Micro-Forecast: January 13 to 19, 2020

Though the highly touted Saturn/Pluto conjunction took place yesterday, its effects continue over the course of the next few days as we begin the week with a sobering influence. The Sun as it is passing through Capricorn is going to conjoin both Saturn and Pluto on Monday. This can be an exhausting energy and even a depressing energy. A good idea is to get outside and get some sunshine or get a little walk even if the weather is inclement in your region. This helps ward off the universal feeling of things just not feeling right currently. This is an uncomfortable period and all of us are feeling this.

The good news is that later this morning and early this afternoon transiting Venus is entering its exalted sign of Pisces which softens some of the energy of these last few days and this helps lighten the harsh mood of these sobering times. Now that Saturn and Pluto finally conjoined, and we are on the other side of that alignment, solutions can now happen because we see what must be done.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and karma. Those have been responsible are going to be okay. Those who choose non-responsibility will continue their struggles until they see the light of what behaviors they must change to have more positive lives. Pluto is involved in this configuration and he is very black and white in his justice. You either fish or cut bait. Pluto is about transforming or transmuting our thinking, our behavior, and revealing our vulnerability — the hardest thing of all. We think if we reveal our vulnerability that we will be abandoned or disrespected or discarded, but that isn’t so. Revealing our fears and issues regarding vulnerability empowers us to better our lives and the lives of those we love. After all, we are just human.

Pluto and Saturn together destroy dysfunctional systems. This can be parts of governments, communities, or organizations. For example, in one’s home, we see occasional dry rot. Does this mean we raze the house down to the ground? No. But we do take responsibility and fix that decay so that the structure endures.

This time period in the world has been so very difficult because of this very issue. It just isn’t the USA, or, Iran, or Australia, or Canada, or China — it is the global consciousness that is changing and values and leaders must change with them and be mature enough to recognize the decay, the dry rot, that has to be removed. Look at the news of these last weeks, governments, leaders, populations of people are all experiencing death, often a signpost for rebirth and growth. Doors close, windows open. Pluto rules nuclear energy. With Saturn right there to hold the space — the ‘reality’ of what that really means is slowly seeping into the consciousness of world leaders and governments. No one wants nuclear war. No One. In other words, everyone must grow up, everyone, for all of us on this planet to fare better in the coming years.

In these last few days, Uranus, the planet that wakes us up, just went direct on the 10th of January in early degrees of Aquarius and for several months over the course of this next year it moves forward as it acts as a messenger alerting us to our true values. I say this as the collective ‘we’. Uranus wakes us up to see things in a different light, from another oft ignored perspective. It gives us great new ideas that we didn’t see while it was appearing to be non-active in the months it was retrograde, which has been since Spring 2019.

Uranus is the planet of extremes and this can also indicate that whether you are self-employed or employed by others that the environments in which you find yourself working also have a spate of revolutionary changes happen as old values are questioned while new and fresh values emerge. Uranus in Taurus suggests lots of money coming in and lots of money going out. It is the classic combo for working on commission, which is not a bad idea when the marketplace tends to be somewhat volatile.

The key thing as we go forward with Saturn and Pluto finally going direct is get out of debt, pay off your creditors, get rid of the ‘stuff’ you really are not going to use, and simplify, simplify and simplify. This is good Karma and the stuff that Saturn loves. Holding on to outworn values and things and even people who aren’t changing in a more positive direction stops personal growth and there really is an incredible opportunity here for growth and change — if we are willing to break through that fourth wall of our fixed realities.