Lectures & Events

The State of the Art Conference – SOTA 2014
October 23-26, 2014, Niagara Falls, NY

SOTA is a small astrology conference in Niagara Falls. As one of the featured astrologers, Georgia will be presenting during the conference and giving a pre-conference workshop. You can download the latest schedule here.

  • Thursday, October 23, 2–5 pm, Georgia Stathis will be presenting a pre-conference workshop on Business Astrology – Basics and Beyond.
    Workshop basics are: The interview (helps you glean what the client needs). The issue of timing company charts and a thorough contrast and comparison  between natal and business houses. The main thrust of the workshop, however, is delineation of timed business charts, including rulerships, solar arcs, transits, and trends.
  • Friday, October 24, 10:15 am–12:15 pm, Georgia Stathis will present a 2-hour talk on Synodic Cycles.
    Synodic cycles push through time even after they make their conjunction. Over the course of whatever time it takes for two specific planets to meet, there is a grid dynamic forming in that moment that continues for the entire course of the two planets’ return to the next conjunction. Whether it is a faster synodic cycle like Jupiter/Uranus lasting between twelve and thirteen years, or, a larger time frame when Saturn/Jupiter conjunct between nineteen and twenty years, the ‘moment’ doesn’t just begin and end at the moment of the conjunction. It stays in play for the entirety of the cycle.
    Georgia Stathis illustrates this concept through both personal and mundane examples. Stathis has been a professional astrologer since 1977 holding an M.B.A. in Business and having taught many classes throughout the world. A former teacher at Kepler College, Stathis’ research, part of which is presented at this lecture, is in her upcoming book, Pushing through Time: Synodics and other cycles.

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Breaking Down the Borders 3
November 14-16, 2014, Online Webinar

Georgia Stathis will be presenting at the IAA’s international online astrology conference. They have organized the conference into tracks this year, and Georgia will be speaking on Antiscia during Mundane Track, Session 1.

Registration opens March 2.


Georgia Stathis has been a professional speaker since 1977. She is available to train or speak to your group or work as well as your organization becoming part of your conference speaking program.
A former member of Toastmasters International and National Speakers Association, she entertains while remaining informative. Her speaking style is easy, dynamic, and humorous while conveying solid messages of hope and posing positive opportunities for the future and the cycles of those opportunities.
This website presents just a few of her many lectures throughout the years available in either MP3 format or CD. She is also available to travel to your organization and depending on distance and amount of time required, the fees are negotiable. Please contact her by writing her at georgiastathis@sbcglobal.net.