Micro-Forecast: March 25 to 31, 2019

On Tuesday, Venus enters the sign of Pisces for a few weeks. Venus is what we call exalted in the sign of Pisces and I suppose it is because Pisces is one of the healers of the zodiac. Venus holds soothing energy. The next few weeks should bring some kindness into our lives, peppered with some energy, as the Sun continues in the sign of Aries. As Mercury goes direct on Thursday, March 28, concerns regarding contracts, equipment purchases, and decisions to move forward on projects become clearer. Now that you have the direction you need to take for that new idea, job, or relationship, you set up the process for completion. Watch May 8 going forward for the big click, the big start, the oomph, as we say. These next two months bring all kinds of ideas to the forefront though it may not seem so right now.

Problem-solving on an issue gets on track even more effectively after Mars enters Gemini on Saturday, March 30. Mars in Gemini is restless energy but is notorious for going in and out of one’s head to figure out the many different ways to do things. At times it can also be exhausting, so getting exercise that allows the lungs to work at full capacity (Gemini rules the lungs) will do two things – calm you down, and, help you focus. If you don’t get that blood pumping this energy can implode with overuse of alcohol or drugs.