Micro-Forecast: July 29 to August 4, 2019

The week starts out with the Sun and Uranus in a hard aspect to each other signifying that sparks may fly, ideas may pop, or you may be woken up with an idea that comes out of your dreams or subconscious. Sun/Uranus aspects are genius aspects that can sometimes tip over into more anxious or anxiety-ridden reactions or activities. Sudden news on either a global scale or in a more personal scale may show up so go for a walk, get some exercise, and try to settle down long enough to meditate or do a little yoga (always a good idea with Sun/Uranus aspects). These sorts of activities can reduce the anxiety that often accompanies Uranus conjunctions.

Since the New Moon starts on Wednesday, July 31 at 9º Leo, close to the same degree that Mercury went retrograde earlier in the month the opportunity for new growth and new options coming from a completely different direction or contact is possible as Mercury goes direct on the very same day in late degrees of Cancer (24º). Since Pluto is close to this degree, by mid-August big choices keep coming back to you left over from last month’s eclipses.