The Sun entered the fiery sign of Leo on Sunday July 22. Leo is the sign of the heart and playfulness, which is why many people choose to go on vacation in August. It is a sign of creativity, childlike glee, hobbies and creative projects. It is usually a sign that is in a good mood. The first five to six days after its entrance into Leo (in other words this week) there may be moments of impulse and reaction to outside influences, because Mars retrogrades is opposite the Sun (very unusual). Unusual or sudden responses may also affect driving and the distractions that come from upset. Caution is suggested when driving on crowded freeways (there sure are a lot of those these days). If there is an expenditure that suddenly comes up–not really a surprise since Mercury starts its retrograde motion on Wednesday, July 25, then get a second and third estimate.

If there is a delay in a project, rather than getting upset, breathe a sigh of relief because when planets start their retrograde periods there is a bit more stress. Since Mercury is retrograde in Leo and Leo is the sign of children-children of the body or children of our mind–there may be ‘issues’ arising regarding children. Leo represents dating and having an enjoyable time but it is also a rather fixed energy. If plans seem to go awry, try flexibility rather than obstinacy and you might find an even better adventure shows up.

This compounded by the Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) taking place on Friday July 27 at 4° Aquarius 45′ that is running with Mars. There are shadows all around us. The last time the eclipse was at this degree was on July 28, 1999, but it was aligned with Neptune. During this time, prices in real estate and markets escalated and products and ideas were still working off older modes of thinking. The difference between that eclipse and this one is that technology has changed, there is a lot more accessible information (sometimes it isn’t always true, but it is accessible), and with Mars right there it can be a recipe for generalized exhaustion requiring some sort of respite.

However, Jupiter (good fortune) is still in play and this offers tremendous support. If you are tired, your mind may be tired. Is there something new and unique you would like to learn? Since Mercury is retrograde, the question for all of us is where can we benefit from rethinking an old method of working, playing, or learning. Is there something for which we hold immense amounts of curiosity? Now is the time to zero in on how we can better spend our time to get the most out of life.

Intuition is a great gift! Everybody has it, but not everybody listens to it. Right now, the Sun is traveling through the water sign of Cancer and sending off wonderful lines to Neptune, which is the sign of intuition, inspiration, and the creative process. With Jupiter having just gone direct in the third water sign, Scorpio, there is bounty and fortune regardless of the eclipses, Mars retrograde and the upcoming Mercury retrograde. As a friend of mine used to say, there is gold all around you.

Outcomes all depend upon whether you are the type of thinker that believes the glass is half empty or half full. If you are a half empty type of personality, this may be the change that needs to happen so that you are able to identify the bounty and the bountiful opportunities that lie ahead. This is cosmic pre-school for those of us who are willing to step up and clean out the parts of life that are not working. There is a Moon Venus combo (good) on Monday, July 16, a Moon Mars aspect (good) on Wednesday, July 18, and a Moon, Venus and Jupiter positive combo on Friday, July 20, and throughout the weekend. You may even discover something that you had forgotten about, a tiny inspiration for a change that you can build on through the rest of 2018. Is there something sitting on your shelf that needs repairs that is symbolic of something in your life? Putting things back together often puts parts of our lives back together.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and opportunity is going direct this week, on July 10, at 13° Scorpio 20′. This is one of those marvelous times that offer some positive action and large opportunities. A little personal marketing helps, too. Scorpio rules the house of joint finances, legacies, insurance settlements, and your income or the packages offered when companies downsize. This is a good week to ask for the thing you want and believe (Jupiter) you will get it, or something close to what you envision.

Patience is important as the suggestion for that opportunity needs to sink it and with the upcoming Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on Thursday July 12 at 20° Cancer 41′, people need some time to incubate your ideas. This is the first solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer since July 22, 2009. There were several eclipses in Cancer during 2009. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which rules such industries as restaurants, films, antiques, houses, and food. This eclipse cycle of Cancer and Capricorn lasts for about 1.5 years (and returns every 9 ½, more precisely to the same exact position every 19 years) and suggests that prices are peaking in the industries that they rule. Is it possible that real estate, particularly in areas where prices are inflated, is about to shift? It is possible. The key thing to investing is to have a plan B for when a drop takes place. Be conservative in your investment and then hold on to it until the next cycle.

For example, if you have been investing in only one thing then this is the time to look at the alternatives to that. Investments are a see saw. When one is up and in fashion, others are down. The key is to achieve a balance, cutting potential loss, saving some cash (budgets are required here), researching and then when the moment arrives, to act. When one industry or market is up, another is always down, and vice versa. An example is interest rates. When they are down (and they have been down for a very long time–too long really), people invest in large investments like real estate but interest rates eventually rise. Treasuries, tax free municipal bonds, didn’t pay anything when rates were down but now rates are going up and those treasuries or tax free muni bonds that weren’t such a great investment before are now something to consider. (I am not a financial adviser, but simply illustrating the see saw effect of change).

This series of eclipses in July and August are involved with an opposition to Pluto, which offers tough choices, but first requires research and asking lots of questions. Whom do we choose to engage with, what areas of our lives need change? This time can bring a major building or business remodel (Pluto) or a major psychological emotional remodel through therapy (Pluto). Something is about to change in the area of your chart this is taking place. During an eclipse we cannot see exactly what that is because there is a shadow, but about 90-days later we gather more insight. We cannot clearly see what that is but our intuition feels the need to change. Whether we ‘choose’ to listen or not is on us. The other two eclipses of this summer will be discussed in the coming weeks along with the upcoming Mercury retrograde. What changes are you considering?

Hello everyone. I am resuming the weekly forecasts starting this week. For those of you who receive my newsletters (free by signing up at our website), you will know I have been on the road for a few months but now am back, at least for a while. This week, on the fourth of July, Chiron, often referred to as the wounded healer, is beginning its retrograde motion until December 8, 2018. I like retrogrades, I think we get a lot more completed. Chiron is also associated with coaching, teaching and improvements in medical technology. It entered the sign of Aries (first time in 51 years and Aries is associated with the head) in mid-April. There is a lot of news about working with the brain and finding cures for some of the diseases of the brain, like Parkinson’s and ALS. New discoveries in brain stimulation are shifting both the genetic mental illness challenges as well as the trauma from brain injuries that seem to be increasingly common. Since Chiron is a bridge between two disciplines, the increasing combination of psychiatry and neurology is a fast growing industry. A very interesting article about these discoveries can be found at

On a more personal note, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and this means a lot more outdoors activity. Since Mars (which rules Aries) went retrograde on June 26 and continues to retrograde through August 28, make sure you put on a helmet when jet skiing or biking. Chiron can also rule the ankles so wear the right shoes for appropriate activities. Think before acting on impulse, as Mars is in the extreme sign of Aquarius. Aquarius rules groups and fellow members of your community. Remember, when people get fussy in the next couple of months it is a universal edginess, as Aquarius also rules the nerve endings. A little exercise or some healthy escapism (I like movie therapy) is not a bad idea when the world’s nerve endings seem raw.

On an even more personal note, my new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Cycles, is selling well (it was released in April 2018) and you can order it for $19.95 plus postage at our website and/or order the Business Astrology 101 book . If you are reading this in a foreign country, you will have a better ‘postage fee’ experience by ordering it directly from Amazon.

I am trying to find a better postal fee for out of the USA, but for now, please use Amazon until we put together an e-book or PDF in a few months. They seem to have a better arrangement with the USPS!

Thanks for all your support in this effort. I am proud of my book and am now on to deciding the next chapter of my life. Yes, Mars retrogrades also affects we astrologers.

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The Full Moon on Tuesday at 8° Sagittarius 10′ along with Mercury’s entry into Gemini suggests misconstrued communication over the course of those few days. The reason for this is that Neptune is involved in the equation and that can either confuse or tire out people or set gossip afoot. Scattered is a good word for this combination. However, scattered often suggests the need to rest, to regroup, or take some time off to rethink or reorganize all the piles of things left on the desk over the course of this last month. Uranus’ entry into Taurus begs for a new kind of organizational plan.

By week’s end on Saturday June 1, Mercury and Mars work very well together getting you back on target for those projects that seemed somewhat harrowing earlier this week. Venus and Jupiter are also in a lovely aspect on Saturday, which might mean you need a little R & R with friends in your social circle. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, perhaps a simple invitation to get together with old friends with whom you’ve lost touch during the last months.

This is the month that Mars is in Aquarius and Mars is already slowing down to begin its retrograde motion on June 28. Mars usually motivates wherever it is moving through the chart, but with it slowing down, the motivation may not be as strong as is usual. In the West Coast chart, it takes place in the house of real estate and homes. This could mean that the market is slowing down to a more realistic pace and if one is thinking of changing their real estate issues, this next two months is probably the time in which to decide.

The Sun has now entered Gemini, a month full of very busy, hectic and chatty days ahead. The month of May is always full of graduations, celebrations, and preparations for weddings and summer events. The energy is buzzing this week since Mercury, the planet of communication, is running with Uranus (lightening it up). Running into people you have not seen for a long time suggests a brief sit down, a sharing of ideas that springs forth fertile ideas bubbling up from these meetings. The key thing to remember (since the Sun is in Gemini) is to triage what is the most important concept at the top, then sort out the rest. Keep names, ask people about the skills they have, organize those skills, find out who wants to work on something for which you are forming a collaboration, which may birth in spring 2019.

On Friday May 25, Mercury (communication) combines beautifully with Pluto. In other words, the problem is solved and with Venus opposing Saturn late that same night, structure is set in place.

I am getting back from Europe and getting ready for my pre-conference workshop on Financial Astrology at UAC 2018 in Chicago at the Marriott on Thursday, May 24 at 1 pm as well as my two lectures on Electing Decent Business Charts and Synodic Cycles (the subject of my new book, Pushing through Time). Because of all this activity, I won’t be taking clients until later in June, but wanted to share a very interesting insight for all of you this week.

Tomorrow, May 15, Uranus, the planet of awakening, innovation, and out of the blue opportunities when you least expect them, enters the sign of Taurus (it is going to just be there for a few months until November 2018). The last time Uranus entered Taurus was 1935 where it stayed for 7 years. This planet takes 84 years to orbit the Sun so this is a very timely transition offering us a preview for a few months while it tries on the sign of Taurus offering some insights as to what to expect when Uranus enters Taurus permanently in March 2019. In March of 2019 Uranus will return to Taurus and stay until 2026. This year is about changing it up, changing our ideas, our visions, our values. Improving our personal expression. I do think, the earth energy of Taurus, will bring a more grounded energy to our culture and perhaps bring more people to the table of compromise.

And speaking of environments, farming, agricultural, textiles, the arts, the voice this could be a renaissance of using buildings, land and agriculture in a new and more efficient way. Taurus has to do with currencies on a certain and all types of currencies, eliminating the middle men from transactions, and the software that support these are all beginning. The energy this week may be somewhat edgy, and Uranus leaves Aries early on Tuesday morning at the same time as the New Moon, which always means new (and sudden in this case) beginnings. Hold on but not too tight.

The attempt to figure something out, to dig deep, and finding the right answers to complex questions is often frustrating and that frustration can lead to angry or heated exchanges. Those around you may seem as though they are either doing their work and staying on task while others may seem as though they are ‘out to lunch’ and not paying attention. This balances out markedly as the week comes to an end. By Friday, May 11, the Sun and Pluto complement each other bringing both the dreamers and the doers together with ideas offering fabulous solutions. This improves even further on Sunday as Mercury enters the earth sign Taurus. And, lest we forget, Happy Mothers’ Day to all of you who nurture or care for someone or something in your life.

Yesterday was the Full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio. It was also the 90-days after the January 31 eclipse, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Aquarius. Issues facing us at the beginning of the year are now seeing the light of day. We gain insight in the three months or six months following the eclipses so that we can take effective action. This week puts a few more things in order as well since Mercury, the planet of travel, commerce and communications is catching up with where it left off back on March 22, 2018. For me, I am traveling with a group of friends in France these next two weeks exploring an entirely different world and diverse cultures.

May 1 is the day often celebrated around the world as Beltane or May Day Celebrations. In the United States, we have lost this custom, but it is still very much alive in many parts of the world. It is the half way point between Spring Equinox (March 20, 2018) and Summer Solstice (June 21, 2018). It is the point in the zodiac that affords us a few weeks to begin researching the new things that came in for us at Spring Equinox before finalizing our summer plans. With Mercury catching up to itself on Thursday May 3, you could hear from someone who was giving you a bid, or, people with whom you were conducting business who seemed to have gone away, come back. Things get back on track with this cycle and putting what you can put in order and in place now is suggested, because as we get closer to June, Mars, the planet of action and motivation, is beginning its retrograde from late June to late August.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 22, Pluto began its retrograde motion (21° Capricorn 17′). It continues in retrograde motion until September 30. I find that retrograde and direct motions of Pluto offer a very transformative experience for people particularly in the weeks in which they change direction. Sometimes there is an awareness, a crystal-clear insight, that pushes one forward and assists in making difficult choices. There may be only one choice in a series of circumstances requiring action. That action, or, choice transforms a circumstance that has become untenable. Pluto is about power because Pluto is about choice and consciousness. It forces us to become self-aware and take personal responsibility for something we’ve avoided. There is an entire generation of individuals born between the late 1970s and early 1980s as well as an entire generation born between the late 1920s and early 1930s that are facing a transformative cycle, but the transformation is quite different.

For the older generation, it is a separation from an old value system that developed because of the difficult circumstances of the time and a letting go of many aspects of their lives allowing for a greater objectivity. This was the generation with Pluto in Cancer who lived through the Great Depression. The intensity of Pluto in Cancer keeps the family togethers even though the family is transforming because of circumstances out of one’s control. The Pluto in Cancer generation sacrificed everything for those families, working 24-hour days to support those they loved, regardless of how difficult this was. Their value system was built on the need of the time. Their value system was to hold onto one’s security.

The much younger group, those with Pluto in Libra born between 1971 and 1984 are having their once in a lifetime Pluto square Pluto. Whereas the earlier Pluto in Cancer group didn’t look at the issue of what was fair or wasn’t fair, the Pluto in Libra generation is focused on this issue. Pluto in Libra is about the power of establishing connections and relationships but with the codicil that all relationships must be ‘fair’. With Pluto causing stress to this position, the concept of ‘fair’ can be a very rigid and limiting factor when it comes to relationships. It is very interesting that in recent surveys, this generation has opted for a more ‘socialistic’ society. As Pluto continues through Capricorn (where it began its transit in 2008 during the Global Meltdown and continues through 2023), those beliefs are softening bringing forth the healthy balance of give and take and the realization that things are not always fair, but that, in the end, things do balance out.

Since Pluto moves at a very slow pace, it affects only a few years of a sign at a time, taking approximately 18 months to 2 years to completely transform someone (if they are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable).

For those born between 1979 and 1983, the transformation discussed above is happening at this writing. Those born between 1983 and 1987 will experience this same thing next year and that is how the sequence works. Everything has its flaws and that is the realization as Pluto continues its movements through Capricorn. There is no either/or in nature, but there is a ‘big middle’ containing many shades of grey. The transformation reveals that people are not all bad or all good, that people have many layers somewhere in between, and those many layers and textures are what make up a human being. This awareness will hopefully seep into all aspects of our lives.