Micro-Forecast: July 22 to 28, 2019

The Sun enters the fire sign Leo on Monday, July 22. The Sun rules Leo and this is a lively month as the Sun is in it is own sign. This is a good thing because it is fiery energy that we need after the emotional somersaults that may have occurred in these last four weeks. Leo works very well with Jupiter (good Luck) who is in Sagittarius now until later this year. The Sun represents our daily lives and Leo is about fun and speculation and taking risks and being playful and creating something — and with Jupiter there might even be some lucky breaks for those who have been prudent, organizing and getting through some cumbersome blocks thrown in front of them in the last few months.

An added ‘opportunity’ moment shows up on Thursday as Mars (action and taking action) and Jupiter (good luck) are in a wonderful aspect to each other So if you’ve been looking for that home deal, contract, or insight on a project that has had you flummoxed, the end of the week opens up some doors. And since Mercury is stationing to go direct on the 31st of July, things begin to turn around.