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The following colleagues have very good websites focusing completely on investments using astrology:

Get these great computer-generated reports directly from Cosmic Patterns and Matrix Software Partners! I used to offer them myself, and I still do have some that I will run for you, but this way if I’m out of town you can still get instant gratification. These are affiliate links, so I’ll still get a little something when you buy, which supports both myself and the makers of these wonderful astrology software products.

by Grace K. Morris, M.A.

  • Choose the Best Stocks in the Best Sectors
  • Select Individual Stocks
  • Benefit from Financial Cycles
  • Use Your Own Personal Investment Style
  • How to Form Stock Clubs

Grace’s new book is an excellent guide for those who wish to guide their own investments in 2010. For more information, download the pdf flyer, or visit Grace’s site at

It only takes a few seconds to receive the news that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet from that point on your world has been changed forever. Cheryl Krauter, MFT, provides individual and group therapy for breast cancer survivors, their friends and family.

A few sites across the web that Georgia wants to recommend to her readers.

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