Micro-Forecast: August 19 to 25, 2019

One of my favorite times of the year is this week as the Sun enters the sign of Virgo (an earth sign) on Friday, August 23. Two days prior to that, Venus enters the sign of Virgo, another earth sign. With Uranus in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the next thirty days may offer some incredible opportunities for investment, for remodeling and for organizing something that has long required organizing. All three earth signs of the zodiac are involved here and three of the same signs in perfect conversation with each other can offer fortunate opportunities. This is a good luck triumvirate.

There is an added perk here, too, as Mercury the planet of communications, contracts, and ideas lines up in perfect harmony with good luck Jupiter on Wednesday, July 21.

Add to all this, the added benefit that Venus and Mars are together on Saturday, August 24th, which can be a very sexy day. Venus and Mars were lovers in mythology and when they conjoin once a year, check to see where they occur in your horoscope because that is the area of your life triggered for the next year. For Aries it is in their sixth of work and employees, Taurus in their fifth of romance and children and having fun, Gemini in the house of the home and family, Cancer in their third of new studies, short writings and short trips, Leo in their second of cash flow and liquidity, Virgo in their first house of identity and personal care, Libra in their 12th of privacy, spiritual pursuits or…hidden affairs. For Scorpio sudden personal meetings occur through friends or community events. For Sagittarius in their career house, the most visible part of the chart. For Capricorn in their ninth house of travel, publishing, international travel, and market. For Aquarius in their eighth house of investments and long-term fixed income, and, finally, for Pisces these two planets conjoin in their seventh house of marriage ad long term partnerships and official contracts. Venus/Mars combos can mean opportunities offering pleasure in the above areas of your lives. Where will that be in your chart?