Micro-Forecast: March 4 to 10, 2019

Uranus finally enters the sign of Taurus on March 6 (much was explained about this cycle in last week’s post). It stays permanently until 2026. Between May and October of last year, 2018, it played with us, bringing in the volatility of Uranus in a financial sign Taurus as a little taste of the small roller coaster ride of the financial markets evident in 2019. We have seen what the markets have done in these last six to eight months and it is no surprise since Uranus is very cyclical and unpredictable. In the sign of Taurus, it has to do with values (that are changing – for the better – I hope) so that the larger global community (Uranus) can finally construct solid plans to organize our ever growing and ever moving masses of people on the planet.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934 to about 1942. It has an 84-year return cycle. The social programs of the 1930s in America like the WPA and the insuring of bank funds (FDIC) were some of the many programs that arose during Franklin D Roosevelt’s presidency, an Aquarian ruled by Uranus. He broke certain social norms and began social programs that helped put Americans back to work during one of the most difficult economic crises in American history as well as for the world.

Uranus in Taurus is about awakening to new kinds of resources, doing business with different types of currencies or payment systems, new textiles that ‘feel’ like the real thing but don’t use resources, and using buildings and places where people live and work in a totally new way. Just because a building is empty and has one type of zoning doesn’t mean that it can’t take on a whole new life with a completely different type of zoning. How this will turn out is yet to be discovered, as this is a brand-new cycle that runs for another 7 years.

So, I ask, if you are an individual or part of a business, what networks of people or organizations can you collaborate with in a new way, offering specialized services that help increase efficiency and value? What wisdom have you accumulated over the years (that you take for granted) that if properly placed, can help build a community that works together or has access to more resources because of your ideas? In many communities, who are open to making their cities what they call Super Cities, a focus on living and working together in an easy flow community that can eliminate cars and allows for more walking is a promising concept. When people walk and see people rather just than computers, they become more approachable and, frankly, the exchange of ideas when having more human contact promotes change in a positive way exponentially. This is, at least, my hope for the future of our communities, correcting the imbalance of non-compromising and adversarial positions of the last seven years when Uranus was in Aries.