Micro-Forecast: June 17 to 23, 2019

The week begins with a very powerful Full Moon in late Gemini and late Sagittarius near Jupiter. Therefore, it seems that the week’s energy is big and busy. The next day, on Tuesday, Mercury and Mars align suggesting that tempers may be flaring and a little patience or stopping to think before one reacts is probably a good idea. Full Moons can exacerbate a situation and though the Full Moon is on Monday, its effects continue through the week until we get over to Friday. With the Summer Solstice kicking in at week’s end, the season of growth is beginning and as the days are longer, spend some of it outside and bring in fresh perspectives that prepare you for the fall season.

Outdoor activity is good because it gives you some Vitamin C, sunshine, and this week we have a few of what we call Moon occultation on Tuesday and Wednesday, where the Moon lines up precisely with Saturn and Pluto. This is what we call heavy energy. A kind of make it or break it energy. It also supports a stick to it type of mentality which can go beyond reasonable time and hours, thus the suggestion to schedule some outside time in the sunshine to balance out the intensity of this week’s activities. Being tired is part of the package as Neptune finally retrogrades on Friday at 19ยบ Pisces. This also affects Libras born on the first 11 days of the sign. Getting a little nap each day may be just the ticket.