Micro-Forecast: December 30, 2019 to January 5, 2020

The good energy of last week continues this week as Mercury and Uranus are in positive aspect to each other. I love this configuration because it will often bring me an idea from out of the blue that I have learned to quickly jot down. The insights of such a configuration can be incredibly brilliant but fleeting, by that I mean lost as quickly as it appeared. I always carry a note pad with me to jot things down. The irony is that sometimes I misplace it and then find it later and am reminded to take action. However, from the moment that I had the idea and wrote it down, even though I misplaced the notebook, the idea was incubating. My subconscious has often put things together in a way I was not yet able to when the idea first occurred.

This is a significant aspect in that it can bring year ending surprises, like a sudden bonus, or a sudden dividend. Since this is close to the New Year on January 1, it might also be one of the perfect times to jot down (a very Mercurial activity) some of the things we’d like to see for ourselves in 2020. Since this is the week of the Last Quarter Moon, it is also a great time to put our accounting in order. By doing so you may discover some very clear savings to carry forward into the New Year.