Micro-Forecast: May 6 to 12, 2019

Communication is always a key to smoothing things over and it is important to have skills or tools that support that process. Mercury enters the less reactive sign of Taurus on Monday, May 6. Mercury in Taurus requires more processing time in communications and is a very good place for it to be in terms of planning out long-term goals. This week, Mercury passes over Uranus on Wednesday so some surprises may pop out of the blue offering either insights to a new way of doing things or offering some detours falling in front of plans. Transit Saturn and Pluto continue to run with the South Node (Dragon’s Tail) and responsibilities loom large as this continues throughout the month.

It is the first week of the New Moon which was on Saturday, May 4 at mid-degrees of Taurus, so this is the start of a thirty-day new start cycle particularly around resources, spending, liquidity issues, and cash flow. The surprises come first and then the ‘how’ of how to handle them unfolds. Avoid confrontations on Thursday, May 9, as stress can often lead to saying things that one cannot take back.