wants from needs. There is a difference. Always do the needs first, then make a little room for a want or two. This is Venus’ message when she is about to station retrograde (yes another big retrograde).

Friday October 5 – Venus retrogrades at 10º Scorpio 50′. Venus, ruler of our desires and values, retrogrades every two years. Therefore, it is suggested that while Venus retrogrades, and until she goes direct on November 16, 2018 at 25º Libra 14′, an assessment of possessions (necessary or unnecessary) and relationships, especially those that involve joint finances, are thought out carefully. At least begin the discussion and ask yourself is the value I receive the value I give. If considering purchasing items of which you are not certain, particularly big-ticket items, this is not the time in which to do it. If you are considering something more personal, like cosmetic surgery, this is also discouraged during a Venus retrograde. Value is associated with Venus, so ponder whether or not the amount of resource spent equals the value received. It is a good time to sort through items that you have outgrown or no longer need and donate them. Since we are closing in on the end of the year, many organizations would welcome both cash and in-kind donations. Moreover, this puts a little cosmic karma into your cosmic goody bag for the future. Venus is the goddess of love, so if old flames return wanting to revisit what you shared, a word of caution: wait until Venus goes direct in mid-November. Even better, wait until it gets back on track in mid-December.

Monday, September 24 – This is the first week after Fall Equinox. School has started and many projects long sitting on the back burner seem to have gathered momentum. The important event for this week is that Chiron retrogrades back to Pisces on Tuesday, September 25, at 5:09 PM Pacific Time and 8:09 PM Eastern Time. This is important because Chiron entered Aries for a few months in mid-April. Aries being the beginning of the zodiac, this gave us a pre-cycle taste of new ideas, new actions and people standing up for what they believe in. As Chiron returns to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, it indicates that there must be some ‘toxic waste management clean-up’ of emotions and issues that arose during the ten-year cycle of Chiron in Pisces. Before we can move into a truly new 51-year Chiron cycle, starting in February of 2019, whatever it is that needs finessing will occur during this retrograde period. Pisces can bring joy, creativity, sorrow, and frustration. It tends to be indecisive unless deeply inspired. When deeply inspired, it moves mountains. It is the sign that rules the health care system, drugs–legal or illegal–and is involved with the recent news concerning the opioid crisis. Medical resolutions and solutions for such diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy also fall in the Pisces dominion. Recently, the FDA approved Epidiolex, which is derived from a certain strain of marijuana. Once Chiron re-enters Aries in 2019, we may find more research regarding natural solutions for medical problems.

Sunday, September 30 – As Pluto turns direct at 18º Capricorn 45′, many long-standing unresolved issues have motion forward. Choices are made. Those choices involve risks and those may include either financial or emotional risks. Growth cannot happen unless one can walk through new doors and close old ones.

Read Georgia’s latest article at Astrology News Service, “A Value-Added Look at the Future.”

Monday, September 17 – Anytime we have a week prior to a seasonal change, like a solstice or an equinox, it can seem quite frantic as the Sun is passing through what we term a mutable sign. The good news is that things can be effectively juggled but the amount of anxiety accompanying that juggling requires setting aside time to stop, rethink and even take a walk or meditate.

Thursday, September 20 – The Sun and Mercury come together at 6:52 PM Pacific Time and 9:52 PM Eastern Time. This combo often solves problems, fills the order, finishes the deal, receives the contract, and shifts the markets.

Friday September 21 – Mercury enters Libra late in the day, offering a more compatible communication stream that balances out the stress, providing a socially positive opportunity.

Saturday September 22 – The Fall Equinox occurs when the Sun enters the sign of Libra. It occurs at 6:54 PM Pacific Time, 9:54 PM Eastern Time, and the few hours prior are best experienced in with a calm frame of mind. Venus and the Moon are in a beautiful aspect to each other offering a beautiful evening of social and elegant connections. This is the week to get in those extra walks or a massage. This is not to say it cannot be a productive week, because as the week begins the Moon is in Capricorn, complimenting the Sun, in Virgo, and Saturn, in Capricorn. If there are any last-minute tangles in a plan, perhaps getting a set of fresh eyes to review said plan is just the ticket to simplify or let go of what is not working. I have always been of the belief that if you try and try and try and there are no breakthroughs, then either let it go or think of another way in which to do it. Who do you know that can provide you with information?

Sunday September 23 – Mercury and Saturn are stressing each other, so cleaning up after the “party” is what is on the docket! This is a good thing to do prior to the Full Moon.

Monday, September 10 – With the Sun currently moving through Virgo, transiting Saturn in Capricorn and transiting Uranus in Taurus, this stimulates a grand trine of the earth signs. For the next few weeks, the potential to feel more grounded enhances our sense of stability. This week is the first week after the New Moon and new beginnings. These are optimum days for working in a positive way with the public, your family, your resources and your technical equipment.

Tuesday, September 11 – The Sun and Jupiter are in a sextile aspect (a combination that often brings together opportunity and ability). In the early morning hours, this is happening along with a very favorable aspect between the Sun, in Virgo, and Pluto, in Capricorn, which sheds some light on a problem still unresolved. This shedding of light opens the door to new ways of doing and thinking. For those of you who are self-employed, do not forget to pay your quarterly taxes before the 15th.

Wednesday, September 12 – Jupiter and Pluto are working together (again opportunity and ability thrown in with a little luck) and provide opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. By putting yourself into a situation that is not always comfortable but changes your patterns and daily habits, you can run into something or read something that helps with making decisions.

Thursday, September 13 – The Moon in Scorpio is working with Neptune, the imagination, arts and media. These moments of opportunity are particularly strong in late morning or early afternoon.

Saturday, September 15 – Mercury, which rules commerce and systems, along with Pluto, which rules joint finances, come together forming the perfect mix for implementing new systems into your home or business, along with people who can help you technically.

Sunday, September 16 – As we move into the First Quarter Moon Phase, the next week provide the push to get things done because we see more clearly how to proceed.

Throughout this week Saturn is finally stationing to move in a forward direction. This means that the pace is picking up.

Thursday, September 6 – Saturn goes direct at 2º Capricorn 32′ at 4:09 AM Pacific Time and 7:09 AM Eastern Time. If you are living in the US, this gives you a full day to enjoy this direct motion. Saturn is the planet of organizing, focus, hard work, structure, crystal clarity, and non-emotional but pragmatic responses. In this most powerful section of Capricorn, it is also about using what you have and discarding the things you no longer need. Streamlining is a great way to play this. What do you really need to attain the goals you have set for yourself for the next few years? Have you asked yourself this or thought about your life plan, particularly if you are of a certain age? Is there someone else who can better use those things you have outgrown or are no longer interested in? What needs improvement in your home or office? What organizational plan would make things lighter and more workable? These are all questions to ask, as Saturn turns direct in home sign of Capricorn. Many people do not like Saturn transits. They feel Saturn is too limited and not a lot of fun but out of all the signs in the zodiac, Saturn can be one of the more creative. The entire repurposing movement is a Saturn in Capricorn movement. Can you repurpose something that others think is of no use and tweak it so that it is usable?

Sunday, September 9 – The New Moon (new beginnings) in Virgo and Uranus (sudden ideas) in excellent aspect to Saturn helps generate ideas.

Monday, August 27 – The big news is that today Mars finally goes direct! Oh, what a relief that is. It goes direct at 28º Capricorn 36′ at 7:05 AM Pacific Time and 10:05 AM Eastern Time. Mars direct is wonderful, particularly for those of us who like getting things done but find that during the Mars retrograde period (started late June through today), getting things done just is not happening fast enough. Mars direct periods are when decisions are made. These decisions are to leave a job, start a job, get healthy, contact those who have been trying to provide you with a needed service but for which you have not had the resources. Remember, Mars is just going direct. It does not reach its full power until late in September. More news, our 2019 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is available now for a direct download.

Sunday, September 2 – Another planet that is catching up with where it left off is Mercury, the planet of problem solving, writing, speaking, communicating and selling. It catches up with where it left off at 23º Leo 27′. Though it is still in ‘fixed thinking’ Leo, it moves to Virgo, its own sign, on September 5. This week is catch up week. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of donating something to a charity, perhaps you’ve been thinking of starting a new creative venture that is more fun than work. It is possible to have both. This might be the perfect time to do that treasure map or vision board for the next year. You have incubated enough ideas, now it might be time to concretize those visions.