Yesterday was the Full Moon in Taurus and Scorpio. It was also the 90-days after the January 31 eclipse, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Aquarius. Issues facing us at the beginning of the year are now seeing the light of day. We gain insight in the three months or six months following the eclipses so that we can take effective action. This week puts a few more things in order as well since Mercury, the planet of travel, commerce and communications is catching up with where it left off back on March 22, 2018. For me, I am traveling with a group of friends in France these next two weeks exploring an entirely different world and diverse cultures.

May 1 is the day often celebrated around the world as Beltane or May Day Celebrations. In the United States, we have lost this custom, but it is still very much alive in many parts of the world. It is the half way point between Spring Equinox (March 20, 2018) and Summer Solstice (June 21, 2018). It is the point in the zodiac that affords us a few weeks to begin researching the new things that came in for us at Spring Equinox before finalizing our summer plans. With Mercury catching up to itself on Thursday May 3, you could hear from someone who was giving you a bid, or, people with whom you were conducting business who seemed to have gone away, come back. Things get back on track with this cycle and putting what you can put in order and in place now is suggested, because as we get closer to June, Mars, the planet of action and motivation, is beginning its retrograde from late June to late August.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 22, Pluto began its retrograde motion (21° Capricorn 17′). It continues in retrograde motion until September 30. I find that retrograde and direct motions of Pluto offer a very transformative experience for people particularly in the weeks in which they change direction. Sometimes there is an awareness, a crystal-clear insight, that pushes one forward and assists in making difficult choices. There may be only one choice in a series of circumstances requiring action. That action, or, choice transforms a circumstance that has become untenable. Pluto is about power because Pluto is about choice and consciousness. It forces us to become self-aware and take personal responsibility for something we’ve avoided. There is an entire generation of individuals born between the late 1970s and early 1980s as well as an entire generation born between the late 1920s and early 1930s that are facing a transformative cycle, but the transformation is quite different.

For the older generation, it is a separation from an old value system that developed because of the difficult circumstances of the time and a letting go of many aspects of their lives allowing for a greater objectivity. This was the generation with Pluto in Cancer who lived through the Great Depression. The intensity of Pluto in Cancer keeps the family togethers even though the family is transforming because of circumstances out of one’s control. The Pluto in Cancer generation sacrificed everything for those families, working 24-hour days to support those they loved, regardless of how difficult this was. Their value system was built on the need of the time. Their value system was to hold onto one’s security.

The much younger group, those with Pluto in Libra born between 1971 and 1984 are having their once in a lifetime Pluto square Pluto. Whereas the earlier Pluto in Cancer group didn’t look at the issue of what was fair or wasn’t fair, the Pluto in Libra generation is focused on this issue. Pluto in Libra is about the power of establishing connections and relationships but with the codicil that all relationships must be ‘fair’. With Pluto causing stress to this position, the concept of ‘fair’ can be a very rigid and limiting factor when it comes to relationships. It is very interesting that in recent surveys, this generation has opted for a more ‘socialistic’ society. As Pluto continues through Capricorn (where it began its transit in 2008 during the Global Meltdown and continues through 2023), those beliefs are softening bringing forth the healthy balance of give and take and the realization that things are not always fair, but that, in the end, things do balance out.

Since Pluto moves at a very slow pace, it affects only a few years of a sign at a time, taking approximately 18 months to 2 years to completely transform someone (if they are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable).

For those born between 1979 and 1983, the transformation discussed above is happening at this writing. Those born between 1983 and 1987 will experience this same thing next year and that is how the sequence works. Everything has its flaws and that is the realization as Pluto continues its movements through Capricorn. There is no either/or in nature, but there is a ‘big middle’ containing many shades of grey. The transformation reveals that people are not all bad or all good, that people have many layers somewhere in between, and those many layers and textures are what make up a human being. This awareness will hopefully seep into all aspects of our lives.

Are you feeling a little edgy this week? Do you have a rumbling in your stomach or are you tossing around a little more during your sleeping hours? This is all in order as transiting Chiron, often referred to as the ‘wounded healer’ is leaving Pisces for a few months and entering the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, on Tuesday, April 17. It remains in Aries until late September — giving us a little preview at the movies regarding upcoming issues regarding the fresh ideas, innovative technologies that are combining very old and newer thought into a hybrid type of thinking, but this really can’t happen until Chiron settles into Aries permanently in March 2019. Aries rules such things as manufacturing, the military, the brain, the eyes, and anything that has to do with the functions of the various parts of our head. Aries has much to do with risk taking and courage and moving into territories as leaders rather than followers.

Before we get there, we must clear up and clear out the confusion and the yet unresolved issues of the last ten years because Chiron takes nine to ten years in the sign of Pisces, where it has been since 2010. The last time it was in Pisces was during the decade of the 1960s which was filled with civil unrest and challenging issues of freedom and equality. These same issues have arisen during the last eight to ten years — during a similar cycle.

Chiron going over the last degree of Pisces (29°) travels over the fixed star, Scheat. Diana Rosenberg, an expert on Fixed Stars, once told me, that this degree of the zodiac is in the constellation of Pegasus who flies over Andromeda’s head in the sky. Pegasus and his riders are heroic. Andromeda is the chained woman who is about to be rescued by the rider of Pegasus. Diana stated that this star represents ‘one’s release from bondage’, Diana’s exact words. This is a very different interpretation than we hear from many astrologers who believe this is a star that bring dark and difficult energies. I liked Diana Rosenberg’s interpretation and I have seen it many times in play. Diana has long passed away but left a remarkable book on fixed stars and I always remembered our conversation which offered many valuable insights.

So, this week, Chiron passes over this degree, while Saturn starts to go retrograde (which is good for getting a few things done). The sky suggests some sort of release from bondage be it either psychological or sometimes a more physical manifestation. This ‘release’ moment is offered a few more times during this year. It happens again around September 25, 2018 through December 8, 2018 and then t a final passage from late February 2019 through early March 2019.

This week leads up to the New Moon on Sunday April 15, which is the same day that Mercury goes direct at 4° Aries 16′. In the days prior to a New Moon, during the Balsamic Moon phase, things incubate. They ferment. We seem still, but we are processing lots of information not ready to come forward. Many people find themselves throwing away papers and clearing off their desks (appropriate since the USA is in tax season and finishing by now!) This is a choice making week because on Tuesday and Wednesday, transiting Sun in Aries pushes and pressures transiting Pluto, often bringing us to the edge of making major life decisions — many of which require a level of courage — because we are pushed out of our comfort zones during these times. We know we need to make choices, but sometimes they seem impossible.

There is, however, great support with decision making this week because we have a lovely combination of Mars and Venus (the lovers of the zodiac), so though choices may be difficult, they come from a place of love and compassion. Once those choices are made and we get closer to the New Moon, Venus and Neptune take a little dance around the room, offering a little break that includes creative expression or mingling with others who have a more artistic bent. If you are an artist, a musician, a sketcher, a dancer, or a person who simply appreciates the arts, then do something to feed that part of your psyche. The arts bring great balance into our lives. The arts open our consciousness — giving the rational mind a break and inviting the less rational right brain in for time.

The week begins with a very solid conjunction (alignment) between Mars and Saturn. This occurs once every two years, the last two most recent times of this configuration were on Aug 25, 2014 and August 24, 2016, but in different signs. This time, however, Mars is in its exalted position of Capricorn, which means a great deal of energy and focus and organization is possible since these two work very well together. Discipline (exercise or working out or sticking to a schedule to complete something) and the endurance needed are all possible.

If there are changes you need to make in your professional life, this is the time. Capricorn represents the apex of the horoscope or the part of the chart where we aspire to find our highest purpose. This combination in the sign that represents that area of life suggests that this is a time to consider moving forward in a bold and fearless way. The last time these two combined in Capricorn were in two consecutive sequences. One began on February 23, 1988 and the following sequence began on February 28, 1990. January 31, 1960 was the prior date in which Saturn and Mars came together in the sign of Capricorn. (Can you remember what you were doing at these last three dates or in the months that followed these dates?)

I remember that in the late 1980s I had taken some time off. I had had my daughter and then my son and needed a break. I couldn’t completely take a break so I started writing about financial astrology (on my own) and during the 1988 to 1990 sequence, a colleague of mine, gave my name to a well-known editor, who had lost two authors from her compendium on Financial Astrology for the 1990s . It so happened that I had written two essays and those essays are exactly what she needed to fill the void. Those two essays became a part of my larger Business Astrology 101 book released in 2000. Ironically, as this conjunction returns again and again in my 9th house of publishing, my new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases, is about to have its release in May at UAC. This little story is meant to illustrate that these repeating cycles, regardless of how far apart they are, offer signposts in our lives for when they were in the same place in our charts, but in a different time. Knowing these markers, gives us a sense of time and its beautiful movement in several dimensions of our lives. Often similar events that seem related come but in a slightly different framework.

Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, continues in its retrograde motion until mid-April and since it is in the sign of Aries, which can often be impatient and somewhat impulsive, taking an occasional time out is probably a good practice. Stepping away from the order, the contract, the project often provides fresh eyes in which to see what needs doing. Since the energy of Aries is very independent, one of the first hints (again) is to engage others to help you by asking for their assistance. Cardinal energy (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) tends to be great at starting projects with loads of energy, but a few good fixed signs thrown into the mix makes for optimum results. Perhaps it costs a bit more to engage help, but in the end, it saves time and energy.

With Venus and Uranus lining up on Wednesday, that assistance may come out of nowhere when you are out and about-just listen and pay attention. Getting things focused, organized and nailed down are wonderful from Thursday going forward at the Sun/Saturn aspect. Know your limits and avoid exhaustion.

The Full Moon on Saturday, March 31, which is also when Passover begins, brings added insight into this newly discovered way of working with others. On Sunday, May 1, Easter, the Sun and Mercury line up in one of their annual alignments — offering new thoughts, innovative ideas, possibly current ideas on how to make an agreement or contract work. Pay attention to those insights regardless of how silly or impractical they may seem. They may be just the right solution.

Spring Equinox is one of my favorite quarterly festivals. It is equal day (equinox) and equal night. It happens on Tuesday, March 20 at 9:15 am Pacific Time and 12:15 pm Eastern Time. This is a particularly intense Spring Equinox as Mercury and Venus are also next to the 00º Aries Sun sign. This is a very auspicious (that is an old word, but I love it) combination. With everything at 00º Aries, as we begin the new season, there is also an added benefit as transiting Saturn is accompanying this ingress. Saturn helps focus the many ideas that are flying around and with Mercury and Venus also at the early degrees of Aries, this proves to be fortunate. Mercury is about learning, traveling, writing, teaching, and working in some sort of sales capacity. It deals with many ideas coming through at the same time. In the early degrees of Aries, both Mercury and Venus accent the benefit of mingling socially and connecting with different people who offer the insight or the solution to your many questions. Ideas are wonderful, but sometimes we need those with experience to help point us in the right direction. Ask for help. It will pay off.

Once you find the right course of action by asking for that help, then spend the next few weeks researching the ideas as Mercury is retrograde starting on Thursday March 22 until April 15. Explore, question, rethink, review, ask questions. If you don’t get the answers that feel right, then keep exploring. Clarity arrives in mid-April.

We are still in Last Quarter Moon phase and finishing things issues that began last year at this time. On Tuesday March 13, transiting Neptune catches up to where it went retrograde last year. Though Neptune had gone direct at the end of last year, it doesn’t catch up to the same position until this Tuesday.

Neptune has much to do with one’s visions, thoughts, dreams, and things that inspire. What idea are you trying to realize resulting from your efforts of this last year? Sometimes the smallest sparks become great and brilliant embers, if you believe in yourself, and stay focused on accomplishing that special vision.

Think back to last June, what were you doing, or, attempting to do? What visions or dreams did you have that seemed to halt during the summer months and remained at a very slow pace (or so it seemed) through the last part of last year? Perhaps you felt adrift, unable to figure things out, unable to focus, but sometimes when we lose site of the shore for a very long time, we come to a place we never expected. The same day that Neptune catches up to where it left off last year brings us some wonderful aspects. Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio form a wonderful triangle. This is an indicator of self-reflection. Time alone or taking time to meditate can bring forward that which is buried underneath the day to day noise. This is a great month to clear out the old from the last year, releasing the past, and opening a space for the new things coming in after Spring Equinox. The New Moon (new beginnings) ends the week on Saturday March 17- St. Patrick’s Day and aligns with Chiron on Sunday. This is an excellent time to review health matters and address those health issues you’ve been putting off.

The week begins with Mercury entering the feisty sign of Aries late on Monday or early on Tuesday depending on where you live. Then on Tuesday March 6, Venus also enters Aries and as the week continues, these two planets complement the Moon in fiery Sagittarius on Tuesday and Wednesday. My sense is that there is a frantic sort of energy in the first days and then things calm down later in the week as Jupiter slows down and begins its retrograde motion at 23º Scorpio on Thursday March 8. All this is incorporated with the Last Quarter Moon on Friday March 9. What this means is that with all the changes, new beginnings, ideas and projects started in the last months, are now falling into place.

This is not always easy when planets are moving through impatient Aries, but Jupiter has stationed to go retrograde. It is a wonderful opportunity to sort through things that need sorting. Whether you are moving a house or finishing up a project, let this next month be the month that you sort everything out. The reasons for this is that Mercury, the planet of communication, is already slowing down. It isn’t retrograde until March 22 so if something has to be sent, signed, finished, the suggestion here is sort through everything until it is done and get it out before March 22.

And before that retrograde, for those of you asking about my new book entitled, Pushing through Time, we go to press soon, and it debuts at UAC 2018. If you are interested in being on the mailing list for this book, sign up using the form on the right.

Also, for a little fun, here is a YouTube interview from a few years back where I was discussing some ideas I explored prior to writing the new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Cycles. I was doing writing and researching at that time and you might find it interesting. Many of the items mentioned, are occurring now.

This is a much more intense week as Venus and Pluto combine to bring about a transformative experience. This can be a sudden unexpected meeting, professionally or personally, or bring to you the working relationships and/or the resources needed by an unexpected mentor or benefactor. With the Moon in Leo on both Tuesday and Wednesday, the generosity of that benefactor is there for the asking. Be prepared to give the reason for the request in a clearly defined business proposal or plan.

The Full Moon on Thursday, March 1, 11° Virgo and 11° Pisces, falls on Neptune and caution is suggested, particularly if celebrating a recent win with too much imbibing. Thursday’s Venus and Jupiter and Friday’s Mercury and Jupiter are wonderful aspects in which to continue the magic of these agreements, contracts, and moments of success that you have worked so hard to achieve. Over the course of the next two weeks, Jupiter will start its annual retrograde, which means once the agreement is signed (and do sign it before March 22), the work begins. If you have been working on a project, the finessing begins so that everyone involved in the project is ready once Mercury goes direct in mid-April. Get as much done as you can this spring, clear the decks with projects that are begging for completion, because the long incubation for something new and quite different begins in late June and continues on and off through the end of the year, but for now, just do it!

UAC 2018: celebrating earth & sky

Georgia will be presenting three times at UAC 2018, May 20-31. The first is a pre-conference workshop on Financial Astrology: From Macro to Micro. She’s also doing two lectures in the Business Track, Electing Decent Business Charts and Pushing through Time: Synodics and Other Cycles.

The new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases, will also be released at the conference! Click here for more information.

The Sun has now entered Pisces. At the end of March is the Spring Equinox, the first day of the Sun in Aries. As the Sun moves through Pisces, over the course of the next four weeks, we end the seasonal year. Every year, from late February through late March, we filter through all the different things we tried to do in this last year, since the Spring Equinox of 2017. Some might say that the month of February is a kind of toxic waste management month, where we clear out our drawers, our bodies, our lives, letting go of what is no longer needed so that we are ready to start anew in the spring. As opposed to other years, this year the Sun in Pisces is working with Saturn, giving the opportunity to combine one’s imagination with practicality. Imagination and structure is a winning combination for that creative idea.

In fact, Saturn, the anchor, is working very favorably with Mercury, the thinking planet. In the middle of the week, Venus, the goddess of love, aligns with Neptune. This can bring either a creative opportunity or a romantic opportunity. The energy continues through the weekend, as Venus and Mars (the lovers of the zodiac) are in aspect with each other. Venus and Neptune are also in aspect, so invite someone to go dancing, see a play, attend concert or take a wonderful walk on the beach. This is the time to get a massage or paint a picture. If the soul is soothed the rest falls in place.