Micro-Forecast: December 23 to 29, 2019

The Partial Solar Eclipse of this week is on December 25, going into December 26, at 4ยบ Capricorn, quite close to Jupiter, which is fortunate. Still, it is an eclipse and eclipses are often tiring and sometimes even numbing as the light of the Sun is blocked. Since the days are quite short, a need to have a quiet holiday is not out of the question. Napping, resting, putting your feet up, turning off the phone, reading a good book for at least a few hours, may be on the schedule during this holiday week. Rest helps restore your energy, which may need extra care during this eclipse week.

There are some lovely aspects bookending the eclipse. On December 24, the Sun and Uranus are in compatible aspects so sudden insights for improving your daily life, or routine, are possible. You may hear from friends that you have not heard from for a while. Out-of-the-blue visitors may show up at the last minute. As we get closer to the end of the week, what is often considered the luckiest day of the year occurs on Friday, December 27, when the Sun and Jupiter are in alignment. This is a great day for planting mental seeds of positive thoughts, or funding good ideas, for the return on these sorts of activities comes back tenfold.

On the West Coast, this alignment takes place in the house of friends, community, and networks that help you with your business or your goals (thus the treasure or mind map idea). On the East Coast, it takes place in the 8th house of joint investments with partners, philanthropic opportunities, and where your life partners may have a joyful bit of news that frees them from something.