Micro-Forecast: October 7 to 13, 2019

As Monday starts the week, hit the ground running. The Sun (daily activities) is in a challenging aspect to Saturn (meaning, no fooling around). The parties happening last week mean this week is about getting things done with the Saturn/Sun aspects. Venus enters the sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, the day before Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement, and a quite perfect combination, considering this week’s aspects. These days can be emotionally volatile so stop before you say what you cannot take back. Forgiving people and asking for forgiveness are in order.

The energy is high as Venus in Scorpio runs with brilliant, innovative, and sometimes chaotic Uranus on Saturday, October 12. Get ready for surprises, or out of the box events that allow a change in direction. The weekend also brings us the Full Moon at 20º Aries and 20º Libra. Some big surprises and often very welcome opportunities could present themselves this week, as this Full Moon is challenging the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It is also one of those ‘firecracker’ days which are 90-days after the July 16 eclipses, which bring hidden issues to the surface that remained somewhat unseen, or unsettled this past July. (Click here to get a copy of the BRAND NEW 2020 Starcycles Cheat Sheet). Challenge doesn’t always translate as difficult. It can also mean that one must take a chance, jump off the cliff to grab an opportunity floating by.