Micro-Forecast: July 15 to 21, 2019

Another eclipse this week and a lunar one at that (Full Moon). However, it is not the TOTAL eclipse of two weeks ago. Still lunar eclipses can act out like emotional roto rooters, something I often say, and with the harsher aspects of the last two weeks, what with earthquakes in Southern California as well as family quarrels breaking out in Disneyland of ALL places, if there is anything left unsaid or sitting in one’s ‘craw’ as we used to say in the Midwest, be somewhat cautious about your continuing expressions of anger this week.

There have been many oppositions in this last week of challenging planets to the day to day planetary movement, which puts everyone on edge, like dancing on the head of a sharp pin. The Lunar eclipse is also an opposition, but more intense. Lunar eclipses (any Full Moon), but lunar eclipses are like emotions on steroids particularly if they are lined up with planets like Pluto. Something must give, something must go, something must end. This is the message of Pluto. Letting go of the something that someone is unwilling to let go of, is important as we move through the latter days of July. This is definitely a month of letting go of people, ideas, concepts, old ways of living, and, most importantly, those attitudes that just cause more trouble than they are truly worth.

A softer, kinder, gentler energy opens closer to the end of the week as Venus (the goddess of love and attraction and partnering) aligns herself beautifully with Neptune (the planet of the psyche, the soul and imaginative expression). Neptune can also be seeing things through rose colored glasses, but I’ll bet that this one is a better balancing agent for any confrontations that came up politically, or, unexpected tweets, or unexpected confrontations on the global landscape that may have popped up this week. More of a willingness to compromise or ‘make a deal’ is here with us as the week ends.