Micro-Forecast: April 29 to May 5, 2019

On Monday, Saturn stations to go retrograde at about 20º Capricorn 53’ and it looks as though it stops and puts our organizational plans on pause. Regard this as an opportunity for further reflection and to form a more solid foundation that gets rid of anything extraneous. Saturn retrograde periods (this is between April 29 and September 18, 2019) are some of the more productive periods of each year. Saturn has a way of saying, “Let’s take a wait-and-see approach.” It is a perfect time to have our annual plans reviewed so that they are clear and efficient. This period slows us down in the area of our lives where Saturn is transiting. This can involve parental control (the Saturn myth involves a lot of parental control), either letting go of that role or letting go of our dependence upon it. Saturn retrogrades provide a perspective for a less emotional judgment of our current professional role and what is it we can do to change. Review what it is you are willing to do to minimize your lifestyles is in order to take the next steps toward the top of your proverbial mountain. This is an interesting week in that it is also the Last Quarter Moon, when we clear off desks, shred the files, and release ourselves of outworn obligations.

Saturday, May 4 is a New Moon at 14º Taurus! With Saturn and last week’s Pluto in aspect and slowing down, new options show up for a new cash flow. It doesn’t have to be extreme change. It can start with one or two alternative things you do during the week that can, over time, grow your wealth. It requires the ability to be brave and decide you do not have to have too much. Resolve to have just enough so that very big changes can begin. Three large planetary conjunctions (called Synodic Cycles) take place starting in January 2020, so the next few months of laying down a plan, a budget and a blueprint for this change will indeed pay off.