Micro-Forecast: September 9 to 15, 2019

The Harvest Moon (Full Moon) takes place this coming weekend. This Full Moon is about 90 days after the Full Moon that we had on June 17 (Eastern). 90-day periods are when solutions come to light that may have presented themselves during the prior 90-day cycle. I usually focus solely on the 90-days after eclipses, but I think it is important to start thinking this way particularly as we are in the last few months of the year, attempting to wrap up some of the more chaotic changes that we all experienced last spring.

There is a sense this week, again, of weariness, primarily because when we have several planets in mutable signs, like Virgo and Pisces, the need for sleep is at a premium. Our minds are too busy to shut down and sleep restfully. The other reason for this is that on Saturday, September 14, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Libra, an action sign. Venus, the planet of contractual agreements and relationships, also enters the action sign of Libra. I find that the few days before planets shift into cardinal/action signs things feel frenetic, like the hamster running on the wheel, a feeling of a lot of energy being exerted but going nowhere.

Things get heated up as we move closer and closer to the Fall Equinox occurring on September 23, and Saturn begins moving into a more direct motion on the 18th of September. Fall is always a busy time. In order to move through what seems to be a frenetic week, the suggestion I offer is to do useful tasks, like clearing out the unneeded items, shred the useless paperwork, donate what you do not need to your favorite charity, and think seriously about who might benefit from donations to causes you believe in. With this many planets in Virgo, the natural sixth house of the zodiac, which is the house of health, health practices, day to day routines, schedules, equipment used to make life more efficient, and on a physical level represents the ‘small intestine’ of the body, which sorts out what is useful and releases what is not, it is a good time to get organized. Consider what you no longer need that is taking up space. Is your home too big? Are your closets too full? Be more willing to ask for assistance (also a Virgo signature) to aid you in processing your life so that you can start fresh?

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