Micro-Forecast: January 6 to 12, 2020

Welcome to the second of the powerful eclipses. We had one on December 26, 2019 and the next one falls on Friday January 10 (Lunar Eclipse–full moon) at 20◦ Cancer and 20◦ Capricorn. It is very close to the 35-year return cycle of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction on the 12th of January. Many of us have discussed this over the course of this last year. I covered the topic in my new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases, and the new 2020 Starcycles Cheat Sheet covers how this might affect each of the signs. The bottom line is that this might be a chaotic week as the full moon eclipse (when Earth is between the Sun and Moon) is happening on the same day that Uranus goes direct at 2◦ Taurus after being retrograde for many months now. Uranus (often associated with awakening and sudden breakthrough insights) brings things to the surface that have been held down psychologically — and can surface in various explosive scenarios. The fact that Uranus goes direct on January 10 on the same day as the eclipse suggests some unforeseen surprises. Both good and some challenging.

My suggestion is that when you get into that car to drive, or when you find yourself in a confrontation with another, or, in a conversation that seems to be going nowhere, that you walk away or say, “I need to think about this–I will get back to you”. Full moons can make people edgy but when it is an eclipse that is within moments of a major configuration like Saturn/Pluto, it sets the stage for emotional release and may even release people from illness or long-time seclusion. Releases include finding out about long held secrets or resentments. If illness has plagued someone, particularly someone elderly who held on too long, there is a kind of release here as well. Old forms, old rules, old fears have an opportunity over the following months to break up and break out and transform into new ideas, forms, rules, governments and fixed opinions whose unbending ideals have caused more problems than good. There is an opportunity by either April or July or October of 2020 to let go and let God as they say. But first we have to be honest with each other and reveal those things that we are ashamed to admit, particularly when it comes to issues with savings, security and debt that is, particularly in the corporate sector now, a major issue that must be confronted.

Truths may surface where we never expected them to surface. Revelations regarding one’s job, one’s home, one’s security surface so that they can be dealt with in a more pragmatic manner. The key thing is to confide in someone you trust so that you can process emotions with someone’s insight. This helps with figuring out more positive outcomes because the fear is so deep, we refuse to address it. What is YOUR elephant in the middle of the room? These next few weeks will be the test of transformation and, of course self- responsibility. The Key Factor: Take responsibility for what you need to change, don’t blame others and step forward to make a concerted effort to work with others to move that change into a more positive direction. And let go of what you no longer need or have outgrown.