Micro-Forecast: September 23 to 29, 2019

The key to the Fall Equinox (equal day and equal night) occurring on Monday, September 23, is that life issues that have been challenging in the last year are coming to a head and a balanced decision with a positive outcome is possible. Some of the decisions people will make in the next few weeks may be hard choices, since Saturn gets involved in about 15 days, but they aren’t difficult to make because they are realistic and practical. Hard choices require courage and a strategic approach to those choices. “If I do A then I will get B” or “If I choose A I could get C.” Once the Equinox kicks in on the 23rd, those decisions may seem a bit clearer and a direction appears.

This is supported by the fact that Venus and Saturn are in hard aspect to each other on the 25th, which means the choice is duty over pleasure. Once you have an idea of which way to go with your decision then research time kicks in with the Mercury square Pluto aspect on September 26. It is time to attack a confusing problem, delve into it and sort out the truth from fantasy.

As the New Moon (new beginnings) starts on September 28, it has a little more ‘oomph’ than the New Moon in Libra usually has because it is in a wide alignment with Mars, the go getter of the zodiac, pushing one to get off the fence and make a decision. This New Moon is 90-days after the July Total Solar Eclipse on July 2. At that time, an earthquake rumbled Southern California with the Ridgecrest earthquakes and conjuncted the USA Sun sign in Cancer. This is one of two days this month that are ‘firecracker’ days in our annual Starcycles Cheat Sheet. There may have been many ideas, particularly around sorting out one’s future security, housing and family issues that cropped up at that time, creating new thought patterns on how to live and think differently. We had to go through the eclipses of July to really feel how things might be if we don’t change. We may have been challenged to sort things out because of living in ‘shadow’ at that time. The month of October is about finally seeing ‘how’ to make changes. With so many planets in Libra, air signs, it is a refreshing way to move forward.