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UAC 2018: celebrating earth & sky

UAC 2018
May 20-31, 2018

Chicago, IL, Downtown Marriott Hotel.

UAC Pre Conference Workshop by Georgia Stathis:

Thursday, May 24 • 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Financial Astrology: From Macro to Micro

Assessing whether or not to invest in various assets requires several steps. First we look at the larger, macro cycles, then move into more specifics. Georgia Stathis, an investor and astrologer, walks you through various ways in which she confronts these tasks, first by looking at general cycles, and then moving into some of the techniques she uses. After those presentations, she uses specific examples showing how to incorporate the information.

Georgia Stathis presents two Lectures in the Business Track:

Friday, May 25 • 9:00am – 10:15am
Electing Decent Business Charts

When setting up a business chart, what do you do? Do you just step into the process blindly, or do you have a plan that saves you and your client time and money? This lecture features some key components leading to an optimum outcome. Like any other thing in life, you have to have a structure in which to work, fully aware that everything isn’t perfect, either. Georgia Stathis, practicing since 1977, walks you through this process.

Monday, May 28 • 11:00am – 12:15pm
Pushing through Time: Synodics and Other Cycles

Certain major conjunctions like Synodic cycles are trigger points for a series of events evolving at specific periods as they continue through their cycle. They can be applied both to financial as well as personal cycles, particularly the faster alignments. Synodics are the subject of Georgia Stathis’ current writings and she shares her system in this entertaining as well as informative lecture.


Georgia’s new book will be available

Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases by Georgia Anna Stathis, blue book cover with yellow lettering

Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases

30 Years of research!

20 Years of writing!

7 Years to distill the information!


“Pushing Through Time is full of interpretation gems that can only come from years of experience. It is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it!”
Linea Van Horn, Certified Astrologer

Both of Georgia’s books will be available at the UAC book store! The just-released Pushing Through Time: Synodic Cycles and Their Developing Phases for $19.95, and Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth for the special conference price of $10.


Georgia StathisGeorgia Stathis has been a professional speaker since 1977. She is available to train or speak to your group or work as well as your organization becoming part of your conference speaking program.

A former member of Toastmasters International and National Speakers Association, she entertains while remaining informative. Her speaking style is easy, dynamic, and humorous while conveying solid messages of hope and posing positive opportunities for the future and the cycles of those opportunities.

This website presents just a few of her many lectures throughout the years available in either MP3 format or CD. She is also available to travel to your organization and depending on distance and amount of time required, the fees are negotiable. Please contact her by writing her at georgiastathis@sbcglobal.net.