Micro-Forecast: October 28 to November 3, 2019

Surprises continue this week when the New Moon sparks energetically with Uranus. As we let go of the past by clearing our environment, we set into motion a process of inviting new things in, especially with the New Moon at 4º Scorpio, opposing Uranus on both Sunday, October 27, and Monday, October 28. When Uranus (the god of chaos and innovation) is involved in a cosmic configuration, we get sudden insights, flashes of another way of doing things, a clearer perspective, and often some familial surprises along the way involving our paternal and maternal family members. Some of these changes will, indeed, require a hard focus to put certain matters to bed as Mercury begins its retrograde motion on October 31 at 28º Scorpio, and continues all the way through November 20. Yes, Mercury is retrograde and will be retrograde next week during American elections. Hmmm. I say hmmm.

Though the energy may feel heavier this week, Venus finishes running through Scorpio all the way through late afternoon November 1. At that juncture, Venus enters the more fun, lighthearted and freeing sign of Sagittarius. In other words, though Mercury is retrograde, the energy is lighter after November 1 because Venus begins to run with lucky Jupiter traveling its last days of transit through Sagittarius.

It will be a month of paradox. Both sad and joyful events are in the picture. And this is the true energy of Scorpio or Plutonian energy. A door closes and windows open.

Daylight Savings starts November 3.