This week begins with the Sun in Capricorn lined up with Venus in Capricorn. If you are looking for a new job or a new office situation this suggests it might be time to review what is in your wardrobe. Enhanced by Venus, clothing reflects the refined confidence of the Saturnine less is more theme that begins 2018. All of these planets in Capricorn denote people getting back to work, both young and old. Many of these jobs are self-designed, as Capricorn is notorious for ‘finding the need and filling it’. We are entering an era of starting businesses by finding specific niches. These specific niches are derived by clearing our schedules of time wasting activities (how many hours do you spend on social media?) and reformulating those hours into researching an idea and putting a plan together. This spring, in April, I will speak at the Berkeley Women’s Conference. The lecture is called How to Invent your Job. It will be a lecture in ‘English’ using the examples of planetary archetypes. This basic information can assist in forming teams that are balanced and bring together those with various skill sets. With the Fourth Quarter Moon this week, it is my suggestion that you go through files that you have been saving and curate any gems of information regarding your interests. Mercury is back on track January 10 and meets up with Saturn on January 12, emphasizing more focus in our thinking.

The year and the week start out with a bang! On January 2, Uranus, that god of chaos mentioned just last week, finally goes direct at 28° Aries 36′. Like a racehorse heading for the finish line of a seven-year cycle, Uranus now moves rapidly through the last two degrees of Aries through the next few months and then ingresses into Taurus in May 2018 for just a few months. This brief sojourn into Taurus lasts until November 6 when it returns to Aries until March 2019. However, between May and November, the shift of Uranus from fast paced Aries into much slower and grounded Taurus is comforting.

Those few months where it is in Taurus, offer the opportunity to start thinking about new and fresh ideas grounded in practical, fertile and satisfying earth bound ideas. While Uranus remains in Aries thought things remain fiery. I think it is interesting that the last time Uranus traveled though Aries was between 1927 and 1935 during the Great Depression, the development of the WPA by Franklyn Delano Roosevelt and the beginning of such government programs as Social Security. It was also the end of Prohibition. This is an interesting irony that another type of Prohibition is ending as more and more states legalize the use of Marijuana. It is my opinion that by the time Uranus re-enters Taurus in 2019, it becomes accepted on a Federal level during that time. Whether you agree with this or doesn’t is not the point, because I think it has to do with profit more than a moral issue and Taurus is about profit.

My view of this is that as Uranus (the awakener and the ruler of large networks) moves into money making Taurus (which is associated with agricultural innovations), that more companies will be investing in Marijuana for profit as many are doing at this writing. In addition, the advances in agricultural technology will be vast. I think once Uranus enters Taurus, things simmer down a bit at least for a few months but in the months approaching May, we may still be in for major climate and political upheavals. The riots of the last few years may not subside, but they will become more effective, more controlled and contained, but, therefore more effective.

This is a little bit more of a forecast than I do for a week, but it felt important to expand a bit. However, lest we forget the Full Moon of this week on Monday January 1, 2018 at 11° Cancer 38′, this Full Moon is very close to Pluto and there may be lots of endings and choices to end something this week. Those choices are big decisions to create something new out of something long needing a makeover. With Saturn at the Sun’s end of the Full Moon, it involves construction, responsibility and cutting something away or paring something down. It still doesn’t make it any easier. My best to all of you as you make these kinds of choices at the beginning of this year.

This is the last forecast for 2017. Thank you all for your loyal support and readership. Our list has grown and I am so very grateful. This week is Christmas and Kwanzaa — all celebrations of life! At the end of the year and with Mercury in direct motion now, I ask you what it is in your own life that you’d like to shift or change or alter over the course of the next year. It can be as simple as allowing yourself more time for you or for something that gives you great pleasure. That is one of the gifts of Saturn in Capricorn because Saturn and Capricorn are about the concept of ‘time’-not wasting it and using it optimally.

Saturn is the Roman name of the god in Greek Mythology known as Kronos, whose name means time. Kronos has both bad and good qualities. I’d like to focus on his good qualities in this week’s forecast since the main story we always hear about him is that he is sent to destroy his father, Ouranos (Uranus), the sky god by Gaia, his mother and Mother Earth. The reason Gaia sends her son Kronos to destroy his father is that Uranus, keeps coming together with Mother Earth, having children and quickly leaving — leaving Mother Earth to fend for herself and her many children. With too many responsibilities, perhaps she felt she couldn’t function and provide the Earth with what the Earth needed. We really don’t know. This is just a story.

Saturn, Kronos, the dutiful son destroys the father, Uranus, the god associated with chaos. Was it a bad thing that he destroyed his father? I leave that up to you the reader, but if you think about the motivation behind the request –the planet was in need of order and someone had to do it.

And the question is, “What is order”? Order is having a day where you have balance. Order is when we don’t all work or we don’t all play. When that happens, things get out of hand and crazy and human beings can only do so much. The world today is complex, fast, without boundaries and globally awake 24/7 inundated with a news cycle of the same amount of hours. We ride subways looking at our phones, have dinner with love ones looking at our phones and so much time is wasted. People are starving for connections. What part of each of our lives needs more tender loving care? Where do we need to be quiet for just a little time? What part of our psyche feels too chaotic to function? These are all questions we ask as we approach the New Year and they are questions the New Year assists us in addressing. Happy New Year to all of you.

We begin the week with the New Moon of last week. We also begin the week with the last day that Saturn is in Sagittarius! Tomorrow, December 19, Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn at 8:49 PM on the West Coast and at 11:49 PM on the East Coast. The last time Saturn entered Capricorn was February 13, 1988. It stayed there for a few weeks, went back to Sagittarius in June, 1988, then re-entered Capricorn November 11, 1988 and remained in Capricorn until February 6, 1991. I always like to give these dates because if you have lived long enough, you can go back to that period in your life and recall what you learned (or didn’t) during that period and was left incomplete. The way these planetary ingresses work is that, like the DNA strand moving in upwards motion, when a slow moving planet like Saturn returns after 29 ½ years you have the opportunity to further develop the good stuff you were developing at the time before. You also are reminded of the not so good stuff that you had to discard at that time for survival purposes and though those moments were sad, they were necessary as Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn asks each of us to pare down what is no longer needed in our lives, while asking us to let go of situations we’ve outgrown.

As many of you recall the early 90s brought a recession. Recessions are always a ‘bad’ word for a lot of people, but my view of them is they provide opportunities for more creative ways in which to work and think and live. We’ve all heard the term ‘less is more’. Saturn in Capricorn’s mantra is just that. Pullback periods are some of the best times to find that the hole in your life or in society’s life and fill it. I think it is interesting that the sign of Capricorn falls at Winter Solstice and in the Northern Hemisphere (the Solstice is on December 21 this week), this is a very cold time of year but soon as the days get longer, we have more light and warmth.

With Mercury going direct on the 22nd the day after the Solstice and a couple of days after Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, my view is — well, okay, let’s get on with our lives! The last three years have not been that great for many, but with Saturn in Capricorn, a more realistic, perhaps an even more conscientious and responsible energy ignites during this new cycle. Think of this major transition of the zodiac as a time after a long period of darkness where we begin to see little shoots of light. Always remember the space for what you want is already filled with what you settle for instead! Happy Solstice and I wish you all warm and joyous holidays to you and your families and friends. Tell a friend about our free newsletter which is available by signing up here. Thanks for all your support through the years.

This week offers a more festive mood as many wonderful aspects take place this week. Though Mercury is still retrograde, Mercury is dancing delightfully with the Sun on Tuesday December 12, 2017 giving some inspired thought to all kinds of ideas percolating at this time. A little fire is sometimes all we need and the Sun brings exactly that. As the week at the Last Quarter phase of the Moon — the clearing up phase — Mercury aligns with Venus on Friday. This is a good time to meet friends, socialize, negotiate and pitch in some help while socializing with others. Continue this delightful energy into the weekend as the Sun in Sagittarius sends off a positive trine (support) to innovative and unique Uranus on Saturday.

This is just in time for the New Moon (always starts the month’s energy phase) on Sunday at 26° Sagittarius 17′ sparking some new changes that improve one’s organization which might have started on September 19, 2017. As you may recall, these late degrees of Sagittarius are at the Galactic Center where anything can happen. When they happen, they happen very fast creating lots of changes in their wake. Hold on and trust that the changes of the last two and a half years are coming to an end and finding resolution.

Chiron is direct this week on Tuesday December 5 at 24° Pisces 19′. Chiron is often referred to as a wounded healer. Chiron does have a lot to do with health, health practices, particularly more holistic practices, but it also has to do with the wisdom derived from the experience of pain. In our lives, we all have wounding experiences. Some, granted, are worse than others. However, how one incorporates those wounding experiences into the fabric of their lives makes a huge difference in terms of the quality of their lives. Those individuals who work through the pain can use their derived wisdom from that pain to help others — to counsel others particularly if others have had similar experiences.

Others, however, just hold the pain, doing nothing about it, and that pain, ultimately eats away at their soul and affects their lives in a most negative way. Chiron going direct for the last time in Pisces (where it has been for almost ten years) offering an opportunity from now through mid-April 2018 when it enters Aries to get things sorted out regarding the psychic pain of the past.

The Civil Rights movement of the mid 1960s was injected with the pain of Chiron in Pisces, the last time Chiron was in Pisces as it has been for a few years now. Chiron takes 51 years to return to a sign. Over the course of the last few years as Chiron again returned to Pisces in April 2010, those same issues surfaced again. As Chiron finishes its run in Pisces for a short time next spring, returning to Pisces in late 2018 and then finally leaving Pisces in 2019, resolutions and solutions arise.

Since Chiron is direct in late degrees of Pisces this week and moves straight to Aries next April, these next few months offer an extraordinary opportunity to right those things that are wrong, or, at least, begin the process. Direct motion of Chiron offers individuals courage to speak up about what they feel is unjust. It helps mobilize groups as well. With Chiron very close to a challenging aspect to Saturn still, this process might be seem way too slow and tedious, but that is the way it is right now. But things don’t stay the same forever. Where is it in your life that you need to express your deep discomfort in order to heal or energize Spirit? These next few weeks are a good time to make a plan.

The week begins with a hard aspect between Mercury (commerce and communications) and Saturn (slowdown and restriction). Usually this aspect lasts for a day or two, but since Mercury is going retrograde at week’s end on December 2 and 3, this aspect is be in play for a long time. During this time, fleet footed Mercury goes back to conjunct Saturn- again- on December 6, more delays. It is direct December 22, 2017 at 13° Sagittarius. By that time Saturn will have already left Sagittarius and entered conservative Capricorn, so Mercury lines up with Saturn again around January 13 and 14 in 2018.

I realize that many of my readers don’t understand some of my Astro language at times, but let’s just simplify this last paragraph. Since Mercury takes about 88 days to cycle the Sun, but Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to go through a sign, this means that over the course of the next two or so years, Mercury, the faster planet, which has everything to do with communications, commerce, deal making, writing, learning, contracts and travel, lines up with Saturn several times during Saturn’s duration. This happens in January 2018, then again in January 2019 and then again in January 2020! Wherever Capricorn falls in your personal natal chart is where there is a call to up your life ante. Quality is what Saturn is about. It is not about quantity. What do you really need to know to become an expert? Are you working towards a degree in a field that you love, but which requires lots of sacrifice and work? Are you willing to focus your mind to achieve something? Saturn asks that you address these issues in order to provide a strong and solid foundation in the area of your life in which Saturn and Mercury are traveling for the next 2 ½ years. This sets the tone for the next 29 ½ years of your life and the cycle is just beginning.

You always have a choice. You don’t have to do it. None of us have to do anything, but Saturn is the planet of karma. It asks that we put duty before pleasure. If we want something, it says we have to work for it. It asks us to take responsibility in the area of the chart in which it falls. Again, we have choices. Sometimes life comes along and forces our hands because of responsibilities we are unable to avoid.

This combo begins its journey THIS WEEK. It asks you to begin thinking about where you want to go and how to get there. Where can you conserve, preserve, reorganize or mentally focus? In the natural zodiac, Capricorn falls in the tenth house of public image, career, bosses, parents and authority figures. In general, these areas may be challenged, but looking at your individual chart can tell you even more.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans. Thanksgiving has its share of blessings this year because the day before Thanksgiving, Neptune, which has been retrograde since mid- June moves direct at 11° Pisces 27’and this breaks open the heart providing spiritual insight. Give it a few days to get going. Neptune direct always opens up those parts of the unconscious that are suppressed. Maybe sleep has been interrupted with chaotic dreams during the last few months. Perhaps you cannot remember them, but they keep you in an uneasy sleep state. Maybe your dreams have been wild, but you can’t remember them and wish you could. Perhaps you keep having the dreams, but you can’t remember those either. You know they are the same theme and you are confused.

This direct motion of Neptune breaks open the parts of the unconscious that are bottled up bringing the unconscious into the conscious state. Harness the positive from these last few months and make time to meditate, set aside quiet time, or walk hard and long to clear your head. Neptune is there ready to work with you and your artistic and visual selves. If negative energy surrounds you, then remove yourself from that environment because Neptune is easily influenced by its surroundings. Keeping a positive mindset during the weeks that Neptune goes direct I powerful and at its best. Neptune is Spirit in its purest expression. At its worst, it feeds on anxiety and worry if you allow fear to enter the equation. It is always your choice.

Saturn is finishing its run in Sagittarius and this week is at the Galactic Center — where things can happen very quickly. If you remain centered and balanced during this period of time, joy is there for the asking accompanied by piles of wonderful change and opportunities coming at you. If you’ve done the work, there is a big payoff here. If you haven’t, you still have a chance to get it right. Remember freedom and independence are very important — this is what Sagittarius wants. The lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius in the last few years is how to put to good use that freedom and independence. Those opportunities soon unfold as Saturn enters Capricorn in the next month.

The week begins with a lovely aspect between Venus (relationships) and Jupiter (opportunity). This once a year aspect is at 7° Scorpio and supports creative Neptune in Pisces. This is a marvelous window of opportunity for fueling relationships, adding more creative time, romance, or putting together a complimentary negotiation in which both parties are satisfied and happy. However, nothing occurs in a vacuum. If you want something new to happen, you have to make the effort, make the phone call (not text), and extend a hand and set up an appointment or a lunch. Mind maps work, too.

It is quite possible that something you started at the Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017 has not materialized and which you set aside. By the end of this week on the New Moon at 26° Scorpio 19’which is the 90-days after the eclipse of August 21, you reconnect with that idea and those who can help with that idea show up. These 90-day periods bring more light and insight — like peripheral vision after a blind spot.

The week begins with Venus at the end of Libra, the sign in which it is comfortable, enjoying luxury, good food and pleasure. Perhaps in these last few weeks you’ve been changing your surroundings, emptying closets or garages, making your environment beautiful. The next phase is when Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday. Though the holidays seem far away, you have an inclination to start preparing for them now. Venus in Scorpio is very resourceful and with Thursday’s wonderful aspects between the Sun, Pluto and Venus you find what you have the energy to do just that and begin preparations over the course of the next few weeks. This is also a great time to find that bargain home or property as sales in the real estate markets slow down. The energy of Scorpio can be very shrewd and street smart, something that is really a gift if used properly and this is the time to unwrap that ‘gift’ as Jupiter (good fortune) is running alongside all the planets as they move through Scorpio this year and particularly this month.

For everyone, in conjunction with these transits, wanting more and not settling for less is part of the cycle here as these alignments often feel like all or nothing choices or events. As you face decisions, try to remember during this period that there is always a huge grey somewhere in the middle. Forgetting this very important fact works against you and limits your possibilities in both business and personal lives.

At the end of this week, is the 90-day period after the August 7 eclipse. What seemed insurmountable or confusing during the time of the eclipses suddenly shifts in a forward direction during this 90-day period. This period of time is from November 3rd to 8th (see the 2017 Starcycles Cheat Sheet for these dates). These 90-day periods always happen on the corresponding Lunation that is 90° after an eclipse. In this case, this is the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio on November 3 and 4. Light is shed in international affairs and it may be somewhat extreme as the August 7 eclipse hit an entire generation’s Pluto in mid degrees of Leo. The aging Baby Boomers who have survived their retirement and health issues are rising up again in protest or in action to stop some of the imbalances of the last 50 years. They are the professional protesters and may still surprise us in their actions.

The world may also be confronted by threats from certain countries during this time — some nuclear — some economic — some political, but with Jupiter at the Full Moon, the result is positive or, at least seems positive, for now. I add this last part because the last square between Saturn and Chiron takes place on Thursday November 2 and these two planets represent some sort of wounding confrontation.

In December 2016, President Obama ousted Russians from Russian Embassies, the first time these two planetary bodies had this aspect. Again in early 2017 as this aspect hit again the turmoil of the Affordable Care Act came under fire — and was almost set aside. Since Chiron has a lot to do with healing or health facilities, this week’s final pass may bring resolution with the Affordable Care act — altering it for the better — but not throwing it out completely. This may also be the time when many decide to leave jobs, especially in government or the health care field or begin some alternative and more workable formats.

Remember Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am Sunday November 5. Set clocks back one hour.

Starcycles 2018 Cheat Sheet by Georgia StathisAnd remember, the 2018 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is now available for direct download. This is an easy to ready, color coded graph of the upcoming year’s planetary movements. The eclipses as well as the 90-day periods after those eclipses, the direct motions and retrogrades and their dates and degrees are included.

The New Moon of last week at 26° Libra 35′ is an indicator of getting things done this entire week. It has the best combination of clarity with intellect. It has the ability to take both sides of a negotiation and come to an agreement. In order to finish an idea, assist a client, or design a project, compromise must be present. Libra offers an opportunity to quarterback those ideas, breaking it down one step at a time. You can’t do it all at once. So parse out what is most important first, then second. Like triage in emergency rooms — what is most needed first to implement the contracts or ideas?

Some unexpected help may be on the way… When the Sun and Jupiter get together — a once a year thing — on Thursday September 26, luck is part of the equation. That luck comes from community groups or friends if you are on Pacific Time and from international or educational facilities if you are on Eastern Time. The objectivity and experience of these new support systems offer the added input needed.