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MAYO School of Astrology Forecast
2017 London Conference ONLINE workshop
April 8, 2017

Ingresses with Georgia Stathis

Ingresses offer insight into either upcoming quarters or into the slower planets and their ingress into a new sign. In 2017 Jupiter enters Scorpio and at the end of 2017 Saturn enters Capricorn.  Early the following year, 2018 both Chiron and Uranus enter new signs as well. All of this under the umbrella of an approaching Pluto return for the USA in 2022. There are many ways of looking at ingresses – for example – how many hard aspects versus soft aspects, what are the declinations, what are the locations at which they occur, those vary as well. Stathis explores some of the possibilities and approaches in this lecture/webinar. Georgia Stathis is a business astrologer and investor since 1977. Her perspective is unique often providing a different lens through we see upcoming changes.

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Contact: Wendy Stacey.  Wendy@mayoastrology.com


NCGR Miami, Florida
All-day Workshop
May 20, 2017

Marking Time: Eclipses and Phase Relationships

Prediction/delineation is all about marking  timing. Some of the more concrete factors to use are eclipses, their returns, as well as the subsequent phase relationships to the original eclipses. This incorporates well with watching the timing between planets as the faster of the two will set an even tin a different direction. Using the 45 degree template (the lunar phase graph as a template), you can see things clearly. Simple systems make for accurate predictions.

Georgia Stathis presents many visuals and examples in a day of informative fun, insightful tidbits and a presentation style that is organized and clear.
All day workshop. More details to come.

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NCGR Roseville, CA
All-Day Workshop
September 24, 2017

Antiscia – Solstice Points: Hidden triggers in the Chart

Antiscia are the mirror images on either side of either the Fall Equinox (00 Libra) or Summer Solstice (00 Cancer) in your chart. They must add up to 30 degrees. For example, if someone has their Sun at 20 degree Scorpio, then their Antiscia (also termed Solstice Point) for the Sun is 10 degrees Aquarius. The sign of Scorpio is closer to 00 Libra rather than 00 Cancer, thus we use that point for measurement. When something like Mars crossed 10 Aquarius in this case, then it is like Mars traveling over your Sun at 20 Scorpio. This is information that can be very useful for planning or timing.

Usually we can see what is happening with transits or eclipses hitting our natal chart, but sometimes, a more subtle event is occurring. It can only be seen when one of those transits, eclipses, progressions, you name it, are hitting one of the antiscia points of your chart.
In Georgia Stathis’ workshop, the first half will be explaining these points. The second half will be how to apply it to a chart – yours or someone else’s.
If participants register early, and send in their birth information to Georgia prior to the workshop, Georgia will bring your antiscia charts to the workshop for you to use. Registering early for this event is crucial in order to receive this special chart. However, you can still learn a great deal by coming at the last minute as well.

Georgia Stathis was a teacher for the undergraduate program at Kepler College and still teaches specialized workshops for Kepler as well as OPA, MAYO School of Astrology out of London, and Breaking down the Borders.

Contact: Linda Byrd for registration information.
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UAC 2018
May 20-31, 2018

Chicago, IL, Downtown Marriott Hotel. More information TBA.



Georgia StathisGeorgia Stathis has been a professional speaker since 1977. She is available to train or speak to your group or work as well as your organization becoming part of your conference speaking program.

A former member of Toastmasters International and National Speakers Association, she entertains while remaining informative. Her speaking style is easy, dynamic, and humorous while conveying solid messages of hope and posing positive opportunities for the future and the cycles of those opportunities.

This website presents just a few of her many lectures throughout the years available in either MP3 format or CD. She is also available to travel to your organization and depending on distance and amount of time required, the fees are negotiable. Please contact her by writing her at georgiastathis@sbcglobal.net.