Micro-Forecast: July 8 to 14, 2019

This is the ‘official’ week when the Sun (life force) and Saturn (reserve) are precisely opposite each other on Tuesday, July 9. Sometimes we feel drained or exhausted on days like these since the sun is the life force energy and Saturn tends to slow things down. When they are opposite each other, there is an ability to step back and see what parts of new projects or ideas or plans may need to be discarded to make for a more efficient outcome. People who have these two aspecting in their charts find it ideal to ‘get something done’ and this is the positive manifestation of these two planets and their opposition. You can push through and finish something. It all depends upon your frame of mind. With Mercury retrograde, it may be a day to ‘push through’ some of the little details that need sorting and explore all the ins and outs of a project that is sitting unresolved.

Wednesday’s Sun and Neptune positive aspect brings softer energy that is far more creative and more inspirational after yesterday’s clearing of things that felt cumbersome and that you just couldn’t make work. It is a good idea to carry this energy into Thursday when people may clash on opposing views of how something should be done or how a situation should be handled. Overreaction is a curse in any confrontation — so take some time to ‘think’ about your reaction, it will serve you well. Stopping for a moment will provide an opportunity out of the blue. And, finally, we close the week on Sunday (Bastille Day) with the Sun and Pluto completely opposite each other (another once a year phenomenon). Pluto is about power, power plays and transforming one’s negative power (if they are conscious enough) into something far more powerful. It is an intensely creative aspect that also wants some sort of transformation in either thinking or in something that needs remodeling. There are choices that may come up during the latter part of this week — they can be positive if one moves beyond the conflict that may arise.