Micro-Forecast: September 2 to 8, 2019

Today the Moon is void of course all day (from 4:33 am to 7:35 pm Eastern time) which means that anything and everything can happen. There is an old tenet in the halls of astrology that states that when the Moon is void of course (not making any major aspects to other planets) that nothing will come of it. This is usually a good indicator, particularly when trying to set up the beginning of a business venture or chart. However, in an ancient Samurai manual entitled, ‘The Book of Five Rings’ by Musashi (a book that has been used as a strategy manual in business schools), he states that in the ‘void’ is where all the magic happens. I think this is a time for incubation of ideas and thoughts. Contemplate your ‘how-to’ approach in the midst of this long void day.

It will be important this week, as the once a year alignment of the Sun and Mars in Virgo occurs moments after the Moon is void of course. This means to watch tempers and impulsive responses to any sort of chatter around you. You may already be on edge because whenever Mars is involved, especially in Virgo, patience is tested. On Tuesday, we have more of this outside stimulation when Mercury, the planet ruling communications, is also lined up with Mars. As I always say, don’t say things you cannot take back. Think before speaking.

If there is confusion, that is because there is an impatience to try to figure something out but those insights don’t really arrive until very late on Tuesday, September 3, when the Sun and Mercury align–offering ‘aha’ moments that we love. This happens very late on Tuesday.

As we move into Wednesday, Venus, the planet of love, desire and values, is opposite Neptune. There are two ways this can go. It can be a very romantic evening, and/or it can provide a moment of inspiration for the problems that arose earlier this week. Overspending on something we desire often crops up when Neptune is involved with Venus, as Neptune spreads a veil of illusion when these two are in conversation.

As Thursday begins, Mercury and Saturn are in harmony with each other, along with the First Quarter Moon (the management Moon). We are ‘off to the races’ and getting things done. That positive and constructive energy continues through the weekend as several planets, like the Sun (energy) and Saturn (work), are in sync on Friday along with Venus and Pluto, which is a great combo for repurposing, rebuilding, rethinking designs, or contemplating learning new things that require certain levels of research.

On Sunday, September 8, we have Saturn/Pluto and the Moon in occultation. This is like a mini-eclipse and we have been having several of these throughout 2019. The Saturn/Pluto alignments added to the mix have probably caused more distress than usual, but distress and discomfort often lead to change of some sort–IF we are brave enough to make necessary changes. When people are continually barraged with difficulties eventually they must change or grow stagnant, and this is what this year has been about. My dear friend, and amazing astrology colleague Linea Van Horn, has written an incredible article tallying up the large number of these occultations in 2019. It is worth the read. Here is the link: https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/the-lunar-occultations-of-2019/

I will be at NCGR Baltimore on Monday presenting my lecture on Synodic Cycles (new book: Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases). I will be presenting during a ‘void of course’ Moon. That was this organization’s assignment, so I am hoping it is a lecture where even I, the lecturer, discover some new territory. Have a great week.