Micro-Forecast: October 14 to 20, 2019

Mercury, the planet of agreements, communications, and technical equipment is active this week. As it moves along, it creates some lovely energy that asks you to think imaginatively (Mercury trine Neptune on October 15), think strategically (Mercury sextile Pluto on October 19) and directs your focus on a possible investment decision that may not be completed until Mercury goes direct November 20. (Mercury doesn’t begin its retrograde period until October 31, but it is indeed slowing down). When Mercury begins to slow down, play with ideas that you’ve been wrestling with. Random ideas from the last year begin to resurface.

As Jupiter (good fortune) is now in direct motion and nicely aspecting Mercury and Mars throughout the month, this could be a good time to start researching a new place to live, a new piece of equipment that will better your communications, or a journey that you’ve wanted to take. Putting ‘psychic feelers’ out there will bring rewards. This is a month of balancing the possibilities with the challenges.

Venus (what we desire) is in a beautiful aspect to Saturn (Planning in a most practical way) on October 20. This could be a good day to solidify the plan for one of those ideas. Watch your voice of judgment telling you things like “you can’t do that.” That can bring the imaginative possibilities of those ‘psychic feelers’ to a roaring halt. It is important to keep your voice of judgement in check.