Micro-Forecast: December 2 to 8, 2019

Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, where it remains until the end of 2020. This is a 12-year return cycle. In many circles, Jupiter here is in its fall astrologically. However, this year Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn may be the saving grace we all need as we move through this next year and confront the first of three very major conjunctions in 2020.

The first alignment of Saturn and Pluto is on January 12, 2020, and usually portends massive changes in government, rules, laws, structure, and even currency. This isn’t pleasant because it indicates a lot of change. However, with Jupiter coming up behind and crossing over this alignment in spring 2020, any big changes that were deemed necessary have a more positive outcome.

For the Pacific Time zone, Jupiter in Capricorn is concentrated in the twelfth house of the West Coast chart, which is a very private house. Planets buried in the 12th house often indicate a need to remove oneself from the day-to-day existence. Removing oneself does not imply disconnection. This is the house representing incubation of new ideas, research, finding things out behind the scenes, and is a very powerful but does not show immediate results. Over time, fresh ideas will be revealed. Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn in the Eastern Time zone chart, in this example the New York chart, is at the very top of chart, where everything is exposed and can be seen, confronted, and changed. These are two different expressions of Jupiter energy. The Western region chart shows internal changes over time that will be revealed and eventually be the engine, but not immediately.

After December 8, when Mercury gets back to where it went retrograde a few weeks ago, more will be revealed.