Micro-Forecast: June 24 to 30, 2019

Jupiter and Neptune and Venus are in hard aspect to each other this week. This suggests the ‘wish’ to overspend, since Jupiter is involved, and Jupiter is about the ‘big’ spending issues. Neptune loves to dream of what it might feel like to own (Venus) something. The suggestions when buying something, particularly, a big-ticket item in the coming weeks, is to step away from the item, the house, the car and think about it for a bit. At least review finances and look at what can be released so that you can own that or something else that might fit the bill more appropriately.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo, a fixed and stubborn sign, therefore the suggestion to think twice before purchasing is being offered. Mercury in a fixed sign affords an opportunity to slow down and ‘kick the tires’ as we say. Anytime planets land in Leo, that issue can come up. Mercury is about thinking, and Leo is about speculating or playing. Speculation is particularly evident, but since Mercury is slowing down and going retrograde between July 7 and July 31 and an eclipse is on the heels of that retrograde on July 2, think twice. It is very possible that that ‘big ticket’ item may have even dropped its price, or you can negotiate a lower price close to the end of the retrograde.