Micro-Forecast: November 4 to 10, 2019

This is Election week and what a story the sky must tell. As you may recall, last week I mentioned that Mercury, the planet of communications, equipment that conveys communication and anything that has to do with mental order is now moving in retrograde motion. This means that there are going to be some slip ups, screw ups, or just plain not paying attention to details. The election falls on Tuesday, November 5, during what we term a Void of Course Moon. Void of Course Moons are traditionally viewed as ‘nothing will come of the matter’.

The Moon, which often symbolizes the public and its responses, is not making any aspects until later in the day. The last connection the Moon has with a planet before it goes void is said to give us insight into the hours that follow. The last connection of the Moon in Aquarius (the public) is an adverse distance to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. This could beg the question that the public is angered enough and fed up enough that they either DO NOT go the polls in order to change things (WRONG CHOICE) or they DO go the polls in throngs to fight back the negative energies of these last politically charged months in the U.S.A.

On the day prior to the election, Mars and Pluto are in adverse aspect and this aspect usually angers people enough to do something about the current circumstances. I am hopeful. The key here, however, is will the election machines be working properly? Will electrical grids go off (not uncommon with retrograde Mercury), or will there be mass misunderstandings with how to use the voting equipment? Or further ‘tampering’?

Could the larger social media sites have ‘leaks’ that they do not foresee, nor plan for, causing more hacking issues with US elections? These are all possibilities — the darkest possibilities. Now for some light.

Two days later November 7, good luck Jupiter gets back to where it went retrograde several months earlier. This might help lift spirits somewhat. Jupiter returning to its original position, where it started looking as though it was going backwards, is good. It often designates a blip of positive options for people who have been working towards changing their lives in a positive way. A day or so later the Sun in Scorpio is in beautiful aspects to Saturn and Neptune, offering support and solidarity. This is a good combination for nailing down a portion of a larger plan from earlier in the summer.