Micro-Forecast: February 4 to 10, 2019

Hello everyone. I am finally back from my break – and looking forward to connecting with all of you again as this is going to be a busy year. For all of us, particularly for those who are open to letting go of the big parts of the past that do not work and having the courage to discard those parts so that space is made for the new. The reason for this is that many of the upcoming planetary alignments that officially begin on January 20, 2020, are all in what I call ‘dying on the vine’ mode.

If any of you have had a chance to read any of my articles on Synodic Cycles or the new book Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases. What a synodic cycle is simply a timely alignment of two different planets (varying in who they are) and when a specific pair of planets aligns (conjuncts), the begin an entirely new cycle.

The reason 2019 is so important is that, ironically, three different cycles with three different cycle returns – one lasts 38 years, one lasts 13 years and one lasts 20 years – and they are all ending their own cycles in 2019 and not starting their new ones until various times in 2019. What this means is that things are in non-resolution – confusion – and also in an incubation phase which doesn’t usually show until new cycles begin starting late January 2020.

This is why some of the things we are trying to do seem interminable right now – like nothing is happening – like we are treading water – that no resolutions seem to be happening. The interesting thing, though, is that in my research for the new book, I discovered that the last years before a new cycle begins is when a lot is happening, but we cannot identify the change.

So, though it seems as though things are moving sluggishly, much is changing – attitudes, locations, jobs, relationships, and even our values. I guess it can be likened to right something is born – there has to be stress for the entity trying to get born – because past comfort is no longer feasible. In the case of a chick, he has to fight out of the shell, or a baby has to come through a narrow passageway of the mother after floating in a fairly comfortable environment. Things tighten and we have to blast through. This is what happens when so many important cycles are back to back at the end. Courage, patience, correct information, a knowledge of when to go and when to stop are all part of 2019.

This is the message with which we begin 2019 and particularly after the last two eclipses of January 15 and January 21. Letting go of fear and getting to a neutral place, looking at the numbers (I wish the politicians would show us some simple to read number spreadsheets as they begin to toss their hats into the ring). This would make for a much more logical choice of candidate. The eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn are indeed affecting our country since we are born under the sign of Cancer. We are learning about our relationships in the world – good and bad – and relationships among ourselves. Perhaps it is time to let go of some, and, begin new ones – all will be much clearer after mid-April and after mid July 2019.

While moving through the road of change, ask for support, get the right information to make that change and don’t be pulled down by emotional histrionics. The sign of Cancer (USA Sun Sign) tends to get very moody and is, in fact, finishing up a long series of volatile expressions. More on that later in the next few weeks.