Micro-Forecast: April 8 to 14, 2019

An interesting week in that a few planetary bodies go retrograde and these are probably the good ones. Ceres is not a planet but an asteroid. Ceres has a lot to do with farming, wheat, and food deriving from the earth. Simply put, if you need to start watching your food intake, this retrograde offers an opportunity to re-think your diet. Seek out a good nutritionist who can check out those long unresolved mysteries involving how certain foods affect you. There are all types of hidden allergies to such things as gluten, tree nuts, and yeast. This is a good time to get clarity on whether you are experiencing an allergy or an imbalance in your digestive system. On a larger global level, this could have something to do with the food chain and discovery that part of that process must change or needs a re-think in terms of distributions.

The other retrograde taking place this week is that of Jupiter in Sagittarius at 24º Sagittarius 21’ on April 10, which is a good for everyone. The reason for this is that Jupiter in Sagittarius can have a kind of ‘runaway train’ effect in our lives as well as politically and globally. The fact that Jupiter is looking as though it is retrograde until it goes direct in mid-August welcomes a calmer and less reactive environment. Wherever Jupiter has been passing through your chart is where you have probably been experiencing a lot of ‘something’. In the second or eighth house, it is spending. In the third or ninth house, it is information overload. In the sixth and twelfth house, health issues or environmental chaos that is moving too fast. This cycle slows that stuff down and brings reason and clarity to the table a lot more than in the past weeks when Jupiter was moving fast and furious. On Friday, April 12, the Sun and Pluto have a somewhat confrontational position with each other, which suggests if a miscommunication, or, a confrontation takes place. Take a moment, take a deep breath and ask to think about it and discuss it the next day, Saturday, when things calm down considerably and all parties are far more generous in their resolutions.