Micro-Forecast: June 3 to 9, 2019

The week begins with a New Moon (the beginning of the monthly activity cycle) at 12ยบ Gemini 34′ — so it is a great time to plan some trips, one-day workshops, or write that short paper. You may not get any real ideas going until Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer later on Tuesday, June 4 because the last days of a planet changing signs are often scattered or unfocused. A push forward or a motivation to turn over some stumbling blocks comes on Wednesday, June 5 and you experience ‘wake-up call’ on how to do things differently begins on Friday, June 7 with Mercury and Uranus together. On Saturday, June 8, the energy gets turned up a notch as Venus, the planet of love, attraction and what we desire, enters Gemini at 9:37 PM Eastern Time.

This shift into more planets in Gemini can affect sleep patterns as we now have three of the inner planets all in Gemini, which makes for restlessness. Lack of sleep can affect one’s judgment when driving or dealing with peers at work. It can be exhausting, and that ‘exhaustive’ energy may continue through the weekend. Getting out into the fresh air and getting some exercise feeds the lungs, which is something a lot of Geminis need. This is different than ‘gym air’. Outdoors, sunshine, and walking can pump up the circulation and this helps with the restlessness that may be in the ethers right now.