Micro-Forecast: April 15 to 21, 2019

In the USA, taxes are due this week. This is the second 90-day period after the January 21, 2019 eclipse at 00º Leo and 00º Aquarius. These two degrees and the 00º Taurus and 00º Scorpio are the degrees connected to the security houses in the horoscope. Some of the things they include are how we spend our money, our cash flow, what we save for a rainy day, and with whom we are tied financially–both personally and professionally. Monies we owe to others and what others owe us. The ‘stark’ reality on what needs to be done in any one of those areas is possible this week It may also be that this is the week of resolving an ongoing issue involving some of the above-mentioned subjects.

Mercury has had a long visit in Pisces during both its retrograde and direct phases. The fact that Mercury finally enters Aries, the ‘click’ sign of the zodiac, either late Tuesday for the West Coast and the early morning hours on Wednesday, April 17, for the Eastern Time zone, means clarity. It is possible, though it may not be pleasant, that around the 19th of April, when Chiron and Mercury are together, difficulties resulting from miscalculation are apparent. Hmmm? This is tax week isn’t it? Chiron has to do with learning, so this is a good time to learn about those things that many of us just do not want to deal with, like finances. No worries, learning is in the air and can really wake us up to planning in a very beneficial way.