Micro-Forecast: June 10 to 16, 2019

The week starts out with what we term a ‘Grand Cross’. A grand cross is when four different planets are at 90ยบ to each other, forming a kind of cosmic cube. I used to ask my students if you were to take the two-dimensional form of a square and turn it into a 3-dimensional cube and you were to lay that cube on the side of a hill, would it easily roll down the hill? The answer is, of course, no. I did have one student years ago come up with….” if you move some dirt or rocks from under the bottom and give it a gentle push, it would!” I still remember her sitting there, some twenty-five years ago, in the front row, dressed in gray. That always impressed me, because cardinal cross energies are hard to move, but once they get going nothing stops them.

Allowing flexibility in negotiations or decisions is very important and will remove some obstacles that seem to be standing in your way. What are some of the obstacles in your life getting in the way of a goal? If you are an artist and you want to make a good living, then hire others who specialize in marketing and bookkeeping so you can do the thing you are best at — art. If you are a bookkeeper working on details in bookkeeping all the time, perhaps hire someone to do some of the macro chores around the office like answering the phones, getting the mail out and greeting the public so you can do the best thing you do — bookkeeping.

This week’s First Quarter Moon suggests this is a good time to start thinking of getting organized. Neptune begins its annual retrograde stance next week on Friday, June 21 just as the Summer Solstice begins. I like Neptune retrogrades because they offer a more solid opportunity to get some of the dream cobwebs of ideas out of the way in order to get something done.