Micro-Forecast: August 5 to 11, 2019

And more good fortune or opportunities for positive chance meetings are possible as the Sun and Jupiter continue in fabulous aspect to each other on Wednesday, August 7. On August 8, the day after, Venus and Jupiter are in great aspect to each other so affairs of the heart, love, and the creative process are very positive.

Note too that transit Jupiter who has been retrograde for a few months now (quite normal each year) is stationing to move in a direct motion on August 11, at 15ยบ Sagittarius. I write more about that next week. Mercury, the planet of communications is what we term ‘void of course’ all Saturday. It is suggested not to make a major decision during this time as a fresher and more creative idea with more of a foundation could arise closer to the middle of August when Mercury catches up to where it went retrograde in July. When Mercury re-enters Leo on Sunday, August 11, you start moving in a positive direction. This aspect with Jupiter is fabulous for ideas, writing, and contracts. It is also positive for sales, sales ideas and marketing plans. Since Mercury also rules siblings, it might even be a good time to reconnect with them in a positive way particularly with siblings that you’ve not seen for a while.