The Alexandria iBase Project

photo by Carla Wosniak

When they burned the ancient library at Alexandria, generations of ancient materials were lost.

Do you want this to happen again??

The Alexandria iBase Project

Many of us have always been concerned with the preservation of our astrological and esoteric heritage. There have been various efforts to scan and digitize documents throughout the digital world. There are Google Books, JSTOR and other sources. However, there is not one specific source that offers a focused collection ancient and modern astrological materials.

When people leave our profession of astrology or pass on, many of their papers, books and records are either thrown away, portioned off to this individual or that library book sale. Libraries are unable to take whole collections because of lack of funds, space, and frankly interest.

To further this goal, Kepler, the Urania Trust, Starcycles and others have come together to develop the Alexandria iBase Project. This project will become its own corporate entity very soon. It is dedicated to the scanning of astrological papers and out-of-copyright materials and the development of an online database that provides links to these digitized materials as well as a catalog of the collections of participating libraries worldwide.

We are in the beginning stages of this project. We have received a $30,000 donation dedicated to high quality scanning and the initial development of the online library software. Our first major project is to scan the professional writings and research papers of Marion D. March. We will use these papers to help us demonstrate the potential of this database project by the end of April. Final and separate incorporation of the Alexandria iBase Project will be complete by Summer.

Please help us with this important project. If you use the button below, your donation will be restricted to the development of the Alexandria iBase.

photo by Carla Wosniak, used under Creative Commons license