Jupiter and Neptune and Venus are in hard aspect to each other this week. This suggests the ‘wish’ to overspend, since Jupiter is involved, and Jupiter is about the ‘big’ spending issues. Neptune loves to dream of what it might feel like to own (Venus) something. The suggestions when buying something, particularly, a big-ticket item in the coming weeks, is to step away from the item, the house, the car and think about it for a bit. At least review finances and look at what can be released so that you can own that or something else that might fit the bill more appropriately.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo, a fixed and stubborn sign, therefore the suggestion to think twice before purchasing is being offered. Mercury in a fixed sign affords an opportunity to slow down and ‘kick the tires’ as we say. Anytime planets land in Leo, that issue can come up. Mercury is about thinking, and Leo is about speculating or playing. Speculation is particularly evident, but since Mercury is slowing down and going retrograde between July 7 and July 31 and an eclipse is on the heels of that retrograde on July 2, think twice. It is very possible that that ‘big ticket’ item may have even dropped its price, or you can negotiate a lower price close to the end of the retrograde.

The week begins with a very powerful Full Moon in late Gemini and late Sagittarius near Jupiter. Therefore, it seems that the week’s energy is big and busy. The next day, on Tuesday, Mercury and Mars align suggesting that tempers may be flaring and a little patience or stopping to think before one reacts is probably a good idea. Full Moons can exacerbate a situation and though the Full Moon is on Monday, its effects continue through the week until we get over to Friday. With the Summer Solstice kicking in at week’s end, the season of growth is beginning and as the days are longer, spend some of it outside and bring in fresh perspectives that prepare you for the fall season.

Outdoor activity is good because it gives you some Vitamin C, sunshine, and this week we have a few of what we call Moon occultation on Tuesday and Wednesday, where the Moon lines up precisely with Saturn and Pluto. This is what we call heavy energy. A kind of make it or break it energy. It also supports a stick to it type of mentality which can go beyond reasonable time and hours, thus the suggestion to schedule some outside time in the sunshine to balance out the intensity of this week’s activities. Being tired is part of the package as Neptune finally retrogrades on Friday at 19º Pisces. This also affects Libras born on the first 11 days of the sign. Getting a little nap each day may be just the ticket.

The week starts out with what we term a ‘Grand Cross’. A grand cross is when four different planets are at 90º to each other, forming a kind of cosmic cube. I used to ask my students if you were to take the two-dimensional form of a square and turn it into a 3-dimensional cube and you were to lay that cube on the side of a hill, would it easily roll down the hill? The answer is, of course, no. I did have one student years ago come up with….” if you move some dirt or rocks from under the bottom and give it a gentle push, it would!” I still remember her sitting there, some twenty-five years ago, in the front row, dressed in gray. That always impressed me, because cardinal cross energies are hard to move, but once they get going nothing stops them.

Allowing flexibility in negotiations or decisions is very important and will remove some obstacles that seem to be standing in your way. What are some of the obstacles in your life getting in the way of a goal? If you are an artist and you want to make a good living, then hire others who specialize in marketing and bookkeeping so you can do the thing you are best at — art. If you are a bookkeeper working on details in bookkeeping all the time, perhaps hire someone to do some of the macro chores around the office like answering the phones, getting the mail out and greeting the public so you can do the best thing you do — bookkeeping.

This week’s First Quarter Moon suggests this is a good time to start thinking of getting organized. Neptune begins its annual retrograde stance next week on Friday, June 21 just as the Summer Solstice begins. I like Neptune retrogrades because they offer a more solid opportunity to get some of the dream cobwebs of ideas out of the way in order to get something done.

The week begins with a New Moon (the beginning of the monthly activity cycle) at 12º Gemini 34′ — so it is a great time to plan some trips, one-day workshops, or write that short paper. You may not get any real ideas going until Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer later on Tuesday, June 4 because the last days of a planet changing signs are often scattered or unfocused. A push forward or a motivation to turn over some stumbling blocks comes on Wednesday, June 5 and you experience ‘wake-up call’ on how to do things differently begins on Friday, June 7 with Mercury and Uranus together. On Saturday, June 8, the energy gets turned up a notch as Venus, the planet of love, attraction and what we desire, enters Gemini at 9:37 PM Eastern Time.

This shift into more planets in Gemini can affect sleep patterns as we now have three of the inner planets all in Gemini, which makes for restlessness. Lack of sleep can affect one’s judgment when driving or dealing with peers at work. It can be exhausting, and that ‘exhaustive’ energy may continue through the weekend. Getting out into the fresh air and getting some exercise feeds the lungs, which is something a lot of Geminis need. This is different than ‘gym air’. Outdoors, sunshine, and walking can pump up the circulation and this helps with the restlessness that may be in the ethers right now.

We are celebrating Memorial Day in the USA today. This is the time we remember those who gave their lives for our country for we the future generations. Remembering people is respectful, and often one of the neglected practices in the USA, because we are moving so fast through our day to day activities. The Moon is the planet that remembers the past. It remembers from whence we came and though we sometimes remember the more difficult issues around people or situations from the past, there is always something learned by those experiences. This is the time to remember the good.

The week begins with the Moon in Pisces, one of the more sensitive moons, and so it is in line with the idea of remembering those people upon whose shoulders we stood who helped carve our paths in this lifetime.

As the week continues, the Moon enters lively Aries and on Thursday, May 30 offers communication opportunities that can include planned meetings that might prove fortunate as Jupiter is involved in the aspect. On Thursday Venus and Neptune are aligned with each other providing a perfect combination for the arts, creativity, a movie, a romantic moment. Friday and Saturday the Moon is in Taurus and continues the flow of creativity and socializing that might include an opportunity out of the blue for being in the ‘right place at the right time’. Sometimes we don’t want to go to a social event because we are too tired or just too overloaded with work, but the suggestion here is…. GO!

Monday’s void of course Moon from 1:05 pm Eastern Time suggests a day in which it seems as though nothing is getting done. Plus, the Sun is in the last degree of Taurus and Mercury is in the last degree of Taurus. There are many void-of-course energies today. Thusly, it is probably a good day to go out into the garden and enjoy a little nature or take the day off. Sometimes when we step back from our challenges, the unconscious steps in with solutions for things that seem unresolvable. Taking time away from a problem is often the best way to find a solution.

After the Sun and Mercury enter Gemini in the early morning hours of May 21, livelier energy appears, phone calls come in, texts get answered and a very different way of approaching a project shows up. This is a great week for networking, in person, with others, to catch up with friends, and share some of the issues bothering you, particularly on the 22nd when trepidation regarding one’s security may be lingering in the ethers. A long time ago I learned that those who share their financial planning or ideas with others prosper far better than those who keep things too close to the vest. A trusted friend or ally is what is needed during these times.

This coming weekend I am speaking at the Seattle conference NORWAC. The three topics I am covering are: Synodic Cycles (topic of my new book), Derivative Houses (Turning the Wheel), and a three hour pre-conference workshop on Fashion Cycles, something I have studied for years and years since I was doing costume design at Northwestern in Chicago many years ago. It has always been a first love of mine, and fascinating. I am finding out as I uncover the big historical changes in this industry that, again, as always history does repeat itself. The idea of working with fabrics, color are all very Taurus and with Uranus just moving into Taurus, waking up to our own personal designs, what we wear now versus what we wore ‘then’, is a great way to process other things. Cleaning out closets while trying to solve a problem, or, reworking something old into something newer looking is also a great way to change energies around. This can be closets as well as offices or work spaces or even gardens. Uranus in Taurus asks us to think about the beauty in our lives in a fresh new way and what a perfect time of year in which to do that.

Shine a light on problem-solving as the week begins and the Sun and Pluto are in a good aspect to each other. Someone, a respected figure, may be the person to call to glean insights on how to maneuver through the present financial challenges. Reaching out and asking for help or sharing your concerns with another more respected figure in the field is just the ticket and help is there if you reach out. Tuesday’s Mars and Venus positive aspect indicates the individual may be closer than you realize and when Venus enters its own sign, Taurus, on Wednesday, May 15 along with Mars entering Cancer, ruffled feathers calm down and some peace enters the environment.

On Thursday, May 16, Mercury, the planet of communication and discussions, is in a good aspect to Saturn (grounded and stable energy) and with a few tweaks here and there, one arrives at a solution or resolution on how to handle some of the surprises of last week. This is a good aspect in which to negotiate a contract with both parties giving something.

On Saturday, May 18, is another Full Moon, called a Blue Moon, in late Scorpio and late Taurus, and this affects people that have planets close to the end of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus. Lots of change may suddenly show up concerning the major areas–identity, primary relationships, where you are living and with whom you are working. In other words, a light shine on issues perhaps swept under the rug or ignored over the course of the last four months.

Communication is always a key to smoothing things over and it is important to have skills or tools that support that process. Mercury enters the less reactive sign of Taurus on Monday, May 6. Mercury in Taurus requires more processing time in communications and is a very good place for it to be in terms of planning out long-term goals. This week, Mercury passes over Uranus on Wednesday so some surprises may pop out of the blue offering either insights to a new way of doing things or offering some detours falling in front of plans. Transit Saturn and Pluto continue to run with the South Node (Dragon’s Tail) and responsibilities loom large as this continues throughout the month.

It is the first week of the New Moon which was on Saturday, May 4 at mid-degrees of Taurus, so this is the start of a thirty-day new start cycle particularly around resources, spending, liquidity issues, and cash flow. The surprises come first and then the ‘how’ of how to handle them unfolds. Avoid confrontations on Thursday, May 9, as stress can often lead to saying things that one cannot take back.

On Monday, Saturn stations to go retrograde at about 20º Capricorn 53’ and it looks as though it stops and puts our organizational plans on pause. Regard this as an opportunity for further reflection and to form a more solid foundation that gets rid of anything extraneous. Saturn retrograde periods (this is between April 29 and September 18, 2019) are some of the more productive periods of each year. Saturn has a way of saying, “Let’s take a wait-and-see approach.” It is a perfect time to have our annual plans reviewed so that they are clear and efficient. This period slows us down in the area of our lives where Saturn is transiting. This can involve parental control (the Saturn myth involves a lot of parental control), either letting go of that role or letting go of our dependence upon it. Saturn retrogrades provide a perspective for a less emotional judgment of our current professional role and what is it we can do to change. Review what it is you are willing to do to minimize your lifestyles is in order to take the next steps toward the top of your proverbial mountain. This is an interesting week in that it is also the Last Quarter Moon, when we clear off desks, shred the files, and release ourselves of outworn obligations.

Saturday, May 4 is a New Moon at 14º Taurus! With Saturn and last week’s Pluto in aspect and slowing down, new options show up for a new cash flow. It doesn’t have to be extreme change. It can start with one or two alternative things you do during the week that can, over time, grow your wealth. It requires the ability to be brave and decide you do not have to have too much. Resolve to have just enough so that very big changes can begin. Three large planetary conjunctions (called Synodic Cycles) take place starting in January 2020, so the next few months of laying down a plan, a budget and a blueprint for this change will indeed pay off.

Here we go! This week the traveling Sun crosses over Uranus (a once a year phenomenon) on Monday, starting out the week with brilliant insights and startling ideas. This alignment is quite powerful and can offer opportunities, if one is willing to pay attention to what is going on around them. This is the alignment of networking–people who know people who know people who can offer you resources or places to go for those items and services you need. On this very same day, those network options present the beginning of opportunities to work out obstacles getting in the way of ideas regarding more cash flow. Do make sure that you know where the money is coming from and if the value is accurate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for clarity regarding what you need to know. With Pluto going retrograde for a few months on Wednesday, April 24, you really do need to pause and explore. This time spent will be worth it for more efficient planning. Saturn also goes retrograde next week (all very good retrogrades) representing a rethink, renewal, or research period.

In the USA, taxes are due this week. This is the second 90-day period after the January 21, 2019 eclipse at 00º Leo and 00º Aquarius. These two degrees and the 00º Taurus and 00º Scorpio are the degrees connected to the security houses in the horoscope. Some of the things they include are how we spend our money, our cash flow, what we save for a rainy day, and with whom we are tied financially–both personally and professionally. Monies we owe to others and what others owe us. The ‘stark’ reality on what needs to be done in any one of those areas is possible this week It may also be that this is the week of resolving an ongoing issue involving some of the above-mentioned subjects.

Mercury has had a long visit in Pisces during both its retrograde and direct phases. The fact that Mercury finally enters Aries, the ‘click’ sign of the zodiac, either late Tuesday for the West Coast and the early morning hours on Wednesday, April 17, for the Eastern Time zone, means clarity. It is possible, though it may not be pleasant, that around the 19th of April, when Chiron and Mercury are together, difficulties resulting from miscalculation are apparent. Hmmm? This is tax week isn’t it? Chiron has to do with learning, so this is a good time to learn about those things that many of us just do not want to deal with, like finances. No worries, learning is in the air and can really wake us up to planning in a very beneficial way.

An interesting week in that a few planetary bodies go retrograde and these are probably the good ones. Ceres is not a planet but an asteroid. Ceres has a lot to do with farming, wheat, and food deriving from the earth. Simply put, if you need to start watching your food intake, this retrograde offers an opportunity to re-think your diet. Seek out a good nutritionist who can check out those long unresolved mysteries involving how certain foods affect you. There are all types of hidden allergies to such things as gluten, tree nuts, and yeast. This is a good time to get clarity on whether you are experiencing an allergy or an imbalance in your digestive system. On a larger global level, this could have something to do with the food chain and discovery that part of that process must change or needs a re-think in terms of distributions.

The other retrograde taking place this week is that of Jupiter in Sagittarius at 24º Sagittarius 21’ on April 10, which is a good for everyone. The reason for this is that Jupiter in Sagittarius can have a kind of ‘runaway train’ effect in our lives as well as politically and globally. The fact that Jupiter is looking as though it is retrograde until it goes direct in mid-August welcomes a calmer and less reactive environment. Wherever Jupiter has been passing through your chart is where you have probably been experiencing a lot of ‘something’. In the second or eighth house, it is spending. In the third or ninth house, it is information overload. In the sixth and twelfth house, health issues or environmental chaos that is moving too fast. This cycle slows that stuff down and brings reason and clarity to the table a lot more than in the past weeks when Jupiter was moving fast and furious. On Friday, April 12, the Sun and Pluto have a somewhat confrontational position with each other, which suggests if a miscommunication, or, a confrontation takes place. Take a moment, take a deep breath and ask to think about it and discuss it the next day, Saturday, when things calm down considerably and all parties are far more generous in their resolutions.