We are still in Last Quarter Moon phase and finishing things issues that began last year at this time. On Tuesday March 13, transiting Neptune catches up to where it went retrograde last year. Though Neptune had gone direct at the end of last year, it doesn’t catch up to the same position until this Tuesday.

Neptune has much to do with one’s visions, thoughts, dreams, and things that inspire. What idea are you trying to realize resulting from your efforts of this last year? Sometimes the smallest sparks become great and brilliant embers, if you believe in yourself, and stay focused on accomplishing that special vision.

Think back to last June, what were you doing, or, attempting to do? What visions or dreams did you have that seemed to halt during the summer months and remained at a very slow pace (or so it seemed) through the last part of last year? Perhaps you felt adrift, unable to figure things out, unable to focus, but sometimes when we lose site of the shore for a very long time, we come to a place we never expected. The same day that Neptune catches up to where it left off last year brings us some wonderful aspects. Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio form a wonderful triangle. This is an indicator of self-reflection. Time alone or taking time to meditate can bring forward that which is buried underneath the day to day noise. This is a great month to clear out the old from the last year, releasing the past, and opening a space for the new things coming in after Spring Equinox. The New Moon (new beginnings) ends the week on Saturday March 17- St. Patrick’s Day and aligns with Chiron on Sunday. This is an excellent time to review health matters and address those health issues you’ve been putting off.

The week begins with Mercury entering the feisty sign of Aries late on Monday or early on Tuesday depending on where you live. Then on Tuesday March 6, Venus also enters Aries and as the week continues, these two planets complement the Moon in fiery Sagittarius on Tuesday and Wednesday. My sense is that there is a frantic sort of energy in the first days and then things calm down later in the week as Jupiter slows down and begins its retrograde motion at 23º Scorpio on Thursday March 8. All this is incorporated with the Last Quarter Moon on Friday March 9. What this means is that with all the changes, new beginnings, ideas and projects started in the last months, are now falling into place.

This is not always easy when planets are moving through impatient Aries, but Jupiter has stationed to go retrograde. It is a wonderful opportunity to sort through things that need sorting. Whether you are moving a house or finishing up a project, let this next month be the month that you sort everything out. The reasons for this is that Mercury, the planet of communication, is already slowing down. It isn’t retrograde until March 22 so if something has to be sent, signed, finished, the suggestion here is sort through everything until it is done and get it out before March 22.

And before that retrograde, for those of you asking about my new book entitled, Pushing through Time, we go to press soon, and it debuts at UAC 2018. If you are interested in being on the mailing list for this book, sign up using the form on the right.

Also, for a little fun, here is a YouTube interview from a few years back where I was discussing some ideas I explored prior to writing the new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Cycles. I was doing writing and researching at that time and you might find it interesting. Many of the items mentioned, are occurring now.

This is a much more intense week as Venus and Pluto combine to bring about a transformative experience. This can be a sudden unexpected meeting, professionally or personally, or bring to you the working relationships and/or the resources needed by an unexpected mentor or benefactor. With the Moon in Leo on both Tuesday and Wednesday, the generosity of that benefactor is there for the asking. Be prepared to give the reason for the request in a clearly defined business proposal or plan.

The Full Moon on Thursday, March 1, 11° Virgo and 11° Pisces, falls on Neptune and caution is suggested, particularly if celebrating a recent win with too much imbibing. Thursday’s Venus and Jupiter and Friday’s Mercury and Jupiter are wonderful aspects in which to continue the magic of these agreements, contracts, and moments of success that you have worked so hard to achieve. Over the course of the next two weeks, Jupiter will start its annual retrograde, which means once the agreement is signed (and do sign it before March 22), the work begins. If you have been working on a project, the finessing begins so that everyone involved in the project is ready once Mercury goes direct in mid-April. Get as much done as you can this spring, clear the decks with projects that are begging for completion, because the long incubation for something new and quite different begins in late June and continues on and off through the end of the year, but for now, just do it!

UAC 2018: celebrating earth & sky

Georgia will be presenting three times at UAC 2018, May 20-31. The first is a pre-conference workshop on Financial Astrology: From Macro to Micro. She’s also doing two lectures in the Business Track, Electing Decent Business Charts and Pushing through Time: Synodics and Other Cycles.

The new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases, will also be released at the conference! Click here for more information.

The Sun has now entered Pisces. At the end of March is the Spring Equinox, the first day of the Sun in Aries. As the Sun moves through Pisces, over the course of the next four weeks, we end the seasonal year. Every year, from late February through late March, we filter through all the different things we tried to do in this last year, since the Spring Equinox of 2017. Some might say that the month of February is a kind of toxic waste management month, where we clear out our drawers, our bodies, our lives, letting go of what is no longer needed so that we are ready to start anew in the spring. As opposed to other years, this year the Sun in Pisces is working with Saturn, giving the opportunity to combine one’s imagination with practicality. Imagination and structure is a winning combination for that creative idea.

In fact, Saturn, the anchor, is working very favorably with Mercury, the thinking planet. In the middle of the week, Venus, the goddess of love, aligns with Neptune. This can bring either a creative opportunity or a romantic opportunity. The energy continues through the weekend, as Venus and Mars (the lovers of the zodiac) are in aspect with each other. Venus and Neptune are also in aspect, so invite someone to go dancing, see a play, attend concert or take a wonderful walk on the beach. This is the time to get a massage or paint a picture. If the soul is soothed the rest falls in place.

This week Mercury and Jupiter are in hard aspect to each other. Sometimes we talk more during these cycles than listen. Sometimes we say too much, and, sometimes we say things without a filter. There are some challenges with this hard aspect but sometimes, particularly in the political arena, we hear things we probably weren’t supposed to hear, something slips out, a microphone is left on while someone has a private conversation, someone responds before hearing the whole story. In our own lives, if this is happening to you this week take a breath before speaking. This Mercury square Jupiter can make us feel like we must get in the last word and if we don’t we won’t make our point. The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is on Thursday, February 15. Eclipses sometimes bring anxiety that make us talk too much and sleep too little or the reverse. Things usually work out once we get a little rest, have a chance to take that breath, and re-think our message. Venus and Saturn and Sun and Venus are in complimentary aspects on the 17th, just two days after the eclipse, the clarity of thought brings your ideas into form. In other words, be patient with yourself and others this week. This too shall pass.

In between two eclipses (the next one is on February 15) there sometimes seems to be a lull in the action, or the markets start to do a little flip flop, or something we have been working on just does not seem to be working. That is because we are caught in the ‘shadow’ of the two eclipses. This might be particularly true for those born in the middle of the signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, or for those people who have a high percentage of those signs in their charts. In these charts, the major areas of our lives are affected–our personal identities, our very close relationships (personal or professional), our families, homes, and our professional lives. These big issues often seem to be the major focus in our lives. However, there are other areas that are being eclipsed that are just as valid–our goals, the friends and community that help us achieve our goals, the way we handle our resources, and the way we take a chance on love, children, and our creative pursuits. These are all the areas we confront as we move into eclipse season.

If it seems dark it really is not, we are just in the room where we find the answers and need to locate the light switch. As soon as the eclipse shadow passes, the light will bring insight. Later this week, Venus enters Pisces, the sign of spirit and the creative process. This happens on Saturday, January 10. The Sun in Aquarius in first quarter aspect to Jupiter allows for setting some private ‘me’ time aside to allow the ideas that are percolating to enter your consciousness.

The Total Lunar Eclipse (full moon) on Wednesday, January 31, 2018, falls at 11º Leo/11º Aquarius. This eclipse last occurred on January 31, 1999, exactly 19 years ago. Eclipses usually return every 19 years in the same place of the zodiac and in the same place in one’s chart. Sometimes we can remember what happened in the year that followed that eclipse and sometimes we can’t, but whatever you were thinking about, learning, formulating, or doing then may be somewhat like what you are doing now. For me, I started finally writing my Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth Book. It did not come out until 2000, and it took me probably about 10 years to write. Ironically, I am currently putting the final touches on my Synodic Cycle book, something I started writing about seven or so years ago (I know- I am slow). I hope to have it ready by the UAC conference in Chicago, May 2018.

Things tried during the last eclipse cycles of 1999 may have a better opportunity now with this new cycle of eclipses. Check in with your heart. What does it long to do?

On Wednesday, January 24, there is a second quarter moon, which offers opportunities to get organized in any area of your life needing structure. If you are working on projects, it is also a great week for research. This same day, Mercury (thinking) and Pluto (research) line up in the sky offering a new season of ideas and the exploration of how to make those ideas reality. The next day, January 25, is when Mercury (again thinking) compliments Jupiter (expansive ideas) allowing for the opportunities to meet and collaborate with those interested in your research and who want to do something new and different. With the Moon in Taurus, an earth sign, complimenting Mercury and Pluto, you might even find or figure out how to make these ideas financially viable. If you have been thinking of cleaning up investments, taking out cash, or waiting for better buying opportunities this might be the time in which to do so. Next week takes us into the first eclipse of the year, on January 31. More on that later.

Mars enters Sagittarius, a much more fiery energy than Mars in Scorpio. This starts on January 26, 2018, and the optimism that often surrounds Sagittarius energy helps in planning, marketing and envisioning something you may have been thinking about doing over the course of the last two and a half years. If you need more education, perhaps this is the time to bite the bullet and go for it. Education doesn’t have to be formal. It can also be vocational or just learning about something you have always been interested in. The eclipse coming up on the 31st of the month helps decide where or when that might be, either in three, six, or nine months after the eclipse. More on that eclipse next week.

There is a New Moon at 26º Capricorn on Tuesday, January 16. New Moons start the monthly activity cycle and this one is no exception. However, this New Moon is conjunct the United States’ Pluto. The U.S. Pluto is in the U.S. second house, which has to do with spending and values. It also suggests that things regarding finances, taxes, and monies owed for taxes are at the top of the news, with a few revelations, lots of surprises and discoveries. Venus is also entering the sign of Aquarius on January 17, which allows for better conceptual ideas, as it is an air sign that is quite progressive in its expression. This helps lighten some of the news of the week as Pluto returns to its shadow position (the place at which it went retrograde early in 2017). These ‘shadow’ dates may reveal, confirm, decide and inspire action regarding issues that were peaking in late April 2017. Pluto has to do with issues surrounding nuclear access. Pluto is near the North Korean leader’s Sun (yes, he is a Capricorn born in 1984). With Jupiter having aligned with Mars just a couple of weeks ago, perhaps the news will be better than expected or some solutions may begin showing their face. I know I must be sounding Pollyanna about this but one can always hope.

The New Moon in Capricorn takes place in the natural zodiac’s career house–new jobs or bosses anyone??

This week begins with the Sun in Capricorn lined up with Venus in Capricorn. If you are looking for a new job or a new office situation this suggests it might be time to review what is in your wardrobe. Enhanced by Venus, clothing reflects the refined confidence of the Saturnine less is more theme that begins 2018. All of these planets in Capricorn denote people getting back to work, both young and old. Many of these jobs are self-designed, as Capricorn is notorious for ‘finding the need and filling it’. We are entering an era of starting businesses by finding specific niches. These specific niches are derived by clearing our schedules of time wasting activities (how many hours do you spend on social media?) and reformulating those hours into researching an idea and putting a plan together. This spring, in April, I will speak at the Berkeley Women’s Conference. The lecture is called How to Invent your Job. It will be a lecture in ‘English’ using the examples of planetary archetypes. This basic information can assist in forming teams that are balanced and bring together those with various skill sets. With the Fourth Quarter Moon this week, it is my suggestion that you go through files that you have been saving and curate any gems of information regarding your interests. Mercury is back on track January 10 and meets up with Saturn on January 12, emphasizing more focus in our thinking.

The year and the week start out with a bang! On January 2, Uranus, that god of chaos mentioned just last week, finally goes direct at 28° Aries 36′. Like a racehorse heading for the finish line of a seven-year cycle, Uranus now moves rapidly through the last two degrees of Aries through the next few months and then ingresses into Taurus in May 2018 for just a few months. This brief sojourn into Taurus lasts until November 6 when it returns to Aries until March 2019. However, between May and November, the shift of Uranus from fast paced Aries into much slower and grounded Taurus is comforting.

Those few months where it is in Taurus, offer the opportunity to start thinking about new and fresh ideas grounded in practical, fertile and satisfying earth bound ideas. While Uranus remains in Aries thought things remain fiery. I think it is interesting that the last time Uranus traveled though Aries was between 1927 and 1935 during the Great Depression, the development of the WPA by Franklyn Delano Roosevelt and the beginning of such government programs as Social Security. It was also the end of Prohibition. This is an interesting irony that another type of Prohibition is ending as more and more states legalize the use of Marijuana. It is my opinion that by the time Uranus re-enters Taurus in 2019, it becomes accepted on a Federal level during that time. Whether you agree with this or doesn’t is not the point, because I think it has to do with profit more than a moral issue and Taurus is about profit.

My view of this is that as Uranus (the awakener and the ruler of large networks) moves into money making Taurus (which is associated with agricultural innovations), that more companies will be investing in Marijuana for profit as many are doing at this writing. In addition, the advances in agricultural technology will be vast. I think once Uranus enters Taurus, things simmer down a bit at least for a few months but in the months approaching May, we may still be in for major climate and political upheavals. The riots of the last few years may not subside, but they will become more effective, more controlled and contained, but, therefore more effective.

This is a little bit more of a forecast than I do for a week, but it felt important to expand a bit. However, lest we forget the Full Moon of this week on Monday January 1, 2018 at 11° Cancer 38′, this Full Moon is very close to Pluto and there may be lots of endings and choices to end something this week. Those choices are big decisions to create something new out of something long needing a makeover. With Saturn at the Sun’s end of the Full Moon, it involves construction, responsibility and cutting something away or paring something down. It still doesn’t make it any easier. My best to all of you as you make these kinds of choices at the beginning of this year.