Micro-Forecast: September 16 to 22, 2019

I did a chart for Saturn going direct on September 18. I calculated it for Washington, D.C. It is an interesting chart in that Saturn is lined up with the South Node (things we don’t see or self-destructive behaviors) in the 12th house of the Washington, D.C. chart. This is a hidden signature. I do know that in Vedic astrology (I work with tropical) the 12th house often has to do with foreign affairs. In the Western system, the 12th house can be a house of hidden difficulties, but it can also be the place where incubation for building (Saturn) something can be percolating. As always, the attitude of how we approach our problems provides direct result of positive or negative outcomes.

There is also a great deal of activity in the house of ‘joint finances’ or long-term, fixed assets. It is quite possible, looking at this chart, the housing industry, as projected a while back, is slowing down. With Saturn and Pluto together in the house of incubation, new ways of living with people, new types of housing (perhaps taking commercial spaces that are vacant and transforming them into living spaces), or new ways of finding spaces in which to live with others are being formed. All is yet to be seen. I recently saw a program advertising a website which matches people up with baby boomers who have a lot of space, live alone, and would like a younger person living there. It is a platform for inter-generational home sharing. People are vetted, it seems safe, and is available in several American cities. This is another very good example of Saturn (elderly) with Pluto in the twelfth house in an elegant aspect to the Sun and Mars in Virgo and with Uranus in Taurus. This appears to be a good solution for those folks who are older and really don’t want to keep their homes but aren’t sure where they would like to live. These could be good transition opportunities as well.