Micro-Forecast: September 30 to October 6, 2019

Venus is squaring Pluto this week. She is exact on October 1. Pluto is much slower and tends to see things in a very black and white way. Something is either good or bad, there really isn’t much gray area when Pluto is involved. The big questions this week-whether in the workplace, our home, or with friends: “What do I value?” “What have I outgrown regarding my values?” “How long will I put up with a behavior from someone I care about that is non-productive and, frankly, destructive to my growth and spirit?” Issues from the past reveal themselves when we least expect. Pluto erupts from the Underworld to show the truth of what has been going on. Hopefully, Venus’ position here will soften the judgment of some of these revelations.

Since this next month is about revelations of many of the political antics of the last two years, do not be surprised if some of the characters showing up in the news surprise you because you didn’t expect them to be involved.

The revelations of last week continue through this week as Pluto is stationing to go direct on Wednesday, October 2, at 21ยบ Capricorn. This is a station point that is extremely powerful as it is close to alignment with Saturn. Whenever Pluto goes direct emotions burst. There are endings, maybe those we love who have been struggling with health issues for some time find a resolution, or we see resolution of ongoing issues that were not resolved when Pluto went retrograde last April. We see emotional outbursts that we never saw coming. We make decisions that are powerful, requiring some sort of sacrifice psychologically or financially in order to become empowered. We decide to seek therapy. We decide to let go of some major investments.

With Mercury in the last degrees of Libra on October 2, and Mars at the very end of Virgo on October 3, during the entire time that Pluto is stationing to go direct, be ready for some surprises regarding bosses, authority figures, your company, as well as positive resolutions to empower bosses, companies and authority figures. It is suggested you wait on major decisions until both Mercury and Mars change signs after October 3 and 4. With Pluto going direct, and if one has been conscientious about changes in this last few months, things can change for the better rapidly. If one has not been conscientious, perhaps putting things off like financial responsibilities, then it can be a bit more trying. Pluto is black and white.

The weekend brings us two more days of those Moon/Saturn/Pluto occultations mentioned in September. Rest is suggested. Sleep and dreams help incubate what in the waking stages is often impossible.